Annie was enjoying the sites of Tel Aviv. She had earned her vacation time, one week off wherever she desired. Since she was already in Israel she decided to take in some of the tourist attractions that her job did not normally allow for.

She was walking down a quiet street lined with shops and a quaint little café when she heard tires screech and saw a van pull around the corner. She reacted immediately, darting into a doorway and pulling her weapon from her bag.

What she saw horrified her even more than men coming for her: men cornering and then kidnapping a young woman, screaming. The woman kicked and thrashed until a rag was placed over her mouth and she went limp in the arms of her attacker.

Annie couldn't idly watch. It wasn't in her. She ran across the street and engaged the men kidnapping the woman. She fought off two men, fired four rounds before being grabbed from behind. She managed to get out of her assailant's grip but then realized that one against six was not a fair fight.

She decided not to win.

Annie realized that if she let herself be taken she could protect the woman. She realized that this would be the only way to help this woman from an unsavory end. She continued to fight but began to intentionally make mistakes.

After a few more rounds a man grabbed her from behind again. This time she let herself be pulled under by the chloroform laden into the cloth placed over her mouth.

She just hoped that what she did was for a good reason. She had this instinct to protect even when it got her into trouble, which she now realized happened more often than not.