Once again we are here with Bolt as he continues on with his life. He just got the girl of his dreams and he told Maybelle how he felt about her. But what if Maybelle has a story of her own? Can Bolt help his love get over it? Find out in this epic story.

After Bolt got done talking, Maybelle leaned forward and rubbed her head against Bolt's. Bolt immediately rubbed back in return. To both of the new couple, that moment seemed to last a lifetime. They got done drinking in each other's scent and both stood up. Bolt and Maybelle looked each other in the eyes. They were interrupted by the pet-sitter, that is a young lady, calling for the two missing dogs.
"Bolt! Maybelle! Where are you guys?" the pet-sitter asked.
Bolt and Maybelle yipped at the person in the doorway.
"Oh! There you guys are! What were you two doing out here? Come on, come inside!" the person insisted.
Bolt and Maybelle looked at each other again.
"I guess we should listen to her." Maybelle said.
"Yeah, I suppose so." Bolt said.
The person went back inside the building and left the two love dogs outside. Bolt went up to the gate with Maybelle following close behind him. Bolt opened the gate and held it open for Maybelle to go first. Bolt looked back at Maybelle.
"After you, Maybelle." Bolt insisted.
Maybelle smirked and replied, "Thank you Bolt.", and she went inside.
Bolt closed the gate after himself and caught up with Maybelle, following close behind her. They came into the room that all the other dogs were in, but most of the other dogs were asleep.
"I'm tired Bolt. I'm going to rest for a while..." Maybelle informed Bolt.
Bolt nodded his head and said, "Okay. I'll be on the other side of the room if you need me."
Maybelle and Bolt parted ways, but Maybelle stopped and turned around and said, "Do you want to sleep over here with me? My bed is big enough for the both of us."
Maybelle didn't want to be separated from Bolt.
Bolt stopped walking when he heard Maybelle ask him that question. 'I think I got a lot of sleep today and I don't feel tired actually, but for my love for Maybelle, I'll do anything for to keep her happy.' Bolt thought as he turned around to face Maybelle.
"Yeah. Okay. Lead the way." Bolt answered.
Maybelle smiled at Bolt's answer and waited for him to catch up. She led Bolt to a large blue, ovalish shaped bed that had Maybelle's name sewn into the side of it. Maybelle got on the bed first, then Bolt got on. Bolt laid down where he was, on his side, and Maybelle pushed her head between Bolt's front legs and laid down with him. Maybelle snuggled close to Bolt as he pulled her closer to him.
"I love you, Bolt" Maybelle said softly.
"I love you too" Bolt said back.
The two lovers laid there until Maybelle fell asleep. Bolt was still awake as he was watching Maybelle sleep in his forelegs. Bolt watched the slow rise and fall of Maybelle's chest, listening to her softly inhale and exhale. Bolt didn't want anything more than this. Bolt yawned and thought, 'This-this is perfect.' as he was getting sleepy. Bolt didn't want to fight the sleep that was taking over him, so he laid his head on Maybelle's softly, closed his eyes and joined Maybelle in sleeping.

While Bolt and Maybelle were sleeping together, Bolt was dreaming of how Penny, Mittens, and Rhino would react to the fact that Bolt had finally got the love of his life.