Tamsin sat throwing back shots at her favorite dive bar The Indigo. It was a place she found her first night in town and she had been a frequent visitor ever since.

"Jake, hit me with another one," she said placing the glass down on the bar.

"I think you've had enough kid," the wiry old bartender replied raising an eyebrow.

Tamsin stared at him while taking out a wad of cash from her back pocket. She slammed it down next to her glass. Jake stared at it then removed the money and went to work fixing another drink.

"That's what I thought," she mumbled while eyeing the crowd around her.

The bar never had too many people inside which was what originally attracted her to it. The ones that happened to hang out there were the usual mix of old folks, losers and young hipsters that thought a place this grimy and rank had to be cool.

"Hold my spot old man," she said to Jake throwing him a smirk. He nodded his head as she bounced off her stool and headed to the bathroom. That was about as appealing as the rest of the bar but the amount of drinking she had been doing over the course of the last few weeks meant she had to suck it up and drop trou in what amounted to an inside outhouse.

"Move," she said to the group of guys blocking the path to the bathroom. They all stared at her and she could feel them taking in her hip hugging black pants and black tank top. Her hair was uncharacteristically down and she knew her green eyes were sparkling with intoxication. Perfect bait, at least to this group.

"Where you rushing to baby? I'm sure me and the guys could provide you with whatever you need," the one to her left said licking his lips.

Tamsin sized them up and tried to figure out which one was the leader. She dismissed the one who had spoken, there was something too soft about him. But the one in the middle leaning against the wall, he looked like trouble wrapped up in a very nice package. She strolled up to the guy and smiled. He looked surprised but smiled back. She leaned in to him.

"Get the fuck out of my way," Tamsin said low but loud enough to be heard over the music.

The guy pulled back with a puzzled look on his face but before he could respond Tamsin grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. His response was as she expected, one of shock and pain.

"Let go of me you crazy bitch," he screamed.

Tamsin unpinned his arm and pushed him towards his friends. She yanked her badge out of her back pocket and showed it to them just in case they got any ideas.

"Next time a lady asks you to move, do it assholes," she said pushing by.

Tamsin found the bathroom and slammed the door shut. As she peed for what felt like forever her mind went back to earlier that day. She couldn't help but think about Bo, the very person she had been hoping would not be on her mind. But who was she kidding, Bo had been all she could think about for the past few weeks. And her confession in the bathtub was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to how she felt about the succubus. She wanted to sober up and be ready to find Dyson in the morning but every time she thought about what she had to do to Bo she felt ill. So she drank to make the thoughts go away.

Tamsin flushed and turned to wash her hands in the small sink. Once she finished she looked for paper towels to dry off with then remembered where she was. She wiped her damp hands on her pants and yanked the bathroom door open. She had to stifle the scream of surprise that almost escaped when she saw who was on the other side.

"Bo," she said trying to hide the softness in her voice.

"I thought it best to wait here and catch you coming out," Bo said then pushing her way into the small bathroom.

"What the fuck ," Tamsin said backing up. She ended up falling into a sitting position on the toilet seat which she had luckily put down.

"Well, you caught me unaware in the bathroom. Thought I'd return the favor," Bo said closing the door.

They stared at each other for a few moments with Tamsin breaking their eye contact first. She could only look into those big brown eyes but so long before she felt overwhelmed.

"How did you find me?"

"Wasn't hard. Kenzi said you mentioned coming here before. Figured it was worth a try. I need to talk to you," Bo said folding her arms.

Tamsin flinched at the word need. What did a succubus know about need? Sure they had sexual ones but they could fill that whenever they pleased. Tamsin was thinking more about unfulfilled desire, the kind that kept you up at night. Then when you finally fell asleep made you wake up wrapped up in your sheets soaked with your sweat because you could only toss and turn from dreams that would make a porn star blush. The kind of need that was made worse by the fact that you knew it couldn't be fulfilled.

"Hello, earth to Tamsin," Bo said waving her hand in front of her face.

"What, oh sorry. I've had way more to drink today then I should have."

Someone began banging on the door. Bo offered her hand and helped Tamsin up from the toilet seat. They opened the door and were greeted by a line. The people waiting smiled at them knowingly as if they had been hooking up inside. I wish, Tamsin thought to herself. As they walked back to the bar, Tamsin noticed the group of guys had moved over to a pool table in the corner.

"Guess that explains why you wouldn't give us the time of day," the guy who had spoken to her earlier remarked . She heard another guy in his group mumble lesbian under his breath while the others laughed.

Tamsin gave them the finger and eyed the other guy whose arm she had twisted. She could see by his expression he was still pissed. Oh well.

"What was that about?" Bo said eyeing the group.

"Nothing, just a bunch of morons I had to school earlier," Tamsin said grabbing the two shot glasses full of whiskey the bartender had in front of her seat. She threw them back one after the other then turned to Bo. "Did you want anything?"

Bo sneered at her and shook her head no. "I think you have enough alcohol in your system for me to get drunk just being next to you so I'll pass."

"Well then, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Not here, let's go back to my place. This bar skeeves me out," Bo said looking around, then turned to the bartender. "No offense."

"Well, I certainly don't want to offend your delicate sensibilities my lady," Tamsin said dropping down into a curtsy. She stumbled as she got back up and Bo caught her in her arms.

"We're going to have to do something about that sarcastic mouth of yours," Bo said into Tamsin's ear as she helped her sit back against her stool.

Tamsin felt her heart speed up. She hadn't missed the huskiness Bo's voice had taken on as she whispered to her.

"Um , okay back to your place. But I think you should probably drive," Tamsin said handing Bo her keys. "And we are taking my truck, I don't trust that thing you call a car."

"Whatever," Bo said rolling her eyes as she headed towards the door.

Tamsin grabbed her leather jacket from the hook on the wall. "Keep my seat warm Jake," she said with a drunken salute. Jake cracked a smile and waved goodbye.

As she opened the bar door the cool night air crashed over Tamsin like a cold shower. She could feel herself sobering up and yearned for the warmth of the bar.

"Where are you parked?" Bo said looking up and down the street.

"Um, that a way," Tamsin said pointing towards the alley.

"Why on earth would you park there?"

"Uh, did you not notice the boot on my car earlier? If they can't find it they can't mess with it," Tamsin said heading towards the truck.

"God, I feel like we are walking straight into a horror movie, "Bo said as she followed behind.

They made it half way to the car before they heard the footsteps behind them. Both women slowed down a bit as the other footsteps slowed down to. Tamsin had a sinking feeling about who was behind them and when she turned she wasn't surprised to see two of the idiots from the bar.

"Well succubus, shit just got real. Time to handle some business," Tamsin said taking out a pair of brass knuckles from inside her jacket.

Bo looked at her as she fitted them over her right hand. "Seriously? Are you going to pull out a switchblade next?"

"Nope, left those in my other pants," Tamsin said with a wink.

The guys walked towards them seemingly confident in their ability to overtake the two women.

"I got the blonde," the guy said who's arm Tamsin had twisted.

"No problem, the brunette is a little hottie," the other guy said grabbing his crotch.

Bo stalked towards him with a smile. "This is going to be fun," she said as she grabbed him and began kissing him.

"What the hell, you're friend is a little freak," the leader said turning around before he saw the blue light forming between Bo and his partner in crime.

Tamsin waited as he walked towards her and went into a boxing stance.

"You got some balls you know grabbing me up like that in front of my friends. I'm gonna have to teach you how to behave," he said cracking his knuckles.

"Yeah well I'm gonna bet my balls are bigger than yours so we'll see who's teaching who," Tamsin said swinging out with her left hand.

The guy dodged but it left him open for a hook from her right hand. It connected squarely on his jaw. Startled he fell back and Tamsin laughed at the small dent the brass knuckles had left. Rage filled the guy's eyes and he lurched forward, all finesse gone. Tamsin backed up but realized her mistake when she slammed into her truck. Now she had no room to maneuver. She swung anyway punching into his chest but all she was met with was hard muscle. Fuck, she thought. Just as he reached out to grab her she saw Bo's hand on his shoulder. His whole body relaxed and he turned to face the succubus. Tamsin peeked around them and saw his friend passed out between two garbage cans.

"Come here big boy. I'm still hungry," Bo said as she pressed her lips to his.

Tamsin watched Bo and was in awe at the amount of control she showed as she drained the guy just enough to make him drop into sleepy land. The power she had was so raw and beautiful not unlike the succubus hersef. The decision she had to make just kept getting harder at every turn.

"Definitely time to get out of here I think," Tamsin said going over to the passenger side of the car.

"Yeah, let's go home," Bo said.

Tamsin almost corrected her since it wasn't actually her home. But she liked how it sounded so she let it go. She couldn't think of a home she wanted to go to more.