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On the other side of London, Morgana—or also occasionally known as Irene Adler, was stirring up trouble with a senator from America.

Merlin sighed 'here we go again' he thought. Morgana had finally promised she wouldn't wage wars or participate in any sort of mass homicide that included the slaughter of innocent people a couple centuries ago. However that didn't mean she won't have any other ways of causing political strife.

Using Irene Adler had been a perfect way for her to do so. Especially since the real Irene Adler was about just as aloof, cold and uncaring as hers, so she could meddle as her double relatively freely without much trouble. In the initial centuries after her death and Albion, she was an extremely bitter witch, but over the course of the millenia, as well as continuous run-ins with Merlin, she learned to smile and laugh again. This of course only happened once he finally forgave her and both became closer as they witnessed several wars that tore families and friends apart. It made them be thankful for what little they had—they at least had each other as friends. Since then most of her meddling had been relatively harmless in the long run and more due to boredom than anything.

Except right about now Merlin didn't have time to deal with her about-to-be-mess—considering Adler herself was supposed to be keeping a low profile, and there were much more fragile issues at hand.

He arrived at their flat and patiently anticipated her return, naturally due to their mental connection, he knew he didn't have to wait long.

"Well hello love!" A clear voice rang out as its owner entered through the door.

"Hello darling," he replied equally as sarcastic, "before you begin, there are some things we need to make very clear here— firstly, Adler is known as dead to the world except for the protection program. Even if it is America, that senator is corrupt enough to not care and will spill the beans with the minimal prodding. Secondly, the Doctor dropped by with another task. I was able to get the easy bit done, but that is only just the beginning. We are going to have to help them out in so many ways they would never have thought possible."

"and thirdly?"


"yes, you said firstly, and secondly, so what else is there?"

"OH right, according to the Doctor, couple planets will be aligning either within the week or by the end of the month, so he asked us to keep our fields peeled in case we sense anything out of the ordinary, and to try and make sure no one performs any sort of rituals at this time because they most likely will succeed."
"Now is that everything?"

"that's all I have so far. Now, would you like to accompany me to visit the mysterious Mister Holmes?" he asked moving to leave for St Barts, and holding out his arm for her to take.

"It would be my pleasure, old warlock!" she replied, taking his arm in hers.


"Don't even try to deny it, do you even remember the number of centuries you have lived through?

"You do realize the same argument could be used for you"

"Are you calling me old?!"

"Well I'm certainly not calling you particularly young"

*smack* "how dare you!"

"Holy triple goddess, what is up with women and age? Every single century! It never changes!"

"It is a touchy subject not helped by misogynistic pigs such as yourself"
"Okay now when have I ever treated you less than any other human being? No wait let's not even go there. How about I tell you about this Holmes character?"

"Good save, and please do, I'm especially curious because Irene is simply infatuated with him"


"A bit unexpected isn't it? The one case where her advances are refuted, I suppose that intrigues her?"

"Possibly. I'm rooting for his pathologist though."

"The Hooper woman correct?"

"Quite. She kind of reminds me of Gwen, except a lot more docile, who knows maybe this will cause her to show her spine"

"what will?"

"living with Sherlock Holmes" he said, smirking as they entered St Barts through a side entrance to make their way down to the morgue.


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