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Chapter One

Rough. I don't know what it is but I'm on something rough. This always happens when I try to go to sleep. I haven't had any but somehow I feel well rested. You ask why I said I haven't gotten any sleep lately. Well, if you close your eyes what do you see? Nothing right? Just pure darkness. That's exactly why I said that. I've been struggling to fall asleep for a while now. I couldn't be dreaming, I'm certain. All I saw was pitch black and I would always feel something rough under me. It couldn't be my bed; it's as soft as a baby's cheek. And I'm thinking quite clear I must say. Well, it's either I'm wide awake but eyes closed or just having a painfully boring dream. I mean… it's messing me up! I always worried that I'm not getting any sleep. And magically I feel well rested! That's it I need a quick bathroom break.

As I opened my eyes, the blinding sunlight caused me to screech. "Ugh, is it morning already?" I said as I rubbed my eyes to adjust to the sunlight and sat up. It didn't take a while for my eyes to get used to the intruding light. I quickly scanned my surroundings and I couldn't believe where I was. At the beach! The sea was as calm as the breeze, the sun shone brightly as if there was no tomorrow, the sea gulls were dancing high above the air, and I noticed that this thing I described to be rough was sand. So that means… after all these times I've been having the same dream over and over again. And this magnificent scenario would've been revealed in front of me much sooner if I just opened my eyes. Well blame me for my Sloth. I was an idiot! It was in front of me! And if I remember, I hated dreaming. It's a good thing I opened my eyes this time or this beautiful scenario would still be unseen. I would've never known this place existed in my head at all! Funny since I only did that for a quick bathroom break.

I slowly stood up on my feet and shrugged the thought off. I turned to my left and noticed what seemed to be a beach house. Although the front seemed fancy; starting to middle of its backside, the colors started to fade. I tilted my head to the side. Not much of an ideal place. I also couldn't help but notice the unusual thickness of the trees. It's like a jungle in there! Well, it is a forest… I don't mean to sound not eco-friendly but shouldn't they cut most of the—

Next thing I know I was soaking wet. My body shivered from the freezing cold water. "W-Water? B-But… It's not r-raining!" I squealed. Very cold! "Of course it's not Miku-nee." An oh-so-familiar high pitched voice muttered. I turned around to see two pairs of big azure eyes staring back at me. "So… which one of you did it?" I asked, glaring at only one pair of oculars. It's obvious it was her. "I did." The blonde girl said calmly or rather mockingly. "And why?" "It's the only way to wake you up!" she, this rather annoying girl named Rin, chimed. I know she didn't even try before and just directly poured the freezing water on me. I glared at her with such attempt. Letting her know I'm planning revenge. I know she got my message when she smirked and gave me this 'just try' look. "Um… Luka-nee said we'll be leaving soon." Her twin, whom we call Len, mumbled quietly. "S-She said we should pack up and… and we'll have our breakfast when we get t-there…" I sighed, "Alright. I'll be down there by…" I paused for a quick look on my alarm clock which I suspected Rin turned off before she played her trick on me. "Ten." And waiting for nothing else, the twins left my room. Probably to call on the others.

I sighed once again and got up. I walked inside my personal bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush. I could hear their footsteps from upstairs. And since the noise came from directly above my room, I'm taking a guess they're messing with Kaito now. "Whoa, you guys!" Kaito's manly voice shouted. Guess I was right. I could also hear people talking in the hallway. Man, can't they just shut up for awhile. I wouldn't mind going back to sleep and dream of the peaceful beach once more. Although I'm afraid it won't happen again. What if it was only a once-in-a-life time opportunity? I sighed for the third time this morning. "Today's gonna be a looooooong day!"

After taking a quick shower, I dressed myself up for the outing. I wore a teal colored dress, a bit darker than my hair, with pink floral patterns and flip flops. We weren't going to the beach but my dream just inspired me to dress like this. I don't know why, I just felt like it. "Mii-chan, we're leaving now!" a soft voice called out through the door, knocking three times. I figured it was Master's apprentice, PhoalaChan, due to the nickname she had given me. "Okay." I chimed full of glee as I grabbed my shoulder bag which only consisted of some important notes and other stuff. I turned the door knob and opened the door to reveal PhoalaChan's petite figure. I was a bit taller than her but her height wasn't bad for a thirteen-year-old. "Hey, what's with the outfit?" she asked with a gentle smile. "Oh, nothing~ Just felt like it." I replied. She giggled at me, "So then let's go. The travel will take about four hours. Don't worry, we prepared snacks and refreshments." She said, leading me outside. There was a huge bus parked outside, I guessed it was the vehicle Master rented for us.

"Just get inside. All we're waiting for now are—" PhoalaChan's childish voice was rudely interrupted by a manly voice calling out a familiar name. "Riiiiiiiin!" shouted Kaito who was chasing the said girl, Len tagging along behind the two. "Great. Everyone's here. Now get inside." The yellow headed girl who had her hair fall down to her waist said, not really bothered by the three's misbehavior. "Already? I haven't changed yet." Kaito whined. Now that he mentioned it, he was soaking wet! Now I know why he was chasing after Rin. "No worries. Master will provide us with new clothes suited for all of us." And without further a due, we all found ourselves seated inside. I sat in the back seat with Luka, Len, and Lily. PhoalaChan seated next to the driver as Rin sat somewhere in the middle of the vehicle beside Miki. I don't know where Kaito was, but probably somewhere with Gakupo. I couldn't help but admire the vehicle's size. We could all fit inside with no problems at all.

Well, I might as well tell you where we're going. I suppose that you already know about Calmé's dirty work. (If not please refer to the link I provided above) He managed to somehow brainwash our old friends. He took over the Utauloids and the Fanloids. And he's also made his own legion which he called the Idoloids. I have nothing against that. Nothing at all. Except for the fact that he made them evil like him! And I couldn't believe what he did next. After making our friends turn their back against us, he announced a survival game! He had bound to find us all. Kill us all. And just two weeks ago, he tried to bomb our office. That's why Master took months to find a well-hid safe house. Where we'll be able to train ourselves with enough time. I'm glad he finally found one. And I'm ready to protect my loved ones. If he ever tries to harm them, I will kill him with my own hands. They're like family to me. Without them, I can never imagine myself like this by now. If they were gone, I'd crumble into pieces just like a puppet whose strings were cut.

"I'll do a-any *insert yawn here* thing to protect them…" I found myself fighting of sleep. Then I felt my left shoulder get heavy. I turned my head and saw little Len asleep on me. I thought the scene was cute and smiled. "Anything at all." I mumbled, half asleep. The next thing I knew, I was back at the beach again.

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