I rolled my eyes at him . "Four months to be exact."

Pepper looked at Clint than back at me. "Clairissa Stark. As in." She stopped and pointed towards the conference room door that had now opened.

I easily recognized all of them. Natasha looked me over for a moment before her relaxed expression turned to a small frown. Bruce only raised an eyebrow at me in surprise. Thor hadn't really paid me any mind and he held an I-phone upside down in his hands. I finally looked to Tony and his jaw dropped. He quickly closed his mouth then brushed his hair from his face trying to downplay his shock. Wait a minute there were six avengers. Weren't there? I only saw the footage for a minute but I remembered there being- My thoughts were interrupted.

"Stark I still think it's a bad idea to let Thor use your phone.." He stopped talking and looked at all of us. "Um who's this?" The brode male spoke as he brushed his dirty blonde hair from his eyes.

"Clair?" Tony asked quietly. His eyes were wide. "What are you." He coughed. "Doing here?"

"I just happened to be around and I wanted to see how my big brother was doing. Ya know after

almost dying." I said smiling. This was going better than I initially thought.

He smirked at this the shock decreasing from his face. He actually looked happy to see me. "This is my sister. Clair."

The Iphone Thor held dropped to the floor as he scooped me into his arms, squeezing me in a tight embrace. ¨LADY CLAIR!¨ I gasped for breath in the gods hold.

¨Hey... Thor..¨ I coughed between words. ¨Too... tight."

He let go and I stumbled to my feet exhaling deeply ¨SORRY I¨ Banner put his finger to his lip signalling Thor to quiet down as he spoke. ¨Am not yet used too you fragile earthlings.¨

I snorted at the term.¨Earthlings ha.¨

¨I am I the only one confused here? Last time I checked, Tony was an only child. Do you know how much destruction one Tony can cause? Imagine two?¨ Said Pepper. I understood her reasoning, from what the media says she´s Tony´s personal assistant. Enough said.

The captain started to raise his hand in agreement but put it back down quickly.

¨I think the million dollar question is why are you here Clair?¨ Said Natasha her arms crossed.

Natasha and I have never have been the closest to say, or close at all. I understood from the moment we met. She didn't like me and I didn't want to get on hear bad side. Which quite frankly I already had.

¨I kinda wanted to thank Tony in person for that lovely vacation you sent me on. Ya know Rio?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

Tony looked surprised as he spoke. ¨Rio? I don´t remember sending you to Rio. I wouldvé remembered something like that.¨

I bit my lip for a second in thought. If he didn´t. Who had. ¨Curiouser and curiouser.¨ I mumbled.

¨No one has answered my question. Tony how come you never told me you had a sister?¨ Asked Pepper her frown lines becoming visible.

¨That, my dear is because you've never asked. But I need to catch up with my little sister right now so meeting adjourned.¨ Pepper sent a look to Tony basically saying we needed to talk before turning to leave. The others soon followed.

Tony looked at me for a minute waiting until he couldn´t hear footsteps anymore to speak. ¨Jarvis. Sound proof the area please.¨ The al replied by blinking a green light. I saw his experiments went to good use.

He looked me over questioningly before he spoke. ¨I wanna know who you are and why you're here. Because my real sister died six years ago."

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