The next two weeks were hell for Amos. He had been mailed the divorce papers from Roxie, and Teresa found out and broke it off with him. That night keep replaying in his head like a vinyl record on repeat. His ex-wife's lips with those of another woman, or lying to the woman he could've had a chance at happiness with. The days started to blur together, and everything started to feel meaningless.

"I'm so sorry sir! I didn't see you!" a little girl apologized as Amos glared down at her. "It's okay," he said with remorse. "No one ever sees me….. It's like I'm made of cellophane." He continued to trudge his way to the bar to down a bottle of gin, and then get home, and then wake up and spend 12 hours at the garage, and then repeat.

He took his usual place at the bar and slumped with his hands in his face. "Well, someone's down," he heard a raspy, slightly nasal voice say. He shot his head up to lock eyes with an olive-skinned brunette. "You okay, man?"

"Meh," Amos groaned. "I've had better times." Her seductive eyes seemed to look straight through his soul. "Want to talk about it?" she smiled. "I'm all ears." An awkward silence filled the atmosphere and lasted for a few minutes. "Dude?"

The drinks came, and a tipsy Amos poured his heart out to the mysterious woman. She just listened, nodding and sympathized with his story. Losing his wife to a woman, working long days at work, feeling like nothing really mattered; it tore Amos apart. "Damn, you got it rough," she replied.

"So you're lonely, huh?" she managed to say after a long belch that Amos found impressive. He found this woman quite intriguing, particularly in her very laid back approach to conversing with people. "Heh, I guess you can say that." A small grin curved her crimson lips. "I've been feeling like that lately, too. None of my family wants to see me any more." Amos glanced down at his drink. "I'm sorry. What happened?" "I've made some pretty bad mistakes," she said through clenched teeth. "Let's just leave it at that." Soon enough, it was 1 a.m. and they were both dead tired.

"Maybe it's too soon, but do you want to go out to dinner some time?" the woman asked while playing with her fingers. Amos was delightfully surprised. "You'd want to go out to dinner with a wimp like me?" She giggled a bit. "Well, you seem like a nice guy. And I want to help you. My husband is now…unfortunately deceased," she said with an odd emphasis on the word "unfortunately". "Ya know, we could both move on with our lives."

Amos shrugged. "Sure, why don't we meet again here tomorrow and go somewhere nicer?" Her sexy grin started to stretch across her face. "Sounds like a plan." They both exchanged awkward nods. "Oh my gosh! I feel like such an idiot. I don't even think we told each other our names!" she exclaimed. Amos snorted. "Whoops, sorry. I'm Amos." She returned the laughter. "You don't chew gum do you?" Amos raised an eyebrow. "Not really, no." She sighed in relief. "Okay, well my name's Liz. It was great to meet you, Amos."