Hearing his voice Annie began to stir.

"Thank God!" Hena exclaimed.

"Hena?" Annie asked, trying to get her eyes to focus.

"I'm here Annie" Hena replied eagerly and relieved.

"You're okay Annie" he said.

"Eyal?" Annie looked in his direction. Is he really here?

"I'm here" he replied.

He squeezed Annie's hand and she looked down at it as her eyes came into focus. She then looked back and forth from Hena to Eyal then did a quick sweep of the room for any impending doom lurking around the corner.

She then looked over at Hena who was focusing on Annie and Eyal's hand-holding. She looked back and forth between the two in much the same way Hena was doing with Eyal and Annie.

"You know each other?" Hena and Annie asked simultaneously.

Both women turned their attention to Eyal.

He sighed. This is going to be a long day.

"I know I have some explaining to do but first let me get Annie some water" he said leaning out into the hall and asking for some from the nurse who had stepped out.

The nurse came back and handed Eyal a bottle with a smile. Eyal thanked her then closed and locked door.

"Tevye what is going on?" Hena asked immediately.

"Tevye?" Annie asked, surprised with the title. Her mind was spinning. Then that means…

"Okay first things first, introductions. Annie Walker, Hena Lavin" Eyal said gesturing between the pair.

Both looked incredibly surprised at hearing each other's surnames for the first time.

"This is your ex-husband?" Annie asked, still not recovered from receiving that information.

"Yes, you know him?" Hena asked curiously. How did Annie know Tevye?

"Yes, or at least I think I do… but Eyal? Tevye?" Annie questioned, clearly indicating the name. They were spies after all but what is was the truth? Who was he, really?

"Just let me explain okay? I know you've both but put through hell but let me clear up what I can." He said.

"My name is Tevye Eyal Lavin. Only Hena and my mother call me Tevye. I hated that everyone compared me to the man in Fiddler on the Roof. Sarah suggested I go by my middle name when she was maybe 5 or 6 at the time. I have used it ever since. I married and was divorced from Hena. We have a son." He said, letting that sink in and waiting for the questions that were sure to follow.

"But you said your son's name was Avi?" Annie asked.

"It is" he stated.

"And you said your son's name was Abraham…" Annie turned to Hena.

"Avi is a nickname for Abraham" Eyal explained.

"Okay so how do you know Annie?" Hena questioned Eyal, cutting in.

Eyal looked at Annie. It was her life and her secret to divulge. It would make things a lot easier if she allowed him to disclose everything but he wouldn't if she didn't want him to.

Annie nodded at him, "I trust her, if you do" she said.

Eyal smiled at her, "Annie is CIA. I met her in Zurich three years ago on an Op. What started as a chance meeting, where he hated each other began a string of run-ins over the years that turned into trust and friendship and…" Eyal looked at Annie

"And more?" Hena practically stated with a smile, all the pieces clicking into place.

"What?" Annie and Eyal said in unison.

"Is this the woman who is just a friend?" Hena, who was now wearing a full blown smile, asked Eyal. I may have just met the woman who has returned light to Tevye's soul…

"Yes" he stated carefully.

"And this is the man you spoke of isn't it? The one you are interested in but it could never work?" Hena turned to Annie, excitedly.

"Yes" she stated in much the same manner as Eyal.

"Well this is a small world. And things are starting to make sense now. I knew you couldn't just work for the Smithsonian. You were too calm, too collected and all this time I kept comparing you to Tevye because you are just like him!" Hena laughed.

Annie and Eyal just looked at her shocked.

There was a knock at the door.

"One moment" Eyal choked out.

He crossed to the door and opened it; a nurse was standing there with three blankets. She handed them to him and then asked "would you like me to contact the police sir? I heard these women were kidnap victims but your sister was unconscious and your wife wouldn't talk until you were here".

Eyal looked at the well-meaning woman and gave his best smile. "Thank you for your concern but I will be contacting them myself."

"Very well, but I must insist that a government official sign them out when they do go to leave, you understand" she warned him "its policy".

"Not a problem. Thank you" Eyal said to the nurse who turned and walked back down the hall leaving him to close the door.

Hena and Annie were both lost in their own thoughts.

"How are you ladies doing physically?" Eyal asked.

"Fine" they both replied, smiling at each other.

"You have to excuse my language but that is b*llshit, Annie especially. Or have you forgotten I can read a Doctor's chart?" he challenged.

"I'm fine really" Annie stated.

"Uh huh, let me see" he said reaching for the chart "broken nose, 3 cracked ribs, abrasions to both the left arm, right cheek, and back of the head, you also have a spilt lip, a concussion and let's not forget the GSW to the right shoulder. Yeah you sound fine." He choked out realizing how close he had come to losing her again. They had infused 4 pints of blood.

"Just a few scratches" Annie said smiling "I've had worse".

"Please tell me that is a joke?" Hena said looking at Annie.

"I wish it was" Eyal answered for her in a low voice.

Annie moved her shirt so Hena could see the scar right over her heart; something Eyal knew existed but had never seen. She gasped and he just looked away with a tortured gaze.

"So you really are in as deep as Tevye" Hena said sadly.

"Yes, she is" Eyal said looking in her direction "but unlike me she acts with other's interests in mind and lives with her heart".

"And that is what saved my life" Hena said "thank you Annie. I never did say that. Thank you".

"You're welcome" Annie said.

"Now you ladies must rest" Eyal said spreading an extra blanket over each of their beds. "I have a couple phone calls to make but I will just be down the hall".

"Thank you" Annie whispered.

"No thank you Neshama" Eyal whispered fervently. And with that he nodded at Hena and stole out of the room.