Natasha Romanoff's P.O.V
I was back at home at it was around 7:40 It was early summer so the sun wasn't set yet. I was cooking Brocli and pasta and needed to go to the super market badly. I had burnt the pasta twice in the process of trying to cook my meal, I was clearly out of it. I heard a light knock on the front door and sighed turning off the burner.

"Natasha it's me Steve. May I come in?" Said the Captain knocking on the door once more.

How the hell did he know where I lived? "Give me a second Steve." I walked over to the door and opened it, letting Steve inside before quickly locking it.

I looked at him questioning as I spoke how did he find my address? "Steve.. Why are you here? It's not that I don't like you being here its just that I wasn't expecting you."

"Sorry just to barge in its rude but I needed to speak with you about certain, things and you didn't answer your phone." He spoke softer than usual but he looked very serious.

"It's. It's fine what do you need?"

Steve took a deep breath then spoke. "We'll it's about the new assainment we have. Do you know anything about it?"

"Other than what Stark told us, no." I had let the assignment almost slip my mind completely as other things, well people were acupying it.

Steve took a seat on the couch, he looked at his hands as he spoke. "I'm kinda curious about it. We all know fury has his secrates and its usually none of my business but why won't he give us more information on Fire Star? Tony's looked on most files including shields and has found nothing."

"That's probably because they don't want us to know something.. If Stark can't find it then its obviously under tight wraps." I started to pace. "I think there's more to Fire Star then what shields telling us, but then again there always is."

Clint Barton's P.O.V
We were sitting in Angels living room on the couch chatting about our day. I was having a pretty good time with her, lunch was delicious, and it's been a while since I just had fun with a normal down to earth girl.

"So where do you work again Clint?" Asked Angel looking at me curiously. She was sitting a little closer then nessicairy but I thought nothing of it.

"I work as an atterny, and you?" I kept my voice relaxed as I spoke. I was for the most part honest with Angel, hell she knew my name but since I didn't go around whering a mask some of my identity should be kept quite.

"Banker. Pretty Boring right?" She chuckled softly. "But it's pretty good pay so I'm not complaining. And every now and then seriously exciting things go down, like last week when some body asks for quarters in exchange for a five." She rolled her eyes.

"Really? Some Intense stuff!" I smiled and felt a buzz in my back pocket. "Sorry." I took my phone out and looked at it, it was a Text from Tony. It read: "Get over here Now! And bring pizza were all kinda hungry." I rolled my eyes then looked back up at Angel. "I have to go, got a text about work but can we finish this conversation later?"

"Sure." She rose up from the couch and walked to the door and opened it for me. "I had fun Clint, Night."

"Me too good night." I walked out of the house quickly and crossed the street to my car, I unlocked it then sat in the front seat. I looked at my phone once more then replied with "On my way". I buckled up and started to drive to the avengers tower. What did Tony find out?

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