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Chapter 2: My Crush?

Lucy POV

"Hey bluehaired, what are you staring at? Are you inlove me?" he suddenly ask,"Uhm .. "Levy can't speak .. . Natsu stop bullying her" I heard the guy from the right side corner of the room spoke,"Why do you even care Gray? is it bullying already?" he hissed looking madly at Gray,"Stop it you two, especially you Natsu" A scarlet haired student stands and point at the two students who were areguing. "TCH .. alright it's not usual but i'll stop, it's not surprising if this girl love me anyway" he feels it too much, he's getting on my nerve :\ students in the room is now staring at us except the bluehaired one near the window, she's just staring outside. I see Levy bow her head at the ground. "Levy ...
don't mind this idiot" I pat her back softly so that she'll feel relieved, "WHAT DID YOU SAY? IDIOT?" I was expecting he'll say that and I was right. I snob him and continue patting Levy's back.

"Class, please sit properly, we'll start now" a pink haired woman entered the room, must be our teacher," I am your homeroom adviser Ms. Virgo, but now let's appoint our class leaders? shall we? Who will nominate?" She adds, the nomination continue, I didn't mind it, as if I care anyway. "I know this is the part you are waiting for the Muse and Escort nomination so who'll nominate" he says, hand started to raise.

"You Miss Olietta" she called

"I'll Nominate Lisanna" So Lisanna is nominated

"The other one, you Miss McGarden" she pointed at Levy

"I'll nominate .. Lucy" wait slap me, slap me, did I heard right? Maam Virgo Called the muses to stand in front, I was forced to. When the votation started ended, 14 students voted on Lisanna. Wait, there are 30people here which means ..
0_0 i'm right, I won. The votation for escort started, the nominated are Gray and Natsu and as expected T_T Natsu won. So the class leaders are:

President: Erza Scarlet V-President: Mirajane Strauss Secretary: Levy McGarden Treasurer: Lucky Olietta Auditor: Freed Justine PIO: Wendy Marvell Buss. Mngrs:
1. Kinana 2. Max Peace Off.
1. Bisca 2. Alzack Muse: Lucy Heartfilia Escort: Natsu Dragneel

TT_TT Time passed and it's the end of the first day. Mr. Dranbalt has picked Levy and I still have some club activities so we split up. Anyway I was in archery club. It was already 5:30 when I finally finish. I was walking helplessly and tired at the school field. There are less students. I knew it was a wrong choice shen I said i'll have taxi for today. I sigh and keep walking when someone bump on me, I fell. Black out.

Natsu POV

Darn! I hate those club activities, staying up late. It's already 5:30, If I don't get home early I will miss the movie 'Dragons Thousand Years Ago'. I ran at the school field while my mind was full of thoughts, just then I bump into someone and fell at the ground. I opened my eyes. (0_0 - My reaction) I fell on someone, worstly I recognized her, it was Lucy, that darn barbarian, idiot, stupid, freak from my class and wait she's unconscious, she must have hit her head . I was in top of her. Seconds ago, there was a flash, a Camera, I look from where it comes and saw a girl running off. SHE TOOK A PICTURE!, I stand and was going to walk when I remember her, now she's my problem. I'm certain I will miss that movie : I can't leave her here. I carried her bridal style to our car. Our driver saw me carrying her. What the hell!
I sit at the back and slowly lean her head at the window then our driver started to drive.

Minutes passed and she woke up looking at her surroundings then stop at me ,"Whhaa a aatTt?" I sigh," Don't get the wrong idea blondie, you fell unconscious when I bump at you so here we are, where's your house?" I ask so this will be all over. H-heartfilia residence, at the town of Caraccas"
she sttuterly replied. We ride in piece and silence between us. 30 minutes passed and we reach the gate of her house. She walk out of the car and I was going home when she knocks at the mirror, I opened it and saw her face," Natsu, thanks for the ride, because of that, I don't have to take taxi.
See ya, Bye" she smiled and waved her hand then enters the gate. We now continue on our trip. I smiled slightly, her faced flashback at my mind so as what she says earlier.
"Natsu, thanks for the ride ..."
"Interesting" I uttered and blushed a little /

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