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It was just a normal (if Hollywood Arts could be described as normal) day at HA high school. The sun was shining down onto the asphalt cafe as Tori Vega sat at her usual lunch table with her friends Andre, Robbie, Beck, Cat and Jade. All that could be heard was the quiet chatter amongst the schools cliques and the chirping of birds in the sky. It was easy to say that it was a peaceful day in Hollywood.

But of course all good things have to come to an end, don't they?

'So do you guys wanna hang out over the break? It's the perfect weather to go to the beach!' Tori chirped happily to the rest of the the table. They had been waiting for spring break for weeks and Tori couldn't wait to spend it with her friends.

'Ooh I love the beach!' Cat started and the group sigh, another Cat rant was about to start. 'One time my brother went to the beach and he found a crap but then the crab bit him-'

'Cat! Shut up, your giving me a headache!' Jade shouted at her and the redhead pouted but soon got distracted with her food.

'So...?' Tori pushed and a chorus of yeahs and can't waits are passed around until...

'Sorry I can't,' Beck said and Tori frowned, how was she supposed to flirt with him in her bikini now?

'WE can't,' Jade corrected him with a glare.

'Sorry, WE can't.' He amends and puts his arm around Jades shoulder. The group looked confused so Tori decided to speak up.

'Why can't you come? BOTH of you.' She emphasised while looking at the couple.

'Cos we're taking a little trip, to my uncle's beach house for the week.' Beck answered grinning and even Jade managed a small excited smile. Tori frowned again, why hadn't Beck invited the whole gang to stay at the beach house. Spring break would've been so much better together.

'Tell them why your going! Aw it's so sweet!' Cat exclaimed gleefully tapping Jade's arm as she said it. Jade rolled her eyes but she was still smiling.

'It's our anniversary and Beck wanted to take me somewhere special this year. But I think last years viewing of 'The Scissoring 2' in a graveyard is pretty hard to beat.' Jade said playfully, winking at Beck. He smiled and pulled her into a passionate kiss, grinning onto her lips.

He pulled away and said, 'Oh don't you worry, I'll make sure this week will be the best anniversary yet.'

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