Hello, readers! This is ireadeverything, and I have come to give you stories!

They are pretty insubstantial, I know, but I wanted to put them out there. Because I will be using a variety of fandoms not necessarily inherent from the titles. So I will be listing the fandoms of the ideas I have written down.

Feel free to browse!

Big Booms / ILBB - Sword Art Online experimentation, with a SI-ish main character.

NSAO - A half-hearted attempt at a Naruto/SAO crossover

TFH - Harry Potter AU ponderings.

UraharaKakashi - A chance encounter between the two. The '/' I put in the title was deleted. Bleach and Naruto.

Kuroko no Ninja - Roughly translates to "Kuroko's Way of Being a Ninja". Kuroko no Basket and Naruto.

Professor DxD - The God of Shinobi, in the Highschool DxD universe. Naruto and Highschool DxD.

The Two that Shouldn't Meet - Armstrong meets Gai. 'Nuff said. Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto

A Missive - Something I've been wanting to say to the fanfiction community. Naruto...?

Strategist - Rias calls on help from a renowned strategist against Riser. Highschool DxD and Yu-Gi-Oh!