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Enemies of the Heir

Chapter 1 – Their Skeletons Will Lie

People always said that when you're about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. Harry had never really taken any stock in this – there weren't very many memories he liked to remember in the best of times, let alone the worst. He figured living through them once was enough, but Harry just happened to be a very unlucky boy.

He had gone into the Chamber to save his best friend's little sister. Ron, unfortunately, had gotten trapped on the wrong side of a ceiling collapse – leaving Harry to continue on alone. He thought he'd been doing a pretty good job, fighting a ginormous basilisk and all. He'd even killed the thing, but the giant snake had gotten revenge by sticking a massive fang directly in his arm. He had pulled it out as quickly as possible, but the venom was already in his blood stream.

Harry James Potter was going to die. He'd been in plenty difficult situations, but he'd never really thought about dying before. Surprisingly, while it was a daunting thought, it wasn't as scary as it could've been. Really, his only regret was that he wasn't able to save Ginny. He could still see her next to him, pale as death and fragile, her life draining from her just as his was leaving him. Beyond that… the only reasons Harry would even bother living were Ron and Hermione, his two best friends.

As he thought about Ron and Hermione, his mind began wandering. Out of the corner of his eye, he could still see Tom Riddle standing there with a small frown on his face. Ginny's red hair was tickling his cheek and he absently reached out to grab her hand. Perhaps it was because he had always been alone in life – until Hogwarts – but Harry didn't want to die alone.

And, he thought, this was dying. He could feel his mind slowing down and his chest ached with the effort needed to continue breathing. The venom was pulsing through his body; it burned like nothing he had felt before, surpassing even that moment when his Uncle Vernon had held his hand onto the stove and suddenly – as if on cue, Harry saw his life spread out like a disjointed movie in his mind:

Screams filled his ears, his dad's muffled voiced becoming clear for the first time," Lily! Take Harry and go! I'll hold him off!" He couldn't move or say anything as he stared up into his mother's eyes – green, like his – while she cried and placed him in his crib. She mumbled to him, soothing words that were cut off by a loud bang as the door was blown apart by the man who ruined his childhood. His mother was pleading," Take me, not him! Not Harry, not Harry, please, take me instead…" Voldemort, oddly enough, tried to make her get out of the way three times before simply ending her life with a flash of poison green. Wicked red eyes bore into emerald and a smug incantation was the last thing Harry heard: "Avada Kedavra!"

Blinding light. Burning pain. An explosion. Darkness.

Harry was being chased by Dudley and his gag, trying to run away on skinny legs. He tripped and the boys eagerly converged, kicks and punches bruising his weakened body.

A frying pan aimed at his head; his uncle's purple face; Aunt Marge's bulldog; his cupboard. His childhood went on and on, speaking of the horrors he was forced to endure – beatings and neglect; hatred and punishment. Luckily, the tide changed with a letter…

Diagon Alley, the bright lights and shops; the Hogwarts Express; Ron, Hermione, Neville, his other friends in Gryffindor; the castle; the lake; Malfoy; Quirrel; Snape; Dumbledore; McGonagall; Fluffy; Norbert; Voldemort; dead unicorns; the Mirror of Erised; the trapdoor; the challenges; Voldemort; the stone…

He was back at the Dursley's and Dobby was getting him in trouble. The beating was worse, he was locked in with bars and deadbolts. He got one tin can of cold soup a day and his stomach cramped constantly. But, then, Ron and the twins came to rescue him and he met the Weasleys and all was well –

Until the platform wouldn't let them through, until they flew the Ford Angela and crashed into the Whomping Willow. Suddenly, Harry was hearing hissing and watching the Chambers of Secrets open once more and he saw Hermione lying lifeless surrounded by white the color of her skin. And then the blood red writing dripping a lethal promise slowly melted into the face of Ginny Weasley half dead on the floor.

Everything else was scattered, the voices muffled and loud, until he saw another flash of red hair and he clung onto it. Only, it wasn't a Weasley – it was his mother and father, laughing and hugging. There were two men with them that Harry didn't know, but somehow recognized. 'Moony' and 'Padfoot', his weak mind supplied helpfully. He watched from toddler eyes as he was cooed over and adored. Moony and Padfoot were fighting over who loved him most. His father interjected with a – "Me, of course!" but then his mother smiled and it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. "I love you, Harry," she whispered.

As the last memory faded, all he felt was love.

The world was brought back into a blurry focus. It resembled how it looked without his glasses, but he could feel them digging into his nose and knew they were there. Harry turned his head sideways to look at Ginny, his heart clenching at the thought her dying down here without having lived much at all. Despite him being only a year older, Harry spared no thought for himself.

Instead, he held onto Ginny's hand with all his meager strength and turned his gaze to Tom Marvolo Riddle. For a long while, the boy didn't say anything at all. When he finally did, it was a single word: "Why?"

Riddle looked at him with surprise and confusion in his dark green eyes. He was only sixteen, memory Riddle as he was, and he honestly didn't know why. He could've spouted off about blood purity and how vile muggles were, but looking down at the bodies of two innocent children, he found that he couldn't say a word.

Instead, as Riddle became more and more solid, Harry and Ginny grew weaker. Ginny was luckily unconscious, but Harry was still holding on. He couldn't help but wonder if dying was really so bad. The venom, admittedly, was a painful way to die, but he would never have to go back to the Dursleys. He could see his parents again – maybe he could even see Padfoot and Moony? After all, if the men were still alive, they would've come to see him, right? With his vision slowly turning black, he clenched Ginny's hand and said, with his last breath," I'm sorry."

Harry and Ginny laid, for one teenager to see, dead on the stone cold floor of the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle dropped Harry's wand with a frown of discomfort on his face. There was a twinge of remorse inside of him – at this age, he hadn't done anything at all compared to his older self. For some reason, Harry Potter had gotten under his skin.

If Tom Riddle had turned and left, he would've soon met and resurrected his older self, combining their souls. He would have been even more formidable than before and there would've been no Boy-Who-Lived to defeat him. The Dark would've conquered quickly and the world would've been thrown out of balance for centuries.

Muggles would've discovered the wizards and they would've risen together – destroying the wizarding world with bombs, nukes, and guns. The witches' pyre would've reigned once more. Magic would've been decimated.

Their skeletons would've stayed in the chamber forever.

Ronald Weasley and Gilderoy Lockhart would've been rescued by Fawkes far too late. Ron would've lost a sister, a best friend, and his mind. The Weasley family would've mourned their youngest member and gone into a deep depression.

Hermione Granger would've woken up to her best friends both dead and lost – she'd have cracked under the pressure and left Hogwarts forever. She would've lived life as a muggle, but gone to visit her old friends, Ronald Weasley in St. Mungo's psychiatric ward and Harry Potter at his make-shift grave, every week for the rest of her life.

The possible future was too terrible to consider.

Fate intervened.

Back in the Chamber of Secrets, emerald eyes shot wide open.

The End

Well! xD I didn't exactly plan to end it like that... I was just gonna have them die... LOL.. or Harry die, at least, but yeah... I guess I just couldn't get the right drama I liked, so I ended it like that instead. Comments, please!

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