I always fix my shining chestnut waves before going out, but today I feel no need. I slip out the door of our tent in my dark green robe with frizzy ringlets. I have slept in and the warm sunlight beats down upon my head. Children run through the village laughing and singing. I groan and clutch at my head. I hate noise when I first wake up. With a gold flash of my normally green eyes a root springs up in front of a boy's foot causing him to trip. I laugh as he spits the dirt out of his mouth.

"Very funny, Vevina," grumbles the young Druid.

I answer teasingly as always, "oops! I didn't see you there, Leith!" I offer the fair boy a hand.

Taking it, Leigh stands. "Thank you so very much, V"

I stiffen and glare at him coldly, "Don't ever call me that!"

"V!" I hear someone call from the forest.

Leaving Leigh I run into the foliage after the voice. "Mordred!" I call.

A boy appears at my side. He has dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a mischievous smile. His green cloak floats about him airily, as though it belongs there. He is younger than me, only ten and I'm twelve, but we have been friends as long as I can remember. Most people wouldn't dare be friends with him. He is more powerful than any Druid I have ever met. When he gets angry….you better watch out.