Natasha Romanoff's P.O.V

Clint left about five minutes ago. And i've been standing in the same spot, just thinking. There's almost never a time I've been confused by own emotions. Usually I don't worry about them, only paying attention to the task at hand. It's been a pretty good method until now. But lately I feel distracted. Maybe I need to work less. I haven't had a vacation in years. I walked out of the room and past the main corridor taking the usual four flights of stairs to the outdoors sparring room. Taking in the expression of each newbie I walked over to furry.

He smirked. "Hello agent Romanoff."

Clint Barton P.O.V

I jogged out of the movie theater the rain hitting me vigorously as I went. I wish I brought my umbrella but the news reporter promised sunshined. If Tash was here I'd probably offer her my jacket. Gah why do I keep thinking about her? I shook my head trying to shake the thought away. My apartment was a few blocks away but quite frankly I was just about ready to flag down a cab. I speed up my pace trying to dodge the cold wet droplets but failed and ending up buying a cheap umbrella. I slowed my pace looking around. Now that the rain wasn't in my eyes I could see that today was a beautiful day after all. Looking up I could see the sun going down and it was very rarely in New York City when you could get a good glance at the sunset. I wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone. I quickly bent down and to help the stranger pick up their books.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.." I looked up at the person a girl, maybe in her mid twenties smiled as I handed her the books.

"It's fine, I wasn't either" The petite redhead switched her books to one arm and extended her hand for a shake. "I'm Angelica Jones, but most call me Angel nice too meet you."

"Clint." I meet her hand with my own and shake. "Lovely weather we're having" I laughed putting my umbrella over her head.

"Yeah nothing like wet guck everywhere." She looked up noticing the umbrella. "Thanks but you don't have too."

"I insist." She smiled a bit as I spoke.

"What a gentlemen. You don't see those every day." Her smile turned into a light laugh. "I'm serious. But I have to getting going my train leaves in ten. Here." She fumbles through her bag for a minute before getting a piece of paper and scribbling her number on it. She handed it to me. "Maybe we can get coffee sometime?" she ran off before I could respond.

I watched her jog off and looked at the paper again before putting it in my back pocket. The day turned out better than expected.

A/N: Ok OK I'll be the first to admit that was a bit cheesey. But I like it so what ever! -sticks tounge out at readers- Hehe anyway I want some feedback! Does anyone know who Angel is? NO GOOGLING IT! cookies to anyone that can guess!