Annie woke up to a throbbing in her head. She quickly looked around. She appeared to be in a completely enclosed room, one door, no windows. Where was she? Then she remembered: the kidnapping. She glanced around and saw a woman sitting across the room from her. Neither was restrained. She looked to be the same woman from before. She was staring at Annie.

The woman didn't really know what to make of her. Why was she here? Why was this other woman here? What was going on?

Annie smiled tentatively. The woman smiled shyly back. Speaking in her best Hebrew Annie said "I'm Annie, what's your name?" The woman looked taken aback.

"I'm Hena" the woman replied.

Hena was quite surprised to hear the woman, Annie, speak in Hebrew. She had assumed by her looks that she was a tourist with little to no knowledge of the language. But that still didn't answer the question at hand: why were they there?

Hena spoke, "Do you know why we're here?" She then looked to gauge Annie's reaction. Annie's face gave nothing away.

"Do you? I watched you get kidnapped and tried to intervene…we can see how that turned out…" Annie replied.

Annie looked at Hena, clearly the woman didn't trust her, that was good, that meant she was wary of strangers. Trust that had to be gained was always worth more.

Hena was surprised again by what Annie said. She had never thought someone would try and help her. "Some rescue attempt" she snorted.

Annie smiled "my being here is part of the plan."

"What?" asked Hena incredulously.

"I knew I couldn't take out all six of them so I allowed myself to be captured so that I can help you escape." Annie answered nonchalantly.

Hena was shocked. What could motivate this woman into trying to help her? Who in their right mind intervenes in a kidnapping? She was sure this was some kind of trick.

"I'm not going to escape." She replied, again trying to gauge Annie's reaction. This time she got what she was looking for, Annie became enraged.

"What do you mean you're not going to escape? I risked my life to save you." Annie yelled.

Annie was angry now. Who did this woman think she was? Annie knew she had gone out on a limb trying to help this woman but it would be worth it if they both got out of it alive. Now this woman wanted to what? Stay?

Hena got the answer she was looking for. The anger rising in Annie showed her that her feelings were genuine, that this was not just some big scam but their captors. She waited to see Annie's next move though.

Annie thought about it. Words of wisdom spoken to her in Russia drifted back into her memory. "I'm going to share with you something that someone I care about once said to me. If you have lost the will to fight, the will to keep going, I swear to God I will leave you here."

Hena smiled at Annie. She liked this woman. She let her thoughts wander…where had she heard that before. She knew that she had… Anyway…

"Don't get too hasty. That was just to judge your reaction, make sure we're on the same team. Now that I know that we are, I'm all ears." Hena looked at Annie.

Annie let Hena's words sink in. It had been a test. She had severely underestimated this woman. She wanted to kick herself. She was impressed. "You're good. I like you." Annie replied.

"All for one and one for all?" Hena questioned.

"Together or not at all." Annie answered.

They exchanged smiles and reached out to shake each other's hands.

Annie didn't know what to quite make of Hena. She was certainly not your average citizen but she certainly wasn't trained either. The screaming and lack of self-defense techniques were dead give-aways. But she had promise and at least they had come to the understanding of being on the same team.

Hena liked this woman. She had brains and brawn. She hadn't seen any skills yet but if she had a plan than she had promise. She still wasn't sure why this woman would intervene but she would figure it out sooner or later. As for now, being on the same team was enough for her.

Just then the women heard a deadbolt being slid back and the door behind them opened.