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Opened her eyes and saw she was standing in the food court of the Beverly Hills Mall, 'Alright time to get shopping!' thought Clover before looking down at herself 'after I change into my pajamas...? Okay this is weird'. Looking at herself she was already wearing her pajamas, not her regular clothes as she would usually appear in when she had a dream. "Clover?" said a familiar voice behind her, she looked and saw "Alex?" said Clover, "Alex? Clover?" another familiar voice said. "What are you doing in MY dream Alex or you Sammy!?" argued Clover, "YOUR dream this is my dream!" continued Sam, "Ummm... guys? I don't think this is a dream." said Alex pointing in between them.

Looking where Alex was pointing Clover and Sam saw themselves...? "Wait if this isn't a dream..." said Clover "If this isn't a dream... then what is this?" said Sam "wait I recognize those clothes" said Alex "we wore them when we went on that shopping trip!". "Wait what did we do on that trip?" said Clover "I don't remember getting anything and I always get SOMETHING!" "Hang on a second... who's that" said Sam pointing at a character approaching their dream selves for lack of a better description. "Good morning girls!" said the stranger in an echo-like voice making it impossible to pick up an accent, "Look what I have for you Clover!" the stranger said showing something to dream Clover, "We should get closer for a better look" said Clover "I want to see what I'm getting.".

Approaching them they managed to see what dream Clover was given "Oh my God!" said Clover "A limited edition DVD of 10 Things I Love About You But Still Want To Change! They were so rare! I can't believe I forgot who got me one!"dream Clover seemed to share her sentiments as she squealed and hugged the stranger who seemed caught of guard and embarrassed by the show of affection. "For you Sam" he said turning to dream Sam and handing her a slip of paper "those tango lessons you wanted, and I would be honored to be you practice partner." and bowed to her "Of course I remember those lessons! How could I forget I would need a partner for them!" said Sam smacking her forehead in realization.

"And last but definitely not least for Alex" he said handing dream Alex a small paper bag "Another eye for Ollie!" dream Alex said "Look what he got us Ollie!" after pulling Ollie out of her carry-all showing him, and the stranger laughed. "I can't see or hear who he is" said Clover "Me either" said Alex and Sam, then the memory ended with their dream selves hugging the stranger laughing happily and faded to grey.



Her eyes shot open as she shot up in bed 'That could not have been a coincidence' thought Clover, getting up, changing and going to the living room where she met Alex and Sam already dressed as well. "We all had the same dream about a memory we couldn't remember before" said Sam looking at Alex and Clover who both nodded "okay time to get some answers from Jerry" she opened up her X-Powder connecting to Jerry who looked surprised drinking something. "Good morning spies" he said "what do you need this early I was just finishing my morning tea from breakfast?" the three spies looked at him intensely "Good morning Jerry, we need to talk WOOHP us now!" they said in unison. "I'm sorry girls but I have a very important meeting which will take up most of the day, the earliest I can talk is this afternoon" said Jerry with an apologetic look on his face, "Fine Jer but WOOHP us as soon as you can okay?" said Clover and Sam closed her X-Powder.

"I guess we go to class then" said Sam with Alex and Clover nodding in agreement with her, but through out the day they were all distracted by needing to talk to Jerry. Alex managed to do Intro to Basket Weaving 101 easily, Clover managed to ignore her buff instructor in Surfology 101 and Sam stumbled in Quantum Macro Physics.

(After the events of the Episode Evil Professor)

MALI-U CAFE - 10:27 AM

Mandy and Mindy came into the Mali-U Cafe where Alex, Clover and Sam were on shift "Hey losers" said Mandy "I was going to ask before but wheres that cute foreign exchange student you were so like close at Bev High?" "Huh? What cute foreign exchange student are you talking about?" said Clover stalking over to the table they sat at and glaring at Mandy. "The one I tried to lure away from you, but he like totally blew me off!" said Mandy "I always thought Asians were geeks but he was such a dreamboat especially with that cute British accent, I thought that Mindy would finally be able to blow his socks off and get him away from you losers!" "Yeah!" said Mindy and they laughed annoyingly together. 'Wait this could be that stranger we can't remember' thought Clover, "So did you even get his name or was even that too much for you?" she asked "For your information his name is Anthony... something, I was to busy looking at him to keep track of names" said Mandy drooling remembering.


"So what did you manage to get out of Mandy that you were smiling about all through work" asked Alex "Yeah I can't believe Virgil cut our breaks because we left early on our first day and lied on the second even after we gave him that great gift" continued Sam "he pushed us so hard we couldn't even speak to each even a little". "Well I managed to find out our mystery persons name" boasted Clover "Anthony... Something. Unfortunately Mandy was only so useful, she was too busy drooling over him to remember much beyond his first name" she sighed "well besides him being an Asian foreign exchange student and having a British accent."

"Hmm... who would know the most about a mysterious foreign exchange we knew in High School" thought Sam out loud "Our mothers!"shouted the three in unison just before their TV sucked them in "Great timing JER!"complained Clover before they were all sucked in.