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Tony Stark sat at his desk. He was bored out of his mind, and it was not even lunchtime yet. He was glad when his assistant, Miss Pepper Potts, walked into the office, a smile on her face and a coffee in her hand.

"This letter was just delivered. It seems to be important." Pepper told him, placing the coffee on the table as well as the letter.

He looked down it at, the handwriting on the front was familiar to him, like he had seen it so many times before. "Thank you, Miss Potts." He said, studying the handwriting some more.

"Will there be anything else, Mr Stark?"

"No, that will be all." She nodded at him before leaving the room. Once she was gone he carefully opened the white envelope and pulled out the letter inside. As he opened the folded paper, a few photographs slipped out. He let out a sigh, assuming that it was from some crazed woman who adored him.

He was going to just dismiss the letter, but he was still intrigued by the familiarity of the writing and decided that he may as well see what the person was writing to him for.

"Dear Tony,

17 years have passed since you last saw me, but I beg of you, please read this letter before you decide to burn it. Life can sometimes be cruel and unkind, we both know that well. But sometimes the most wonderful things can happen as well.

I owe you an explanation, and understand that I do not want your forgiveness, only for you to finally know the truth. We had so many good years together, even though we were still young, and I do not regret a single second of it. You were my life, Tony. But things changed. You had to take your fathers place and take the reins of Stark Industries.

Life for you became more difficult, you were put under more pressure and I could see you struggling to deal with it all at first. The constant hounding of the press, the running of the company, and having a personal life took its toll. I saw it every day.

Then came the drinking. And I guess that was what helped me to make my decision. I didn't leave because of you, Tony, I left for you. I had to let you go so that you could live your life and be happy. There was so much going on in your life, and what I have to tell you next would have destroyed you.

When I left, I was pregnant. I never told you because of the stress you were under, I didn't know how you would react. I admit, I was scared. I would have wanted nothing more than for the three of us to live a happy life together. But I couldn't see that happening, you're Tony Stark after all.

Her name is Ruby, and she has just turned 16. She takes after you in so many ways, the resemblance is astounding, but you can see that for yourself. She graduated several years early, Ruby seems to have taken the Stark intellect as well.

Mechanics and robotics are her main interests, much like yours and she spends so much time working on her projects. She is an amazing young lady, and I am sure you would be proud of her.

Ruby doesn't know who her father is, I never had the courage to tell her. She has always asked about her father, and I have always told her that none of this has ever been your fault. I explained that I left you without even telling you I was pregnant, and that she was never to blame you.

There is a reason I am telling you this now, Tony. I know it is unfair that I have kept this from you for so long, and I understand how much hatred you may have for me. But please, understand that I done this for both you and Ruby. She's managed to lead a relatively normal life, and you have lived your own.

My time is running short, my body is plagued with cancer. Ruby knows this, and she has been nothing but an angel. But I do not have long left now, a few weeks at the most. I knew that it was time to tell you before it was too late.

Please, Tony, do not go looking for Ruby. She has enough information to work out who her father is, and if she wants to find you then that is her choice. But I ask you, do not turn her away. You're all she has left now.

There has only ever been one man that I have loved, and that man is you. I made some bad choices in my life, leaving you and not telling you about our daughter is my biggest regret. I wish I had told you sooner, but I never found the courage.

Just look at the photographs, you can see how much she looks like you. Her attitude can sometimes be like yours as well, it was very hard to deal with a teenage girl that takes after Tony Stark.

This is my last and only request, Tony. Do not try to find her, let her come to you. And if she does, accept her. You know I would not lie to you, this is not a trick or a trap to get money from you. She is your daughter, in every way. Do not make her suffer for my mistakes.

Remember, Tony, I love you just as much now as I did back then. Look after our daughter.

All my love,

Jasmine Matthews."

Tony sat there with his mouth hanging open. He didn't know what to think about the letter. Jasmine had been the only woman he had ever truly loved, and after she left him, his whole world fell apart. He had tried to find her, to ask her why she left, but every time he thought he had found her, she wasn't there.

He quickly logged onto his computer and started his search for Jasmine Matthews. When the page loaded, his heart sank. She had passed away the previous day, from cancer. He hadn't doubted that she had been telling the truth, she had always been an honest woman.

Tony wasn't sure how long he sat there for, just staring at the screen to his computer, but the tears had built in his eyes. She was dead, and he had a daughter. That was not quite how he had seen his day going. He certainly wasn't bored now.

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