(The night after Episode: "Evil Roommate")


Sam wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and heaved a satisfied sigh. Finally finished unpacking she thought to herself. She was standing in the middle of her new room, in the Spies' new Penthouse, where they were staying thanks to WOOHP's generosity. She looked around herself at all of the empty boxes and sighed.

I guess I should clean all of this up and try to set an example to Alex and Clover.

Picking up the boxes and shaking them upside down to make sure she didn't miss anything she'd packed.

Just in case

She was glad she did when a slip of paper fell out of the last box she checked. Picking it up and putting it on her table to examine after she cleaned out the boxes.

I wonder what it could be.

A short period of time later she was sitting down at her study desk looking at the slip... or really scrap of paper, it looked like it came from the letterhead of an important document and she could just make out the letters 'HRH' written in a fancy script. Rubbing the paper between her fingers, she realized it was actually parchment and a high quality type as well.

Reaching for her crime scene scanner watch she scans it and reads

Parchment used exclusively by the English Royal Family- Sam cupped her chin in her palm -Hmm… I wonder why I have this and where did it come from?


Collapsing onto her bed Clover sighs happily,

I finally finished putting away all of my outfits! she thought to herself.

Sitting up quickly she looks around her room at all the cardboard boxes on the floor,

I guess cleaning this up would be a good idea before Sammy sees it and starts to become 'Sam no fun' again and while picking up and checking the boxes she notices she left a hat on the floor, Now how did I miss such a trendy hat like that much? picking it up and putting it on her bed to look at after she dumped the boxes out.

A few minutes later she sat down on her bed, it sinking down slightly and picked up the hat looking at it closely.

I remember this hat! (Hat from end of Episode 'Passion Patties') Running her experienced eyes over it, I remember seeing it on the front cover of Impressionable Teen Magazine, just had to have it, and then the whole nast Patties change I went through fingering the ribbon tied in a cute bow on the hat she felt something brush against her finger.

Digging behind the band she pulled out a scrap of paper and looked at it closely

I can't read it it's all bleached out, I knew I shouldn't have worn this hat so much! she wailed to herself in her head, and started to dig around in her emergency gadget stash pulling out a pair of Microscopic Retracting Goggles. Sliding them on she used them on the scrap of paper and managed to make out 'the II' in some really fancy script, The II of what? This is so confusing much she thought to herself maybe Sammy will have some clue to what this is

ALEX'S ROOM (Same time again duh)

She was currently relaxing on her bean bag and looking around her new room with a bright smile on her face,

I'm so happy we could all room togeather thanks to Jerry and WOOHP Alex her smile growing even wider. Looking around her room at all the moving boxes her smile started to fade, I know I should take these boxes outside where there supposed to go... she thought, but then she caught sight of something on the floor her toy Turtle Ollie I guess I could do that after saying hello to an old friend.

Reaching over she picked up her oldest friend, started to play around and hug it tightly, then when she was running her fingers over a part of it she noticed some new stitching,

I don't remember their being any tear being here... and it looks very straight, not like a normal tear at all. She reached over to her emergency gadget drawer, taking out the Multifunction Charm Bracelet, and selected the scissor attachment. With her tongue sticking out in concentration she started to carefully cut the stitching holding the tear closed, and once it was open she started to dig around and found a slightly waterlogged scrap of paper. Oh great I knew I shouldn't have put Ollie in the wash that one time , she sweat dropped, digging around in the drawer once again she grabbed her X-Powder.

Opening the gadget and scanning the scrap of paper, managed to pick out the faded letters and enhanced them. Queen Elizabeth? Why did I have this hidden inside Ollie? Getting up and walking to her door. Maybe Clover or Sammy will know what this is.


Looking up when she heard a knock on the door, she called out "Come in" and her door opened revealing Clover with a puzzled look on her face. "Hey Sammy could I show you something I found in my room?" said Clover lifting her hand up to show the scrap of paper she was holding. "Hey could I show you guys something as well?" said Alex as she entered behind Clover and showing her own scrap of paper. 'Okay... this cannot be a total coincidence' thought Sam as she lifted her own scrap of paper up, and saw the same confused and shocked looks on both their faces when they saw the scrap of paper in each other's hands.

"Okay this is so weirding me out!" said Clover throwing her arms up, looking between Alex and Sam, "Just what is going on here Sammy!?". "First let me check something, hand me those scraps of paper" said Sam, fitting the scraps together she read "HRH" she said, "Queen Elizabeth" said Alex, "the II" finished Clover. "Is this really what it seems to be?" said Alex with an awed look on her face, "Yes it is" said Sam "I scanned the parchment it is 100% authentic", "Then I guess it's time to give Jerry a buzz" said Clover flipping open her X-Powder, and seeing their questioning looks said "I thought it might come to this, better safe than sorry".

But when she contacted Jerry all she received was his gone to bed animation, "I guess we'll have to do it tomorrow" sighed Clover. The three of them then went to sleep not knowing what memories would be brought to the surface by this discovery.