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Chapter Seven

7 : 4 2 a m. I guess it's been, what, eighteen minutes after Master had tasked us to gather in this really huge room as we finished our breakfast. We spent the last few minutes admiring the wide space and quarreling about what those training gears were for. It's obvious –they're for training! Gosh, why does everyone around me have to be so dumb and think they're for construction? Although, I'm starting to question why the gears were in just two sides of the room and this machine that seemed to be like a control panel for something –but what?

"Everyone, please gather around." the Master said from behind us, followed by his two apprentices. We all circled around him, our ears ready to dig up the words to be heard. My brows furrowed once Master dipped his hand in the suspicious box PhoalaChan held. He pulled out a pair of new headphones. It had this theme but I couldn't name it at the moment –it was monochrome and had a few buttons on the right housing of the ear pad. Dell and his pair tilted the metal boxes for us to see the new sets of headphones in different colors and themes stuffed inside –that's all. Okay, now I'm really confused. Master, who finally noticed our confused looks, gently smiled and explained. "These shall serve as your GPS or tracking device, communication device and in an epic way, your weapons."

We weren't all that surprised since our regular or usual headphones made and improvised by him, specifically, already served as our charging and communicating device and of course, what they are made to do –play music. But wait… "Weapons?" "Yes, your weapons." Master immediately answered to aide to our headache-causing questions. He then turned his gaze to our pink haired friend, Luka, who had her eyes wide once eye contact was made. We were educated by Master our whole lives and we know well what that mockingly kind smile meant. Luka closed her eyes before nodding and stepping up front. Master then motioned her to wear the headphones in his hands. Once it had solid contact on Luka's hair, Master guided her hand on one button and pressed it. And with just one click, our slightly confused face shifted into an astonished one as the two sides of the phone glowed as well as the rest of her clothes. That was another shock for us when her casual clothes were transformed into a tank top, gloves that passed her elbows, a collar with a blue gem and tights with its belt decorated with guns and bullets. "You should have just said battle suits not weapons." The blonde apprentice still managed to joke about it despite our confusion. "Yeah," the brown haired chuckled. "That would be better."

The rest of that hour was spent with a few more confusion and awe's and honestly, I don't remember most of it. All I know that right now, I had just transformed into my battle armor –which wasn't that much of a shock since I was only assigned with my Append. Yes, the master improvised my Append suit so I'll be able to summon my weapon using just my mind and also, he said he ran out of designs that fit me. But to be true, I prefer my usual clothes since this improvised armor is so revealing. Well at least I'm not the only one who's stuck to reuse our old but actually pretty cool clothes.

The Kagamine twins were at the same state as me –who are currently stuck with their Appends as well. Same goes for Gakupo and Gumi with their V3. But everyone else had their new battle suits, yeah that is so fair. Ugh, dying of sarcasm here.

Oh well, at least I know how to use this thing… I think. Let me just do a quick check. Hair clips can detect motion and vibrates when the attack is too much to handle, gloves can absorb electricity and summon my weapon, belt that can apply and defy gravity, and boots that can break even bullet proof glass. By the way, my signature weapon is an electric bow that can calculate the distance and angle of the target while the arrow is made of light particles. My gloves make the arrow possible by absorbing electricity and charging them inside so once I summon the arrow; the gloves will release the charged particles. The friction of the particles causes the flash to solidify into a form of an arrow that can pierce through the body and instantly paralyze the whole system. Awesome, right? (Sorry, I know you have a head ache now. I don't like explaining things but here I am… Sorry.)

"So, are you all armored up? 'Cause we're starting now." The Master reassured as he made his way to the control panel with his assistants. PhoalaChan asked, "Are you guys really sure of what to do? I mean, I understand the suits instructions are hard to process—" "Oh come on, PhoalaChan. We told you we already know! So start with the training already, I'm getting so pumped to show you all whose best." the female Kagamine twin rudely and mockingly cut the concerned blonde off her words. "Yeah, don't underestimate us!" Piko shouted in unison with Miki. The defeated assistant giggled, "Alright, then. Master, start the engines!"

Master then pressed a button, which we couldn't see from our positions, without any hesitation. A flash of green light scanned the whole room before, out of nowhere, popped a small thumb-sized box. It fell to the ground before the ground shook and out came a giant transformer-looking robot. And with the words: "Ha! I bet you can't beat my armored bot." coming out of Master's mouth, I now announce the start of the training.


I panted heavily as I tried to rehydrate my dried throat with Len's lemonade soda. I gulped in as little amount as possible so Len could still have some but my body just asked for more. Now, I'm staring at an empty can that used to be filled with savory liquid. I leaned back on my seat and hang my head. It was already afternoon when the training was ended. Master intended to give us a lunch break then continue with the training but we insisted to continue and now, we're all in the wedding-hall-sized living room. We were all too exhausted to even go to the dining hall to have a proper meal.

Once I've finally regained my composure, I sat up and warily stared at everyone before attempting on apologizing to Len for consuming all his drink. "It's okay, Miku-nee. I understand your thirst." He humbly said. Great, now I feel guilty for being so selfish. "Yeah, we know well how much of a greedy bastard you are!" Rin stuttered. That reminds me, I still haven't avenged from before. But just as I was about to make a counter, the door flew open as PhoalaChan and Dell came in with the food cart. Oh, just the smell makes my stomach growl just when I thought it was dead. They handed out our meals as we thanked them in return. "What took you guys so long!?" Kaito bluntly asked with an irritated expression when the silver head handed out his. "We had trouble with the food storage. Plus, you guys were the ones who preferred eating here. If you stayed in the dining hall, we wouldn't have a problem with the walk." PhoalaChan countered. Kaito just let out a silent 'pfft' before finally eating his lunch.

"Oh and by the way, Master said to tell you guys you're more than welcome to check in bed early." The blonde stopped midway out of the door to say, "You guys did great." Rin gobbled her ramen before managing to sputter out an 'I know, you didn't have to tell me'. The blonde rolled her eyes before finally getting out with her partner tagging behind. I heaved a sigh of relief before swallowing the goods to relieve my hunger.


The next day was filled with some more sweat and sounds of determination. I would've witnessed all of it but I had other plans for today. It's been a while since my band had met up for a meeting but I don't plan on having one –well, at least not a serious one. So, I appointed us to meet today at our usual hang out in the city. I consulted Master about it and he said it was okay as long we I don't spoil our hiding place.

I glanced at my wrist watch as I pedaled my bike to the city. It took me an hour to the city and one more to get to the meeting place. Maybe I should've just taken the bus, but I honestly prefer traveling alone or with a familiar face but today, I'm alone so yeah. I parked my bike rather carelessly because I just care less that's why. I'm far too eager to see my band mates again. I wonder if they're here yet, or am I the first one again. Oh, I can't wait!

I rushed to the designated room with a few stumbles at the staircase as I struggled to get into the rooftop. I stopped dead on my tracks as I was now in front of an old gray painted door. I looked at my right side and noticed the mess we made back then. This room is where we used to play games and eat all day. I smiled before proceeding on opening the door that lead to the marvelous view of the rooftop. My excitement from before turned into nervousness, I mean, it's been so long. It seemed like months when the last time I've heard of them. Have they kept in touch with each other while I was gone? No, that's not the right question. What should I tell them? Would they understand? What would they feel about me? Do they hate me?

My shaking hands slowly turned the knob and with the click, the door swung to the side. I took a step in(or out. Rooftop, remember.)The first thing that met me was the wind that almost blew my hair ribbon off and I was shocked to find our band's violinist, Arotho Shirou-kun. He stared at the busy town from above with his 'green and a hint of gray' eyes. He had this usual smile that he would always show us to lighten our day. His dark hair swayed in harmony with the breeze. Oh, he looked so calm and peaceful –should I interfere? With his cheerful attitude, how can I afford to have him hate me after leaving them?

He snapped out of his daze as he seems to finally notice me. "Ah, Taichou*!" he greeted with glee obvious in his tone. I'm astonished! He still calls me captain* after all I have done? Unsure of what to say, stuttered out some words –at least some of them are actual words. "S-Shirou-kun! Uh, hey there." I awkwardly said. He chuckled at my reaction before taking me in an embrace. I waited for the hug to end before opening my mouth. "You're not… mad at me?" He chuckled once again before shaking his head gently. "No! How could I be mad at you? How could we be mad at you?" His gaze left me as it wandered towards the door. I turned around to see the rest of my band mates.

All of my band mates or how I prefer to call them, crew, are here –our famous guitarist, Hiroma Sayoshi; the stylish bassist, Kuniko; the cheerful pianist, Ranelle Domaen; the mysterious drummer, Kanji; and even the guy, Kuro, that always hang out with us but never wanted to join us was there. They were all standing there with their gentle smiles showing off. Not even a single taint of anger was visible in their appearance. They all seemed calm and elated as we all finally met once again. This made me realize, it's already been a whole year when I thought it had only been months.

That's right; I left the band due to family problems. I've been so busy trying to run away from my parents that I never even realized how much time had passed by. When I thought I finally got away, I unknowingly forgot about my friends that served as my other family. I forgot about them that I started to look for a family once again. And when I found a family with Master and the others, I joined them without even looking back. I was a fool.

My mental remorse was then forced to be put deep down in my heart for later to be recognize as my crew ran towards their captain and hugged my petite body. "We missed you, Taichou!" Ranelle exclaimed followed by the rest of them. It made me smile, the fact that they didn't change their view towards me and they were still the same –the exact same crew that loved each other like true siblings and would do anything to cheer the other up, just how I remembered them to be.

I don't know what and how things turned out like this but all I know is that it's already been hours and no we're inside the apartment doing karaoke. The question how didn't bother me though as I watched my crew have fun and fight over the last slice of pizza with a smile on my face. They were still the same and to be honest, I don't mind it. I don't mind having to deal with problems they cause ever since –as long as I get to be with them and solve the case together.

Hiro –the nickname only I was permitted by him to use – was still as reckless and untidy as ever and never even bothered to comb his golden brown hair. Just this kind of attitude made me doubt the fact he was now seventeen. He was the exact opposite of Kanji, the third eldest.

Kanji was quiet and calm even when it comes from problems to disasters. He's the type that when everyone else would go wacko and panic, he'd stay still and watch us explode our nervous system and would only work if Kuniko or I tasked him to run errands. It's a bit of a bother though; his dark hair grew longer, making him look like an emo person.

Kuniko was the eldest among all of us with a year older than Hiro. She was like the vice chairman after me. She was so mature and responsible. Although her Lolita complex gives it away, no matter what she acts like she would still look so grown up. Also, her long and curly brown hair that she ties in a ponytail makes me want to curl my hair too.

On the other hand, Ranelle or Ran was the second youngest after me. She was fourteen while I was thirteen. But her personality would just give it away, even her dark red hair that she pulls into two braids would. She's so innocent and cheerful –she'd go play here and there, then and now.

And then there's Arotho whom I like calling by his other name, kind and gentle Shirou-kun. He was also one of the people I admire so much. Well, not the admiration you guys have in mind –not that way. He was just so gleeful and outgoing even without a reason to smile. He's the type that would do anything to uplift your spirit when you're feeling down. He's been the closest to me and at times, I tell him my secrets. He's a good listener and I thank the world for that. Also, the way he just looks a bit feminine ( kill me XD ) make me a bit self-conscious.

Lastly, Kuro. He's just that guy that you know, helps other people for no reason. We met him that one time when we were having problems about where we could settle for meetings. He offered us his apartment and we were too bashful to decline his kindness. We asked him if he wanted to join our band but he humbly rejected the invitation. He said he doesn't sing anymore but why? He has such a great voice and he can make a female impression. Again, my self-conscious strikes once more. Also, I can't help but point out that he looked familiar. Did he use to be famous? Well, with that awesome voice, I wouldn't be surprised.

"Taichou!" a gentle voice called out. I turned to my side to find Shirou beside me with the last pizza slice. "Oh Shirou-kun, hey." I examined the room once again. Kuro was now fighting with Hiro and Ran over who gets to sing next. Kuniko suggested them to do a trio but they declined. Kanji only sat at the opposite end where Shirou and I were seated. After the quick scan, I turned my attention back to the dark head beside me. "Oh, were you going to ask me something?" I questioned. He smiled and shook his head softly, "Not really. You just seem to space out much today…" My eyes widened a bit but I soon replaced it with an awkward smile. "Was I? Sorry, it's just… It's been so long." I averted my gaze from his as I stared at the soda can I had been holding.

"You know…" he started. "We never did believe you left us because of hatred." The sentence made me glance back at him with a curious look. "We knew you love us and just didn't want us to get involved with that crazy survival game." It's true. The reason I forced myself to forget them was because I wanted to save them –at least spare them from this ungodly challenge of the devil. I smile crept on my face before apologizing. "I'm sorry for making all of you wait." My voice was soft but loud enough for everyone to hear. They smiled back at me. The gentle silence was then cut off by Kuro's voice of glee. "PhoalaChan! You wanna take a turn?" He then handed me the microphone as a song started.

This is the kind of life I'd want to live. No worries, just fun. There might not be lessons but still learning. With the knowledge, I'll be able to replace my anger with peaceful laughter. And then maybe, I'd learn to forgive myself for betraying my family.

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