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Anyways, what will happen between Arthur, Morgana, Gwaine and Merlin? Will there be bloodshed? Will Merlin die? Will Arthur be able to save him in time? Look below to find out! Enjoy!

Previously on 'Finding Merlin':

"Get me something to pick this lock on the chains. Quick!" I ordered Sir Gwaine.

"Not so fast, my dear brother." Morgana appeared in the doorway, "We have some catching up to do."

Arthur POV-

I slowly turned around, and faced my traitor of a sister. "Morgana," I started cautiously, "It doesn't have to be this way. What happened to you? We used to be friends?"

"I grew up!" She said through gritted teeth. Her eyes glowed yellow and she chanted, "Sople hacia atras.", then I was blown backwards in to one of the many shelves.

"Arthur..." Merlin tried to yell, but obviously didn't have the strength.

I almost forgot that Merlin was chained to the ceiling, but all I could manage after what just happened was, "Gwaine... Merlin..." Thankfully, he understood and started searching for something to pick the lock, while Merlin went unconscious. Morgana had not noticed Gwaine yet, or she didn't care, because she was walking towards me again.

"I have seen the future," she started, "And in that future, that servant wench Guinivere," Morgana hissed the name, "sits upon my throne! I will not have that! And while you live, I cannot claim it! So you will die, Arthur Pendragon, but first, I will kill your friends, so you suffer even more!" She finished, turning around.

"NO!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Merlin was still unconscious, and Gwaine had his back to Morgana picking the locks. He obviously heard and was trying really fast to get Merlin down.

I got up as best as I could, and ran into Morgana, shoving her onto the floor. She was knocked unconscious, but it wouldn't last for long. I rushed over to Gwaine and Merlin and helped Gwaine with the lock. Once we had finished, I threw Merlin over my shoulder. His hands were still chained, but he was off the ceiling and we didn't have much time. I was careful of his wound, and sped out the door.

After about a half an hour, we stopped and dis-mounted our horses again. I set Merlin down on the ground cautiously, and ordered Gwaine to make a fire. After I untied the tightly bound chains from Merlin's wrists, I pulled his shirt up, then checked his wound. It was a gaping whole, just under his heart, and had hit a major artery. It was still gushing blood, but also some green stuff. I lightly touched my finger to the green fluid and smelled it. It was poison.

"Gwaine!" I yelled, "We have to get Merlin to Camelot and Gauis fast! He's been poisoned!"

"Yes sire." He replied.

Facing Merlin once again, I muttered, "Come on Merlin. Stay with me here."

"You're not going anywhere." Morgana returned, with a red mark on her forehead from went she hit the floor. She thrust out her hand and said, "Traeme Merlin." Suddenly, Merlin was yanked from my grasp and was hovering, mid-air, in front of Morgana.

"Merlin!" I yelled. Slowly, the man-servant's eyes opened and he looked around. Merlin noticed that he was in the air and Morgana was behind him, then looked down. Out of no where, it seemed that Morgana tripped or something, and fell backwards, falling into unconsciousness once again.

I just stood there for a second, trying to think how that happen for there was no rocks, or roots. Just leaves. But how could she trip no leaves? Shaking myself from my thoughts, I picked up Merlin bridal style and place him on the horse. After both Gwaine and myself had put out the fire and mounted our horses, we rode back to Camelot.

We reached our destination within two hours. Merlin was out cold, so Gwaine and I carefully carried him up to the physician's room.

Without knocking, Gwaine opened the door, and I walked in with Merlin. Gauis was sitting at his table, concocting some medicine or something, but i couldn't care less at the moment.

"Gauis!" I yelled. The old man, turned his head in my direction and immediately went to his bed.

"Lay him here Arthur." Gauis stated, "What happened?"

"Well, I found him in Morgana's place in the forest. Morgana and i have a sort of fight, but then we rushed out and she found us again. I think she tripped, but I'm not so sure. It's like it was magic. But there was no one else around, so she must have tripped on something." I said to him.

Gauis glanced quickly at Merlin, then back to me and said, "I have no idea."

"He's poisoned Gauis," I quickly stated.

"Yes, yes, that's what I thought. Could you get me that bottle there?' He asked, pointing to a bottle with yellow liquid, not two feet away. I grabbed it and handed it to him. Gauis poured it in to the young man's mouth, then reached for a cloth. After he dipped it in a bucket of water, he put pressure on Merlin's wound and said, "He should be fine."

I let out a breath I never knew I was holding, and questioned, "Will he be ready to polish my armour tomorrow morning?"

The Physician chuckled and answered, "Yes. I believe so."

"Good. Thank you Gauis." I stated, then left the room with Gwaine.

He's going to be alright.

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