I shall refrain from appealing to readers again. I received very few reviews (insert frowny face here), which is discouraging to say the least. However, I would like to say thanks to those of you who have stuck with me and especially to those that did review. I write for my enjoyment but thoughts (positive or negative) on my stories are what really motivate me. Please enjoy one of my favorite scenes: Chapter 14.

"I want Eyal!" the woman screamed. "Get off me!"

The nurse called to him. "Sir, please help your sister. Please?" She could she he was still not with her. "Sir? We need you."

He shook himself out of his thoughts stepped up to the bed, he hadn't recognized her but now that he had, the fury built inside him. Someone had hurt this woman, had seriously injured her; he would find them, he vowed.

He spoke quietly to her in English. "It's okay, you're safe now. I got you". He reached for her hand. Annie calmed immediately at the sound of his voice.

The nurse watched in amazement as he stroked her hand and brought her back down to a normal heart rate. The orderlies left the room and left him alone with the nurse and Annie.

He looked at the nurse. "Is there any way you can put my wife in here with my sister? I would like them to both be in the same room."

"I'm sure that can be arranged" the nurse smiled at him.

Hena waited and waited for news on Annie. What was going on? Was she okay? And where did Tevye disappear off to?

Just then a nurse walked into her room. "We are going to move you into your sister's room okay?" the nurse spoke, already preparing to move Hena.

"Yes that's great, but have you seen my husband?" Hena asked, trying to look around the woman.

"He is with your sister. You will see him in a moment." The nurse said, wheeling Hena out of the room and down the hall.

The nurse turned Hena and wheeled her backwards into Annie's room, lining her up next to Annie's bed. She noticed that Tevye was planning on sitting between the two beds; he was holding Annie's hand. She smiled at the nurse who said she would be back to check in soon.

Hena looked at her ex-husband, who was staring at Annie like the world had just fallen apart.

"Tell me what happened" he commanded.

"From what point?" Hena asked tentatively.

"From the beginning" he spoke in the same authoritative tone.

"Okay so…what day is it?" Hena asked.

"Saturday, the 3rd" he spoke in a monotone.

"But that means we've been gone a week! And that I need to prepare for Abraham's bar-mitzah!" Hena cried, trying to jump out of the bed.

"Relax Hena, it was moved back to the 17th. He moved it hoping you'd be home" he smiled, pushing her back gently into the bed.

"Oh, when did you know?" Hena asked curiously, resettling herself.

"Today, when I called my mother to find out what time I was expected next week and she told me about what had happened. I was on my way here" he replied, all too coolly. She knew him well enough to know his anger was being barely contained under his calm exterior.

"I see" Hena said, trying not to set him off.

"Please continue" he said, all too calmly.

"So I was out walking down the street and a van pulled up and then 5 or 6 men jumped out and grabbed me. I fought but then they placed this rag over my mouth and I was pulled under. I woke up in a room with no windows, my head pounding with this woman" she pointed at Annie "in the room with me". Hena paused taking a breath looking at Annie; he was still holding her hand.

"What do you know about her?" he asked.

"Her name is Annie. She speaks many languages. She works for the Smithsonian collecting art. But I have to say there is definitely more to her then meets the eye. She has some serious skills and took some serious hits." Hena said glancing over at Annie's mangled form.

"She looks like one hell of a fighter" he said, smiling slightly.

"She saved me you know. She got herself kidnapped to help me. She tried to intervene and allowed herself to be taken in order to save me. Then she made a deal with our kidnappers" Hena told him.

"What kind of deal" he asked, his voice raised slightly, worry seeping into his tone.

"She…she" Hena sputtered, hesitating.

"Hena, I need to know. Spit it out" he said quietly but laced with pain.

"She bargained for my virtue" Hena whispered.

"What does that mean, Hena?" he asked in a monotone.

"When we got there, I declared her my sister. Realizing that wouldn't work because we look nothing alike Annie recovered with us being sister-in-laws so when we got here I just enrolled her under our last name, married to your brother Matitiyahu. But back there, in…that hole…Annie tried to protect me. She didn't even know me and she tried to protect me" Hena sobbed.

"Hena what did she do? What deal did she make?" he raised his voice, frustrated with the info she clearly had but wasn't sharing.

"We were kidnapped by Russians, Annie speaks the language. She knew what was going on immediately, that is what a prostitution ring, that they would try to use whatever leverage they had on us to get us to do what they wanted. So she told the lead kidnapper that she would do whatever they wanted her to do as long as they didn't give us drugs and I only had to dance. She slept with so many men. They made her do terrible things. They…" Hena just broke down.

They used them for sex? Correction, they used Annie for sex. And she had leveraged her virtue to protect his ex-wife, a woman she didn't even know. Actually, backtracking, she intervened in a kidnapping to save a woman she didn't know from Adam. And she had really got herself hurt. But if she hadn't gotten involved Hena would surely be dead or still in that hell hole. He was glad she had intervened and frustrated with her at the same time. The woman was impulsive and in this case, stupid. She should have taken care of herself first…

"So how did you escape?" he asked, shaking himself from his thoughts.

"Annie tied a man to the bed with zip ties" Hena paused as she watched his lips twitch "stole his car keys and gun and then she shot slash fought us out. She killed 4 men Tevye." Hena looked at him with haunted eyes.

"And then" he prompted.

"She drove us to the hospital. It was scary, she drives like a lunatic" he smiled slightly at that.

"As I recall you never liked my driving very much either" he quipped trying to lighten the mood somewhat.

A nurse chose that moment to walk in.

"She should wake up any time now. Head wounds are hard to estimate but any time between now and tomorrow she should wake up. She'll come out when's she's ready" she smiled at them then left the room.

"Come on Annie. Wake up. We need you. I need you." He said in English.