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I sipped my peppermint tea slowly. It was a hot day in Rio De Janeiro, as it always was, surprise surprise there. Looking at my watch it was 12:24 and I was bored as Hell. And it didn't help that it felt like it to. Why did Tony even send me hear? All expense paid trip to Brazil any hotel I liked. Most people would think it'd be awesome for their million, no billionaire big brother to pay for their vacation. But Tony Stark isn't that kind of person, He's more of a self revolved man whorish type. I looked up at the old dusty old t.v in the even grosser local coffee shop I was in, honestly tea for a buck should've sounded fishy. I started to doze off as something caught my attention.

"This new team of heroes emerge as New York City gets attacked by, aliens? Here are some eye witnesses of the attack." I stared at the television in disbelief , was that, Tony?!

I took my phone out from my jean pocket as it started to ring. "Clare speaking, who's calling?"

"Johnny Depp of course." I smiled recognizing the voice immediately, Jane Foster. "Anyways, have you seen the news lately THOR and and the freaking Hulk-" I stopped her mid sentence.

"Yeah I just literally saw it." I threw a few dollars on the counter and rushed out the cafe.

"It makes sense Tony sent me on vacation. Wait a sec, where are you?"

"San Diego, I got sent over too." Jane paused in thought. "No wonder why they said it was urgent!"

I snorted while waving over a taxi. "Jane, I think I'm going to visit a certain sibling of mine. Plus Barton and I haven't had a good cup of tea together in months."

"739 Kruatic Road please." I say slowly to the taxi driver as I strap in.

"Stark tower? I heard that place got destroyed when them aliens attacked." Replied the driver in his slight southern drawl.

I didn't reply as I was deep in thought. what would I say when I got there would he even be there? I looked outside the foggy window trying to calm my nerves. We were going extremely fast and the plane ride didn't exactly help my dizziness. The driver didn't speak again, all I heard from him throughout the rest of the ride were soft grunts and curses as we came into Manhattan morning traffic.

"Um, Miss were here." I nodded and handed the driver a five dollar bill as I got out of the car.

"Yeah! what about my tip!" yelled the middle aged man after me. I'll admit any other time I would've gone back and given him a dollar, but right now I was on a mission.

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