I stop the struggle and stare up at him in awe. He looks at me with a bit of pity, understanding. My captor glares daggers at Emrys.

"Merlin…" He hisses, "get out of here."

"But…what has she done? She's just a child!" Emrys retorts.

"A Druid child, she may seem harmless but she used magic on me just a second ago. I have been instructed to search her, that's all, and she attacks me."

"Well…I guess…"

"Get back to work, Merlin. I can handle her."

"Wait! Before I go…may I ask your name?" Emrys asks as he looks me in the eyes.

"Vevina, Vevina Glen." I respond, returning the stare.

"I'm Merlin," He smiles at me then turns back to the guard, "What are they going to do to her?"

"Most likely have her executed with the boy. She came with another," He states coldly.

"May I take them down to the dungeons? I'll hurry back and be extra careful."

"I suppose so…but keep a close watch on them," confirms the guard, "Go on! Take them away!"

Merlin shakily grabs my shoulder and steers me out of the room. His hands are warm and rough from work. The corridor is drafty and I shiver in my underclothes.

"Oh! Are you cold, Vevina? Here…" He hands me his coat with a small smile. I smile back trustingly. I don't know why but I feel even closer to Emrys than I do to Mordred. This frightens me considerably.