Summary: He was taken from his home, left in an unfamiliar place, and then told he would be a player in 'Z2K: Zombies to Kill', left in a situation where he knows no one, is in a live/die situation, and can't even communicate properly; Kazuo Kiriyama gains a new appreciation for an English speaking Brit that appears from nowhere. On the other hand… these 'Zombies' are quite a nuisance.

Pairings: None so far- If there is one it will be far off in the distance towards the end of this story and quite possibly slash... between Kazuo and Harry.

Warnings: The obvious really… Blood, Guts, Gore, Swearing, Weapon Usage- Zombies.

Disclaimer: No matter how much I wish I did, I don't own HP, Battle Royale or the idea of Zombies- just the idea for this fic.

P.S.: So… I finally made my own Zombie fic… and I couldn't resist making it a crossover apparently. This is really just a test out to see what people think- granted I'll probably write it out for my own amusement if nothing else- but I haven't really seen anything like this hanging around FF so here goes nothing. Just a heads up- there's a lot of description in the body of this chapter, but it really starts moving towards the end. I hope you all enjoy! Oh, and I have a note about my view of our resident psycho at the end of this chapter in case you're interested/ confused.

A Dreaded Time

By: Ciel Leon

Chapter 1- Z2K

All he had been doing was sleeping in his bed within his empty home, however, when he woke, he found himself alone in an odd looking deserted classroom. The room was humid, smelled of mold and mildew, and had no lighting as far as he could see from his position on the hardwood floor. Kazuo dimly registered that he had been lying on the floor for several hours, based on the way his muscles protested and the way the left side of his face was reluctant to detach from the floor.

Stiffly moving into a sitting position, Kiriyama dispassionately assessed the room.

It was defiantly an old classroom, several desks had been overturned, dust covered every surface available, the two windows on the far side of the room had been covered with rotting wooden planks, textbooks littered one corner where a cabinet had been overturned and, now that he was actually looking, Kazuo noticed a dark smear spot on the hardwood floor.

The Japanese teen stood unsteadily before moving towards the stain. He knelt there once he reached it; eyes narrowed slightly in thought as he quickly went through his memories in order to identify the liquid that had made the stain. It only took a minute for him to recognize it as an aged blood stain once he compared it to a memory.

Silently Kazuo turned around, nodding to himself as he came face to face with the classrooms door. He tested the handle and found it gave way easily, he was about to exit the room but paused, hovering in the doorway his gaze focused on the dust covered floor of the hallway.

Three sets of footprints, and what looked like twin lines in the center of the footprints leading past the classroom door and two sets of foot prints that separated from the other tree that entered and left the classroom.

There was a chance the three men would be on their way back through the hallway.

As Kazuo figured it, he had three choices, stay in the classroom- probably the safest but most boring option, head in the direction the three men and their baggage had gone- not overly appealing either (Kazuo did not like the fact he would be heading unarmed into a possible trap), or head in the direction the footsteps came from.

Kiriyama found he would rather walk into the lion's den than a trap.

First things first though.

Kazuo strode over to the windows, leaving the door to click shut almost silently, even as he begun to pull one of the boards from its place.

He only pulled away two planks before he got the view he'd been looking for.

Forest, lots of forest- and odd stretch of field far off in the distance, blue sky and sparse clouds, looking down Kazuo could tell that the building was highly damaged, there were many holes in the plaster that made up the buildings front and cracks decorated it's surface much –like climbing vines that were stronger and more abundant at the root but became more wide-spread as height was gained.

Over-all, nothing was overly familiar.

He couldn't tell what the temperature or humidity was like outside due to the reinforced window pane that had a thick wire netting held between the multiple layers of glass.

A brief buzz of … annoyance? Seemed to prod at him before the feeling abruptly vanished leaving Kiriyama to frown slightly even as he returned his gaze towards the scenery outside.

He narrowed his eyes in focus- attempting to see through the thick canopy five feet and six inches beneath the window ledge.

He couldn't get a clear view, and there were so many varieties of leaves that it was troublesome to find which leaf belonged to what tree- trunk or branch.

So he wouldn't be able to identify where he was by foliage.

Kazuo turned away from the window, stepping over the wood he had discarded earlier absent-mindedly before walking towards the door, and making his way from the room and into the hallway.

The hallway was cluttered with loose crumpled paper and dust as well as the occasional overturned desk or random textbook lying about.

The red-haired teen only blinked at the scene before directing his gaze to the floor to analyze the foot prints and drag-marks once more.

Blue eyes half-lidded, Kiriyama turned on his heel and began to walk in the direction the footsteps came from.

None of the hallways he silently pad through looked any better than the one he had started in and the classrooms with opened door-ways he passed seemed to actually be in worse shape than his own starting point.

When he came upon a two way junction, Kazuo carefully scanned the new hall containing the footprints as well as the one opposite.

The hallway containing his current trail looked the same as the others, but the other was decorated with macabre bullet holes and long gashes carved into the wall made from what appeared to be an AK-47 and the serrated blade of a butcher knife.

Kazuo cocked his head to the side slightly before returning to his bread-crumb trail.

It was a little while before he reached another junction, this time with a hallway footprint free to his right and a staircase to his left. The path trailed down to the lower floor just like the blood stains from numerous hands that clung to the wall one the way down.

Kazuo began his descent, blue eyes rapidly categorizing the position the hands had been on the walls to leave the stains like they were. Just from his gaze, the red-haired genius could determine that at least 129 different hands had made their imprint though there were many more from the slight smears he could glimpse.

Upon reaching the first floor after following the prints down four flights of stairs, Kazuo's gaze landed on another pair of prints, these ones farther apart, the right leg appeared to have been dragged while the left foot print had scuffs signifying that whoever had left the prints had been attempting to run- from what was yet to be seen- but the thin layer of dust also specified that the prints had been there for a while- though not as long as the rest of the dust in the hallways.

Shrugging slightly Kazuo turned back towards the original pair of footprints and began to follow them once more.

The prints led him down several hallways- most more gruesome looking than those he had seen before, and out a set of double doors that branched off from a courtyard.

Kiriyama stood there in the open air for a moment- ignoring the way his vulnerability made his skin crawl- as he took in the air around him.

Humid- warm temperature- warm temperature when it was fall back in Japan- and this place certainly wasn't Japan or anywhere near it- he could hear the faint sound of a beach far off in the distance-

Kazuo blinked.

There was also a significant lack of airplanes, phone lines, traffic noise, any sign of civilization really.

Deserted plot of land then- possibly due to an attack or fast acting disease- but bodies? Where had the bodies gone? There was enough blood in the building that surely someone had died in there and only one set of drag-marks, the one he had followed before- so… someone cleaned this place up- a long time ago if the dust gathered was any indication- and the 'clean-up crew' hadn't cared enough to rid the building of blood stains either.

So he was out in the middle of nowhere in the tropics near an ocean on a deserted plot of land with three possible unknowns and a possibility of even more people roaming about.

How quaint.

Kiriyama held a strong belief in 'a moving target is much harder to hit than one standing still- even more-so if the target is good at remaining hidden'.

It was this belief that had the red head weaving to-and-fro amongst the pillars of the buildings architecture in an attempt to cause trouble for anyone who might attempt something as he scanned his surroundings.

Not much to add to what he had figured out earlier- aside from the obvious fact that this place used to be a high school and that there was a very high and durable concrete wall with a center of hardened granite lining the property. Kazuo had only noticed the granite due to a relatively large hole in the wall made by some short of shotgun and multiple rounds- he couldn't discern the type of rifle at this distance, but it was a powerful one- the distance between his current location and the wall was a deadly strip of open grass without obstructions much-like the courtyard and he wasn't about to chance it for a look at a hole in a wall.

As he made his way towards the far end of the courtyard he began to hear a steady crackling noise the closer he got towards a building that appeared to be an auditorium.

Upon reaching the space between the auditorium and the courtyard, Kazuo took a chance, and bolted towards the door of the building.

The door was unlocked and he quickly maneuvered himself inside, eyeing the door with a calculating gaze- he needed to find a way to lock the door just in case. But he also wanted a way out if it was needed.

The doors lining the rest of the auditorium wall were locked and unyielding, so no way out there- or in for that matter. Shrugging to himself, Kazuo scanned the room with keen eyes- spotted a durable looking strip of wood a little ways off and was about to head towards it when he began hearing several sounds.

Scrapping- nails on metal and a sound- moaning?

And- was that the smell of rotting cadavers?

Blue eyes widening slightly- Kazuo turned towards the many sets of doors leading toward the inside of the auditorium.

Each had multiple sets of electrical locks clasping the door handles, and Kazuo knew it wasn't to keep him out- those locks were meant to keep whatever was moaning and scratching behind those doors.

The red head turned back towards his exit and opened the door as quietly as possible- he closed it just as quietly but the teen noticed the rise in volume just before the door clicked closed.

Kazuo quickly returned to the courtyard weaving through the shadows once again and it was only as he drew closer towards the building full of classrooms that he noticed two figures standing outside of it.

One was almost shouting at the other- their words quick, and sharp, sometimes even too fast to catch even from the distance between Kazuo and the talking stranger.

Kazuo couldn't make out their features them until he got closer, stopping several yards from them- the person talking was a female, sturdy build prominent muscles, brunet and slightly darkened skin.

She was 'speaking' Spanish most-likely.

The other was male shorter than the brunet with dark brown- almost black hair reaching his shoulder blades- thin in stature, good runner in that case- wide green eyes and a look of confusion in his face.

"Will you listen to me for a second? I don't understand a word you're saying!"

And he spoke English apparently- so either British or American, most –likely British considering the accent.


At least he could tell one of them to shut up, it would be better if he had been able to find some duct-tape for the female though.

It was the Englishman that spotted him lurking in the shadows watching him.

The black haired male had pointedly slapped his hand on the females' mouth and motioned to him with his hand in a universal 'come here' gesture.

Kazuo scanned the roof tops near him silently before taking a step towards the two unknowns.

The girl was glaring at the Brit, obviously frustrated and indignant as she attempted to pry his hand from her mouth, even as green eyes greeted Kazuo with a simple hello.

Blinking slightly Kazuo replied in English knowing it would be better than throwing up a false pretence of misunderstanding and confusion.

"Do you have any idea what this girl is saying? I sure as hell don't."

Blinking Kazuo turned his gaze to the female in their small group before shaking his head.

"I don't, but there's a high possibility that we might need to find a way to shut her up- and rather soon- the Auditorium is occupied- possibly by something sub-human."

The Brit blinked.

"Have any idea what it- or they are?"

"No, but whatever it is, it's dead yet still moving."

The Brit cursed fluently only pausing for a second to kick the Spanish female in the shin when she licked his hand, and ignoring the swipe she took at his head.

Kazuo merely raised an eyebrow.

"Z2K," explained the teen, "otherwise known as 'Zombies to Kill', it's a TV show aired mainly in Brittan and America, the whole premise is a group of teens from different places all over the world stuck on a deserted island with only make-shift or found weapons forced to survive for an unknown period of time against several hordes of Zombies. Catch is that there are several different places where there are the participants as well as the weapons and Zombie hordes- and there's no real way to tell when the assholes will set the Zombie on us."

Kazuo closed his eyes for a moment.

"We need to get into the forest before they unlock the auditorium doors- and find some weapons as well. Do you know how to kill a Zombie English?"

Green-eyes sent him a slightly annoyed look.

"It's Harry, and all I've ever heard is that beheading, or brain destruction are the only thing that works on killing them- and don't let them bite you."

For the second time that day, Kazuo raised an eyebrow.

"You'll become one of them- or if they catch you- get eaten." The black haired male- Harry said shortly.

Kazuo blinked and turned towards the female.

She was staring at the brunet, wide-eyed and… about to cry?

Hmmm… She must have recognized the acronym.

At least she had finally shut up.

On the character Kazuo Kiriyama:

Honestly, my perception of Kazuo is a slightly odd. I feel that Kiriyama, while being an 'unfeeling' genius, must actually feel something. Not an extreme emotion mind you- just something as simple as curiosity and slight annoyance. I figure that prodigies must have at least the slightest curiosity to actually 'evolve'. So in my opinion, even without feeling any major or impacting emotions, Kiriyama must have at least felt a vague sense of curiosity- he doesn't need to feel something like 'moral obligation', 'hate' or 'love'- just a base instinct/ drive to know more. He's difficult to write either way, but I can't see Kiriyama knowing everything about the world without learning about it first.