Summary: He was taken from his home, left in an unfamiliar place, and then told he would be a player in 'Z2K: Zombies to Kill', left in a situation where he knows no one, is in a live/die situation, and can't even communicate properly; Kazuo Kiriyama gains a new appreciation for an English speaking Brit that appears from nowhere. On the other hand… these 'Zombies' are quite a nuisance.

Pairings: None so far- If there is one it will be far off in the distance towards the end of this story and quite possibly slash... between Kazuo and Harry.

Warnings: The obvious really… Blood, Guts, Gore, Swearing, Weapon Usage- Zombies.

Disclaimer: No matter how much I wish I did, I don't own HP, Battle Royale or the idea of Zombies- just the idea for this fic.

P.S.: Quick update- new character in the mix... Enjoy! And try not to mind any grammer mistakes, I apologize before-hand.

A Dreaded Time

By: Ciel Leon

Chapter 2- Start

It was like balancing on the double-edged blade of a knife- one way you scared up your feet before you fell, but the other was liable to scrape the skin from your body starting with your feet until it reached the back of your head.

Not pleasant either way- although one way you lived (somewhat) the other way you died painfully.

That was how Harry viewed his choice between leaving with the Asian-looking teen or staying with the scared-out-of-her-mind Spanish female that had finally broken free of his grip on her mouth and began muttering under her breath with her eyes wide and darting around in a frenzy.

Harry's instincts were screaming at him- not only to move to flee and never look back but also to leave both of them behind, forget them watch out for yourself!

Intellectually, Harry knew the woman would get him killed simply because of her insistent use of her own voice, but there was something just plain off with the other teen.

He spoke English perfectly- from what Harry had heard- but used the language stiffly, too formerly.

He used it without inflection or feeling.

So possibly a psycho lacking emotions, but willing to work toward the common goal of survival.

Harry could work with that.

"We need to start moving."

The Asian teen was watching the Auditorium, eyes narrowed and calculating.

"We'd have to skirt the building to reach the parking lot before picking the lock- an ideal time for the zombies to come after us."

Harry turned to face the Asian teen as the other spoke before eyeing the building several meters before them.

"Not a chance in hell then."

The red head nodded, before turning slightly to face one of the gates that headed out towards the wall.

Harry couldn't see his face, but knew the other was thinking of and discarding plans at a quick rate, and then blue-eyes tilted his head to the right slightly- almost like a curious cat.

Harry sighed gustily, "we'd have to pick a lock either way wont we?"

The red-head merely nodded slightly before taking off into the building of classrooms at a run.

Harry, after a moment of stunned bemusement followed- ignoring the sudden screeching of the Spanish girl as he disappeared into the depths of the gruesomely painted hallways and abandoned classrooms.

When he finally caught up, the red-head was running pell-mell down a hallway on the fourth floor following what appeared to be two sets of footprints and a pair of drag-marks made in the dust that layered the floor.

Harry almost went skidding when blue-eyes took a sharp turndown one hallway before continuing on.

When the red-head finally came to a stop Harry nearly ran into him, an action that allowed him a slight glimpse into the room.

There was a person in the room, as well as two bodies.

He noticed the bodies first. Both were face down on the hard wood floor surrounded in pools of their own blood, the left one had apparently been dragged to its position next to the other and both bodies had been shot- one in the head, and the other in the chest.

Harry noticed the stranger next.

His build was slight but with whipcord muscles, he was wearing a plain black shirt that matched his hair color and a pair of worn jeans and even though his back was to them, Harry knew he had heard their arrival by the tensing in the new comers shoulders.


Blue-eyes spoke what was evidently the other males' name with a slight accent- and the fact that the red-head had even addressed the other told Harry that they knew each other on some level- probably not on friendly terms if Harry was right about his companions' lack of emotion.

The black haired stranger whipped around eyes wide with a cigarette perched in the corner of his mouth before his eyes narrowed hastily.

"Kiriyama Kazuo."

Definitely not on friendly terms then.

Harry reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose as he watch the other two teens stare/glare at each other.

'Kiriyama' didn't blink, but 'Kawada' didn't let up on his stare.

Until Harry pointedly interrupted.

"Look, I can gather that you two don't have a good history with each other, but this is not the time for your childish pissing contest!"

Kiriyama turned and blinked at him, cocking his head to the side slightly before turning to watch Kawada's reaction.

Kawada was blinking rapidly; apparently stunned that he'd missed the British teen half-way hidden behind Kiriyama's body. It took him a second to come to terms that he was not alone with Kiriyama, but as soon as he did, he raised an eyebrow at Harry.

Harry snorted.

"We're about to have flesh eating zombie sicked on us at any moment and you-" Harry pointed at Kawada-"are attempting to get into a pissing match with someone who probably doesn't give a flying fuck about how you think of him. Really smart!"

Harry knew his temper had gotten a slight hold on him, but he really would rather not die by being eaten alive- thank you very much!

Kawada blinked again.

"So what exactly is going on Brit?"

Harry scowled.

"Did you not what I just said? Flesh. Eating. Dead. People."

"That's not what I mean and you know it! What the fuck is going on and why in the hell are you with unfeeling, psychopathic genius over there?"

"TV Show. People taken from all over the world. He spoke English."

"Damn it."

Well, that sounded like Japanese.

A sudden crackle interrupted their conversation- causing all three males to scan the room's ceiling until they spotted the intercom speaker on the ceiling near the front of the demolished classroom.

*Attention Players, Z2K will begin in seven minutes, this is your only warning.*

The sound abruptly cut off causing Harry to curse.

"Kawada. Shot guns?"

The new comer pointed to the cabinet closest to the door and Kiriyama wordlessly pulled the door open grabbed the two shot guns inside and took off in the span of 45 seconds.

Kawada spluttered for a moment only to realize that the British teen had followed Kiriyama's exit.

"That kid has a death wish." Kawada murmured under his breath before sprinting out the classroom door in an attempt to catch up.

Kiriyama sprinted down the hallways and down two flights of stairs before stopping on the landing and aiming one of the shotguns he'd liberated from Kawada.

He ignored the sound of pounding foot-falls approaching as well as the quieter echo of anther- possibly Kawada- before taking aim at the window pane four feet in front, and four inches above him, and fired.

The glass shattered spectacularly, raining down around him in a cascade even as he moved forward and grabbed onto the ledge made by the connection between the wall and window before quickly pulling himself up onto the ledge, the two shot guns swinging by the straps connected to them with his movement.

It was only a few moments later when a second pair of hands made their way onto the ledge.

Kazuo hesitated for a split second before leaning down cautiously to grip the others wrists and heave them onto the ledge; he did the same with the pair of hands that followed a moment later, before turning on his heel and jumping through the open window.

The red-head ignored the pain of the landing, quickly moving to the wall looming a few meters away.

Kazuo distantly acknowledged the twin thumps behind him but didn't look back- continuing towards the wall until he had reached it.

Harry and Kawada arrived a few short seconds later Kiriyama, quickly moving motioning to Kawada.

The other Japanese teen blinked, confused for a moment, turning to Harry for a 'translation'.

The green-eyed Brit cupped his hands while bent at the knee before straightening.

'Give him a leg up.'

Reluctantly, Kawada did so, slightly surprised when the genius didn't just jump onto the wall himself, instead motioning to Harry, who agilly climbed the human ladder the Japanese teens had formed, reaching the top of the wall where he balance precariously before reaching down to heft Kiriyama up with a surprising amount of strength.

It was then that they heard it.

A scream splitting the air before suddenly being cut off.

Kiriyama didn't even think, his arms already reaching down for Kawada and beginning to pull him to the top of the wall just as Harry saw the first Zombie and Kawada heard the one sound he would become overly familiar with in a relatively short amount of time.

A long drawn out gasping moan that sent fear down both his and Harry's spines, even as Kiriyama hefted him up onto the top of the wall far out of reach.

All three watched as zombies began to flood into the field they had just vacated, two in abstract horror and the other with a calculating gaze.

Kazuo turned to look at the other two, giving them a few moments to take in the situation.

Harry recovered first; moving to point first left then right in silent askance.

The Brit had also seemed to acknowledge that they were safer moving along the wall for now it seemed. Jumping down to the other side without some scout would have created the possibility of running into the unknown.

The red-head silently tipped his head to the right – the option opposite the direction of the auditorium.

Harry nodded before carefully tugging on the sleeve of Kawada's black T-shirt and motioning to the right.

Kazuo had already started walking, his balance perfect as he walked along the foot long straight surface of the wall.

Harry paused, searching Kawada's face before turning to follow.

Kawada didn't immediately turn to begin walking along the wall with the other two, instead taking a moment to stare at the field.

It was nearly filled with the undead now, numerous faces, skin rotting, puss seeping from wounds eyes glazed in a sightless fashion turned up toward his position on the wall. Their hands clawing uselessly at the smooth concrete surface, ragged nail some black desperately reaching for the next meal. It was the stench that hit him hard though. The scent of dried blood and rotten cadaver filled his nostrils at an almost overwhelming rate.

So he did the only thing he really could.

He turned and began to follow Harry, and tried to take in as much fresh air as possible before all he could smell was undead.

Harry wasn't entirely sure what to make of their odd little group, but he did know that if he hadn't been here, stuck on this island with the two Japanese teens, one wouldn't have made it out of the school alive.

Not that Kazuo got a lot of brownie points either.

Yeah, psycho, unfeeling genius matched with overly emotional teen (Kawada) ready to, quite possible through said genius to the sharks- or undead in this case.

Then again, Kawada probably would have just let himself get eaten alive in the classroom they had found him in- to interested in smoking to actually save his own hide.

However, Harry shouldn't simply be viewing their situation like that.


The two had managed to work together long enough to escape the immediate threat, and that was all Harry could really ask for.

Kazuo scanned his surroundings with narrowed eyes- trying to match the foliage to an area he might recognize but nothing was making sense.

There was an oak tree a meter ahead of them but a palm tree four and a courter meters behind the oak.

The Triangle Palm Tree was only native to Madagascar and the Hungarian Oak tree was known to be native to Europe and Asia.

There were many other trees that were mixed in with the others, but it was these two that stood out the most.

These two trees were from opposite Hemispheres- impossible to have in the same area naturally.

Someone had planted them here on purpose.