...I saw a bunch of other dogs! A group of females came up to me.
"Wow! Its her!"
"Oh my gosh!"
"I never thought I would meet her!"
I spoke up.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Your the dog that escaped the dog fights!" one of the females said.
I had a bad feeling about where that was going.
"You are my idol!" another female squealed.
"I don't understand?" I asked confused.
"We heard about the place where all the fights were occurring, and the place got busted!" another female said.
"Yeah? So what?" I asked.
The females just looked at me.
"Don't you see? You are the ONLY dog to ever make it out of there by yourself!" a female said.
"We look up to you." another female said.
Just then, the most astonishing sight caught my eye. A White American Shepherd walked through the door. I don't know why, but I felt all warm inside when I saw you, Bolt. Something I haven't felt in a real long time, only when I was with my parents. ("That was me?" Bolt asked.) Yes Bolt, that IS you.
One of the females noticed that I wasn't concentrating on them.
"Hey, Maybelle? What are you looking at?" one of the females asked me.
I pointed over to you.
"Who is that?" I asked.
"Who? The Shepherd? Oh that's Bolt. You know, he used to be a real movie star!" one of the females answered.
"I'm sorry, you had me at, "Bolt" I said.
The females started laughing.
I yawned.
The females noticed.
"Are you tired? Here. Come with us, we have a special bed for you." the females said and agreed.
I followed them to a big dog bed that, ironically had "Maybelle" sewn neatly into the side of it.
"Here you go. This is your bed." one of the females said.
"Thank you." I said sleepily.
I yawned and I went to sleep.
I had that same dream as you that day..."

"...And that's when we officially met." Maybelle finished.
"That it is, Maybelle. That it is." Bolt added.
Maybelle sighed.
"If only my parents could see how far I've gotten in life." Maybelle said sadly.
"It's okay Maybelle. I know they would be the proudest parents out there!" Bolt said, reassuringly.
Maybelle started tearing up, tears of joy to what Bolt said. Maybelle hugged Bolt and Bolt returned the hug.
"I just wish I could see them again." Maybelle whimpered.
Bolt thought about what Maybelle just said.
Bolt loves Maybelle, and he would do ANYTHING to keep her happy.
Bolt got done thinking.
"Maybelle?" Bolt asked.
Maybelle retracted her head to look at Bolt.
"Yeah?" Maybelle asked, still tears in her eyes.
"I promise, I will find your parents, and I will bring them home." Bolt promised.

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