Hey there! So, this is my new story. Also my first multi chapter story! Like I said, Beck and Jade move into their first house together and it turns out to be haunted. Bailey is Jade's little sister. If you read my last story, you would know that. I am using my extensive knowledge of horror movies to write this. I'm not an expert. If you're really into that stuff and I get something wrong, I apologize in advance. Cat and Robbie will also be in this story a little bit. J I would like to put in a lot of Bade and Jailey moments. (I made up Jailey. It means Jade and Bailey. Sister moments!) The beginning will be a little slow, sorry about that. It has to start somewhere though.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Haunted: chapter one-

"Yay!" Cat Valentine yelled as she ran into Beck and Jade's new home. She was more excited than they were! Beck and Jade were newly married and were ready to unpack their first real house together. Cat was going to help. It was an early afternoon in January and their spirits were high as they walked inside. The house was old and huge. Jade liked it because it had an eerie look to it.

In all the excitement, Cat had forgotten to carry boxes inside.

"Cat." Jade hissed. "A little help."

"Oops!" Cat giggled. "Sorry Jadey."

"Don't call me that." Is the last thing the red head heard before she ran back outside and shivered as the cool winter air hit her skin once again.

! #$%^&*()! #$$%^&*()! #$%^&*()

It was early evening before the three friends, well one couple and a friend, decided to call it a day. They had only unpacked about half the house but they were all exhausted. Cat really wanted to watch Spongebob so Beck hooked up the TV for her.

"This is the dumbest show ever." Jade said casually as Cat laughed at the show.

"How can you say that? It has a talking sponge and a squirrel that lives underwater. That doesn't happen in nature!" Cat giggled.

Cat's phone beeped and she looked at it to see she had a new text from her boyfriend Robbie. She sighed happily to herself and clicked 'View now'.

To: Kitty

From: Robbie

Hey Cutie! You planning on coming home anytime soon?

To: Robbie

From: Kitty

How about now? We can make tea before bed!

She didn't wait for a reply. She knew Robbie would agree.

"Guys, I think I'm gunna head home." Cat told her friends.

"Kay." Beck said.

"Thanks Cat." Said Jade.

"Kay kay bye!" Cat exclaims and gives both of them a quick hug before heading out to her car.

Beck scooted closer to Jade on the couch once Cat was out of sight.

"Oh Cat." He said. "She's something else."

Jade nods in agreement and yawns, something Beck thinks is really cute.

"You wanna turn in early tonight?" Beck asks her. Jade nods.

"I call the bathroom." Jade states and heads upstairs with Beck following close behind. She changes in the bathroom, not awake enough to do "things" and climbs in bed next to Beck.

Beck pulls her close and she lays her head on his chest.

"This is gonna be good for us." Beck says as he kisses Jade's hair. Jade had wanted to get away after they got married. Away from her abusive father and lazy mom. She even insisted on having her 13 year old sister live with us, which Beck didn't mind. He loved Bailey like she was his own sister. She would be coming the next day.

"I hope so…Say you love me." Jade requests.

"Magic word."


"I love you."

"Kay. Love ya too."

That had become their routine. They say it almost every night.

This new house seemed like the perfect idea. It was pretty cheap for it's size which was good for the couple. It was Jade's style, which made Jade happy, which made Beck happy. Little did they know their dream home was about to become a nightmare.

A.N.-Dun dun dun. J Sorry for the cheesy ending. I just had to put it in there. So, there's chapter one! Don't worry it will get more interesting. Hope you liked it! Please review! If I have time, I will post the next chapter tomorrow.