It was a normal cloudy day in London. Nothing significant was, happening, just the sounds and motions of... life. Martin Emrys strolled down a pavement, leading up to, and passing St. Barts hospital.

Now to any onlooker he would look like some random, oblivious pedestrian. However, he had a purpose that could very well change destiny, and even more lives.

Merlin, or as he is now known as 'Martin' (less attention-seeking, and more ordinary) had lived for the past few centuries, seen and done a lot in his many years, waiting for Arthur to return. So far he had met many of the knights in different ages and lifetimes (for them at least), but not many times did they ever cross paths with each other. Although Morgana and her gang of baddies turned up many time. In fact they had been particularly troublesome this time around, and are probably somewhere still at it. He was also helped by the fact that he was on rather good terms with a certain time lord. The last time-lord, and the last warlock / dragonlord, they bonded rather quickly and would often give each other advice, tips and sometimes go on adventures.

It just so happens that one of the few truly admirable humans (compared to all the people he had crossed paths with in his many centuries, 'few' is relative) was going to commit suicide, today and not only was not about to let that happen, but his old friend, The Doctor stopped by and asked him to kindly take of that and make sure things don't go too wrong. Of course with his visions, whispers of destiny and possible prophecies, and now even the Doctor, if he wasn't convinced earlier he definitely had an obligation now. Besides, he felt somewhat responsible, considering Morgana's involvement in Moriarty's schemes—she had become an expert on creating different personas, and alter egos, etc., and this time caused quite a ruckus, many times, as 'Irene Adler'. To say he was annoyed would be putting it lightly, but then his girlfriend was never really one to behave, and there was nothing he really could do about it.

As he walked up closer to where he knew this unfortunate man would leap, he heard the gunshot. 'Good, that must mean Moriarty's gone,' he thought, reasoning that otherwise there would have been no publicity, which would have gone against the whole theme of Moriarty's scheme. Well at least one of the themes—that dealt with crushing the man's reputation. Now he had to wait just a little longer before he appeared on the edge. He summoned a good chunk of magic to his will, just in case he would have to go impulsive if something should go wrong, but hopefully it wouldn't. He stood there, radiating power, and waited.