My second Fanfiction of Les Miserables and Wicked together! It's about Elphaba who meet Javert after he should have jumped off a bridge but falls into Oz.
Oh yes I don't own Wicked or Les Miserables. :(
This is the first chapter of it. I know I put this also on DeviantART, hope you all liked it! :)

Elphaba sat on a bench. She looked at the sky and saw something fall out of the sky...?
I must have lost my mind. Elphaba thought to herself, but she didn't know for sure so she dissided to walk to the person who clearly felt out of the sky.
Nobody in Munchkinland seemed to noticed this.
She kneeled at the person and turned him around. ''Sir?'' She frowned while tapping on his cheek softly.
His eyes flew open and he looked at her rather confused.
''M-madame? Am I in heaven or in Hell.''
Elphaba raised an eyebrow ''Oz''
''You heard me. Oz. You may say for yourself if it's heaven or Hell.'' Elphaba looked at him and wondered who he was and why he fell out of the sky.
''I don't know Oz...Or do you mean that country from ''The Wizard of Oz''?''
Elphaba raised her eyebrow more and shook her head ''What?''
''About Dorothy, who killed the green skinned Wicked Witch of the West.''
She sighed when she heared the name Dorothy.
''Oh no. You know about that farm brat. Who killed my sister? And who are you actually?''
''I am Javert, Inspector first class.''
''Elphaba Thropp, witch first class.'' Elphaba chuckled while she watched the man who clearly was named Javert carefully thought. She didn't even know what he knew about her.
''Witch? You're the Wicked Witch of the West?'' He looked at her.
''Yes. But I prefer Elphaba.'' She looked at him sarcastic.
''You broke the Law.''
''Yeah I did. But I guess holding people in captivity or making them do what you want is a crime first.''
''Yes it is. Why do you say that madame?''
''Happened to me, before I became the Wicked Witch of the West''
''Why? Why did that happened? And why to you?''
Just before Elphaba would answer she heard voices who yelled ''LOOK THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST!''
She hissed at this man who she only knew for a minute of five ''come with me if you want to stay alive!''
He seemed to hesitate but Elphaba grapped his hand and quickly said a spell to make them appear in her castle.
Javert couldn't take this magic stuff anymore, he fainted somehow but he would deny this, when he wake up.
Elphaba sighed patatic and tried to pick him up although that wasn't easy. When Elphaba finally succeed she carried Javert to an empty bedroom. She layed him down on the bed and taked a flannel. She made it wet and slowly stroked his forhead with it. She sat down and stayed at his side while he layed there. Elphaba was afraid Javert would never wake up again. But at leased he breaths, that's a good thing I guess. She thought to herself. She started to hum a song while she waited, and waited, and waited.

Hope you all enjoyed it, I know short chapter but I'm busy with my exams still! So I hope I can update my stories quicker.
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