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Chapter Five: Now That We're Back in the Feudal Era…

Last chapter:

"Don't worry. I've done this before. Everything will turn out fine. Though, the next time you see Inuyasha you might want to be extra nice to him. You never know when the last time you're going to see his is." He gave her a sad smile and one last hug before he followed Kagome and the rest of the group into the well house and through the well. He wasn't looking forward to this.

This chapter:

The first thing Kagome saw when she made her way out of the well was Inuyasha and Yusuke nose to nose, yelling at each other. Hiei was off to the side of the group with his hand on the hilt of his sword, no dought waiting for a reason to fight. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo, were standing in the tree line in front of the well and Kuwabara was trying to get Kirara to let him pet her. Kagome was pissed.

"INUYASHA!" Inuyasha paled when he turned to look onto the form of Kagome. "SIT BOY!" *SLAM* into the ground he went. "How could you just start fighting someone like that? Do they look like my friends? Do they LOOK to be from my time? Why don't you use your brain before you open your mouth?!" Kagome shouted just as Kurama decided to make his way out of the well.

Kurama sighed as he looked upon the sight of his mother yelling at Inuyasha. Why couldn't they get along? "Miss. Kagome, why don't we head to the village and explain what is going on to your traveling companions?" He asked coming to stand behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. Kagome gave one last glare to Inuyasha before she nodded and turned towards the village. After a short trek through the forest they made it to Kaede's hut.

Kagome was sat on the floor near the fire with Shippo in her lap. Kuwabara was still playing with Kirara who decided that she'll let him pet her. Miroku, Sango, and Yusuke decided to sit down with their back's leaning against the wall of the hut. Inuyasha was leaning against the door frame still sulking about being yelled at. Kurama was sitting on the opposite side of the fire from Kagome, and Hiei was standing up, leaning against the wall to the left side of Kagome. Kaede had long since gone to bed in the only other room in the small hut, leaving the small group to themselves.

Kagome then spent the next hour telling both groups about who everyone was, why they were there, and how it was they came to be in the small parties they were in now. Kagome then went on to tell them that the Yu yu group was going to be joining them on their quest for the jewel shards. That's where Inuyasha drew the line.

"Hell no! They are NOT coming with us to find the shards! We don't even know if we can trust them! I'm not going to stake my life on something you say, wench! Look at Kouga!"

"SIT! My name is Ka-Go-Me! Not wench! And, you WILL trust them! They are MY friend's that I've known since… who knows how long! I'm NOT going to let you kick them out before you even get to know them! Kouga is good in his own ways! Even if he does get a little annoying with the whole `my woman' thing!" By that time the spell had worn off. Inuyasha quickly stood up, glared at the group, and left the hut to go sulk in a tree for the next three hours.

"Well, that went better then I thought it would." Kagome said out loud. Miroku and Sango both nodded their silent agreement before it was broken by Sango punching the young man half away across the room. Kagome, Shippo, and Kurama all shook their heads knowing what had happened.

"My sweet, sweet, Sango! Why must you wound me so?" He asked picking himself off the floor. Kagome, deciding that she would save the monk, quickly spoke up.

"Um, Sango? Why don't you go to the springs with me? I feel really dirty today and I never got a shower after gym." Sango took a deep breath before she nodded her head. Kagome smiled and grabbed her bath bag out of her large yellow bag before she headed out of the hut. Sango slowly followed her to the door.

"Don't you even THINK about peeping on us, Monk!" She growled out before she too, headed out the door. Everyone that was left in the hut turned to look at Miroku as the girls left the hut.

"What?" He asked quickly sitting back down on the floor from where he had just stood up from. "I'm just a humble monk. I'd NEVER think to do anything un-just!" Shippo, Yusuke and Kurama all gave him knowing looks while Hiei just snorted and left the hut. "What?! Why does HE get to leave?"

"Cause he's not a pervert." Shippo answered simply before he turned to look at the young red head in front of him. "Should I even ask?" Kurama looked down at the young kit in shock.

"Wh-what do you mean?" He said quickly for fear of changing history. Shippo just snorted again.

"Oh, I get it. You don't have to say anything. Just tell me, what are you called now?" Kurama smiled at the young kit that was years smarter then he looked.

"My human name is Shuuichi Minamino, but my demon name is Youko Kurama. Most people just call me Kurama though." Shippo nodded, and then turned to go sit on the monk's lap so he couldn't get up to spy on the girls.

The second Hiei was outside he felt it. It was the aura of a very evil youkai. Even though it was very strong, he could tell that it was just a copy. The real demon was else where, no dough watching its puppet do whatever it was meant to do. Now, normally Hiei would just let a puppet do what it was told to do. But, this time was different. This time the puppet was coming awfully close to the two women that were bathing at the spring. Hiei gave an evil smirk as he un-sheathed his sword and ran in the direction he knew the demon would be in.

When he made it to the near by clearing he gazed upon the puppet in a baboon pelt. As soon as the puppet knew he was there he was assaulted by tentacles coming from underneath the pelt. Hiei smirked and ran at the puppet, cutting off tentacles as he went. When he was close enough to the demon he quickly cut him in half and watched as a wooden doll with a strand of hair fell to the group in two pieces. With it came a jewel shard. He quickly picked it up just as he heard Kagome say, `I feel it coming from over there.'

Kagome and Sango had just made it to the stream and were just about it get in when Kagome tensed. "What is it, Kagome? A demon?" Kagome shook her head.

"A jewel shard. I feel it coming from over there." Sango nodded and was about to head over that way when Hiei quickly appeared in front of Kagome holding up a jewel shard. Kagome looked at him confused for a second then reached out to take the shard. That's when she noticed the she wasn't wearing anything. "AH! Get OUT of here! Pervert!" She screamed covering herself up with her towel that was on the ground by her feet. Hiei just rolled his eyes and take her hand away from her towel.

"Here." He said handing her the shard. "Next time I'll just let the baboon puppet kill you. Maybe then my headache will go away." He pulled away from her and turned to leave, but not before he gave her body a once over.

When he left Kagome turned towards Sango who was in a similar state of dress. "Did he just say what I think he said?" Sango nodded.

"Yep, and he just gave you a once over too. I think he might like you!" She said in a sing song voice.

"Oh come on, Sango! You're just saying that to make me feel better! How many times do I have to tell you that I'm over Inuyasha?" Sango laughed.

`She really has no clue does she? I'll have to get Miroku to help me play matchmaker. After all, Turnabout is fair play!' "Whatever, Kagome." She said rolling her eyes. "Let's just get this bath over with before the REAL hentai comes to spy on us." Kagome nodded her head and both girls quickly got in the stream.