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Chapter One: Home again, home again, jig-e-di-jig….

A minute after Inuyasha left the hut to go take a bath Kagome was on her feet and grabbing her pre-packed yellow backpack while dashing out the door. She had been waiting ever since the small group had gotten back to the village for Inuyasha to take a bath. It had taken close to two days but he was finally gone! She raced through the familiar forest to her only way home. The well.

She was almost to the well when she heard a loud "WHAT?!" yelled from where the small lake was. `Shippo must have told him…' Kagome thought to herself, `see if you get any candy next time I come back!' She gave a small shout of triumph when she got to the edge of the well and hurriedly jumped in, afraid that at any second Inuyasha would come crashing through the forest. True to her thought, just as the blue light engulfed her, Inuyasha's wet-haired head came into view. She smirked and yelled out `SIT!' just before she faded from view.

Kagome gave a sigh of relief as her feet touched the ground on her side of the well. It didn't last long though, as she zipped up the ladder and quickly closed the lid to the well. She set her backpack down on the ground and rummaged through it, finding what she had been looking for in no time. It was a charm Miroku had given her to seal the well when she didn't want Inuyasha to come through and get her. She quickly placed it on the well's lid and did a five second victory dance before she again picked up her backpack and walked to her home.

"MOM I'M HOME!" She yelled as she came in the back door. It was quiet for a few seconds then a muffled `I'm in here!' came from the laundry room. Kagome shook her head as she walked down the hallway. "Hi, Mom! I'm home early!" As soon as Kagome was through the door to the laundry room her mother grabbed her yellow bag off her shoulder and began to pull out all her dirty clothes and separate them into piles to be washed. "Ah… thanks Mom…" She sweat dropped.

"Your welcome, Kagome! Did you have a fun time in the past, dear?" She was already shoving the next load of clothes into the washer.

"Yep! We got some more jewel shards and Sango FINIALLY admitted to me that she likes Miroku! I'm so happy for them!"

"What about Inuyasha?" Her mother asked in a tone of voice that could only mean that she couldn't wait to have grandchildren.

"Come on Mom. I stopped liking Inuyasha like that half a year ago! Now, he's like my older brother! A much less mature older brother then me… but an older brother none the less!" Her mother gave a tired sigh.

"I had a feeling that was the case the last time you came through the well…" She sighed. "I'LL NEVER HAVE CUTE GRANDBABBIES WITH CUTE LITTLE DOG EARS NOW!" She wailed out overdramatically. Kagome shook her head and slowly made her way out of the room. "Oh! Kagome, why don't you go take a bath? I'll have dinner done by the time Souta gets home from soccer practice!" Kagome just nodded her head and quickly left her mother's range of sight. She really loved her mother but sometimes she could go a little over board.

Kagome another sigh of relief when she made it to her room. She hadn't been here in forever! She quickly grabbed a towel and went into the ofuro room across the hall from her room. The bath was already filled. It looked as though her grandfather had just had a bath, judging from the sake bowl left by the tub.

She took her clothes off, putting her dirty laundry in the small basket by the door and placed her folded towel inside another one. She went over and sat on the small stool before she scrubbed her body clean and rinsed her hair clean of the flowery soap she had put in it. After she was done, she unfolded the mat over the ofuro and eased into the hot water. She rested in the hot water until she heard her brother scream that he was home after the loud BANG of the front door closing.

She slowly got out of the ofuro and walked over to grab her towel. When she was sure that the towel was tucked in good enough she made her way out of the ofuro room and back into her room. She quickly put on a fresh pair of white underwear and matching white bra before going to her closet and picking out her favorite yellow sundress to wear for the day. She then blow-dried her hair and brushed it out before she made her way downstairs just in time to help her mom set the table for dinner.

Her Grandfather and Souta were already sitting at the table waiting for dinner to be served and she soon joined them as her mother put the last of the food on the table. "Itadakimasu!" Was heard from around the table before everyone began to eat the yakitori and was set out before them. When they were done a chorus of "Gochisotamedeshita" was heard quickly followed by Souta running out to play video games and Ji-san mumbling about sweeping steps, leaving Kagome and her mom to clean up the mess.

"Kagome, would you mind going out to the store?" Her mother asked her as they cleaned up the table.

"No, not at all. What would you like me to get?" She asked rinsing off a bowl.

"Well, you see, we ran out of ice cream…" Her mother said rubbing the back of her neck.

"Ah… Mom." Kagome shook her head. "Fine. Green tea?"

"Thank you, Kagome! You're the best daughter ever!" Her mother hugged her, pushed her away from the dishes and slipped some money into her hands. "Here! And get something for yourself too!" Her mother said before she was pushed out of the kitchen.

Kagome stood in the hall for a few seconds before she shook her head at her mothers love for ice cream and made her way to the front door. She slipped on her yellow sandals that went with the dress before she made her way out the door and down the stairs.

Half way to the store she sensed a demon and turned towards where she could feel a great amount of ki. It flared to life then dropped down to where one could barley sense it was there. She let her eyes roam over the area, but finding nothing, continued on her way to the store.

She made her way inside the store then moved to the back where the ice cream section was located. She picked out a one-gallon tub of green tea ice cream then made her way to the dongo section. She picked herself out a package of strawberry dongo before making her way to the front of the store. She paid for her two items with the yen her mother gave her then made her way out of the store.

When she passed by the spot she had felt the ki in before she stopped and looked more closely up into the tree she could still feel it coming from. Her blue eyes met with crimson for a split second before the eyes and ki disappeared in a blink of an eye. She stood there for a minute before she continued on her way back to her home.

When she entered her house she found her family all in the living room watching TV. She silently put away the ice cream and dongo before making her way up to her room. She changed into her pajamas without even thinking about it then slowly laid herself down on her bed.

The strong demon with red eyes was haunting her thoughts. She knew that there were still demons in her time, but she had never come face to face with such a strong one before. Most of the ones she sensed were all heavily diluted hanyou's. She doubted they even knew they had some demon blood in them! But, this one was different. This one could easily kill her and everyone else in this city without batting an eye.

She shivered and turned over onto her side. She slowly closed her eyes and fell into a chaotic sleep filled with blood red eyes. But, for some reason, there was also a great calm and protection to the blazing red eyes. With that her breathing calmed out and she drifted off into a deep sleep. So deep that she never even noticed that the one demon that was on her mind had just landed in the tree next to her window. He was intent on finding out more about this… human… that could sense him.

The small, dark male demon slowly opened the young human girl's window and quietly made his way over to the side of her bed. He gazed down upon the peaceful sleeping face. She was, though he would never admit it out loud, very attractive… for a human. She had pale ivory skin, silky ebony hair, and sakura pink lips. Put that together with her stunning blue eyes and Hiei was wondering if she was a demon in disguise. Though, a quick scan told him she was defiantly human and a very pure one at that.

`A miko? I haven't felt one of these since… a least four hundred years!' he thought to himself. He snorted to himself and quickly made his way out of the room. Knowing his luck, Koenma would somehow find out about her in the near future and make the group help her in some odd way. And, oh how right he was!