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Chapter 1: First Day of School

Lucy POV

This was my first day in 4th year high school in Fairy Academy, one of the most prestigious private school in Fiore. I was hoping my first day to go just fine. No, I want my Life to go just fine. I was walking at the school Campus to my new homeroom. I wonder ho's new faces I will see. "Lucy! Hey Lucy!" I looked back and saw Levy, my best friend, I stop and wait for her,"I'm g-glad I saw you .. W-what c-lass are you in?" she catches her breath. "I don't know yet, why don't we go at the bulletin board and see for ourselves?". We started walking again. We reach the school's bulletin board. Darn! it's crowded but at least we can still see.

Browse ...
Search ...
Browse ...
Found it !

"God Levy, were on the same class again, how nice" I hugged her tightly,"I wouldn't be surprised, were smart after all" she winked at me and raise a thumbs up,"what section?" she asked,"Ruby" I smiled at her, seems like were on the top section again. i forgot the sections in 4th year are:

Ruby - 1 Diamond - 2 Emerald - 3 Garnet - 4 Jade - 5 Pearl - 6

Yeah, that's it only six, like I said it's a prestigious school where almost rich bimbo's go. How did I enter the school? Silly Question, it's because i'm one of those rich students as well as Levy.

"KYAAA .."
"It was him"
"Oh my gosh!" I heard all the girls around screamed . Levy drag me to where the commotion is happening. "What was that?" I asked, Levy stared as a guy make his way to the campus. He smiled at the girl staring at him,"Oh my gosh! Kill me now .. Kill me, I can now die happily!"
she screamed, while acting on losing conscious.'Over Acting' -.- i thought,"Levy, who's that?" I shake her so she can be freed from some kind of trance. "You really don't know him? Seriously?" she looked at me in disbelief,"Why would I bother ask if I know him?" I sarcasticly says," You really don't care about the happenings around you eh?" she replied, students are starting to follow that guy that's why were left here.
" I don't Care, I'm an NBSB remember?" I replied, she smirk,"that was Natsu-kun" she replied,"Natsu?" what's with him? flirting with girls on the first day of school. "Yes, Natsu Dragneel, one of the most popular student in our school, he's hot and cool, some says he do have all the quality a girl would wish" Wow, Levy was blushing /, "Oh, I know he's your crush right?" I grin, it was amazing, she just broke up with Eve recently and now she already have a crush. =.=

Ring. Ring. Ring

Did I heard right? Wake me up! It was the school bell! gosh. I drag Levy and ran to our room."Lucy .. oww .. heyy.." she complained but I didn't mind her. I immediately open the door, I feel relieved, teacher wasn't here I guess she'll be late. I scan the room, the sits and desk are paired in two. My eyes was stuck unto someone, that guy .. he's my CLASSMATE?! .. So he's not an airhead afterall. I saw Levy looking back, smiling all alone touching both of her cheeks,"Gosh, Lucy, he's our classmate" She still keeps smiling on her own like a wierdo. "Levy let's go" I pat her back softly,"O-okay .."
she simply replied. We sat in front of Natsu, the room is full anyway, he sat beside Ian Jay Damian. Levy was so darn staring at Natsu. "Hey blue haired what are you staring at? .. Are you inlove with me?" he suddenly exclaimed. What the hell is with him. "Uhm .." Levy can't speak .

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