FULL SUMMARY: Tsuna is the fearsome boss of Varia who wanted to take over Vongola, kick everyone in his way, and then plan something more vicious and fun. While Xanxus… is still Xanxus, badass and determined to crush the arrogant yet powerful rival, who's so obsessed in killing him. Except in this time, he is a rightful heir as the tenth boss.

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When The World Has Gotten Crazy

By: Ahniya-Sama

Chapter One: Don't Blindly Trust Innocent-Looking Rabbits... err... Tuna

'Sawada Tsunayoshi'

Two words, seven syllables. A little too short to utter. A bit too small-a-sound to last.


If this name, however in any circumstances, was said. It could cause even Vongola's next heir, fearless as he might be, powerful as everyone knew he was, tremble upon response…

Was it fear? - Nay… I say it can only be described as excitement and respect.


"Uwaaa! I'm finally back! How nostalgic!" a cheerful voice, surprisingly high-pitched for a boy, echoed in a seemingly empty airport. Quite unusual, one might say, seeing as how a transportation and landing station would be out of customers even for a single day. It wasn't that there was no one around, it would be more appropriate to say that only private employees that belonged to a certain naïve- looking brown-haired boy was there. It was closed specifically because he would arrive.

A refreshing view… Looking at a happy 14-year old kid dressed in casual clothing while looking around the vast space in Namimori Airport, as if it was his first time being here. E seemed rather clueless.

His eyes were gentle, and he looked kinda frail. He silently took steps down his private plane, his unwavering yet kind look befell upon the stiff postures of his suspiciously-trembling employees. The men clad in pitch black suits were standing unnaturally in line. They all held serious expressions, yet cold beads of sweat were trickling down their faces as the innocent boy took steps forward.

"Ara, what's with you guys?" The boy threw a questioning look at one unfortunate employee, who couldn't help but feel as if his stomach is churning from the pressure. Despite how deadly his experiences were, as a man serving under a criminal syndicate, he couldn't bring himself not to falter in front of someone so dangerous, hiding under a seemingly fragile facade.

"N-Nothing, B-Boss" The man had managed to say after a moment of hellish silence. The boy just tilted his head aside, and shrugged it off. After all he didn't want his bright mood to be spoiled by some worthless trash, shaking in fear.

"Hn, How pathetic… Stop ruining my day, coward" He murmured with a smile, which he could swear his men almost lost their breath just by looking. He smirked as he gazed down at the cowering figure of the man he just spoke to.

"I, The great Sawada Tsunayoshi, Boss of Varia will soon take over Vongola, I can't afford to waste my time killing you haha… Let's just go have some fun and greet my hatred's target… I mean rival Xanxus!" The boy said this in a voice and expression unsuited with a threatening statement of this nature. It just doesn't fit. But no one would dare comment on that, as if anyone who knew him would do it.



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