I couldn't let this cat talk about my parents or talk about me that way any longer...

...So I grabbed the damn cat by the neck, and I shook my head violently. I kept shaking until I was crying and light headed.
"How DARE you say ANYTHING like that!" I yelled, still shaking the cat.
I think I killed the cat when I chomped my jaws around it's neck, because once I did, I felt it's body go limp, but I wasn't done. Killing the cat made me feel a little bit better. I dropped the cat where I stopped, and I ran. I don't know why I ran, I just did.
Although I have been in many dog fights, I have not been able to kill a dog, I have only injured them badly, enough to have them taken out of the ring by their trainers. Killing something felt good. That cat wasn't going to bother me ever again.
And yet... I kept going. I tried to avoid towns and cities the best I could. But when it came to being limited on food, I knew that I had to find food or I was going to starve to death. So I convinced myself to go to the nearest town or city to find food. Once I found a city, I snuck around looking in dumpsters. There was this one place that I found maybe fifty dumpsters, FULL OF FOOD! I ate like a king there. After I was done, something caught my eye. It was a ginormous fountain of water! I stayed and watched the water dance around. I found someplace a little ways out of the city and spent the night in a cardboard box.
I guess I may have felt... happy while being there. So I probably stayed there for about a year. Every day and night, I went up to those same dumpsters and ate. Then I went to watch the water dance, every day and night. I was getting bored with my life.
One day, I went up to the same dumpsters to find that every single dumpster was locked shut. This meant that I had no more food supply.
"I was afraid this would happen." I said to myself.
I went out of the city and looked back.
"Well, I was bored there anyways." I said.
And I was on the road again.
Same thing happened along the way. I found food in towns. The food was in dumpsters, and I ate out of them. I moved from towns to towns, cities to cities.
One day, I found a city called Hollywood. There was no food there, except for a place where we met, you and me, Bolt (Bolt smiles).
I was passing by the building and this young lady saw me. I was about to run like hell, but she stopped me.
"Hey there girl. Do you need a home?" the lady asked me.
She kept looking at me. She saw how dirty and how hungry I was.
"Don't you worry. Your coming with me so you can eat." the lady said.
I didn't trust her. But she grabbed me by my neck and pulled me inside the building, and into where the kitchen is. She shut the door behind her and let go of me. I ran back to the door growling. The lady grabbed a big bag of dog food and spilled it on the floor. I sniffed it and noticed that it is edible. I quickly look back at the lady, but she was gone. I looked around to make sure if the lady was in the kitchen. Then I started scarfing down the dog food. It didn't taste as good as the food back at the place with the fountain of dancing water, but it was food. The lady came back in and looked at me.
"Ooh. You poor thing. You were starving." the lady said.
I looked up at her then whined. She came closer to me and I growled as a warning. The lady backed off.
The lady did the same thing every day, inching closer to me before I growled at her.
Eventually I let her get closer and closer, and one day, she touched me. I winced at the feeling, but then the lady began slowly rubbing my head.
"That's it. That's a good girl." the lady cood.
I didn't know what to do. Before that, I've NEVER been pet before. I didn't know what to feel.
So every day, the lady would pet me. I still didn't know what to do about it. And I still didn't know if I trusted her or not.
One day, she let me explore the building. She opened the kitchen door and...