The scent of lila filled the hall where he was resting.
He could not keep his eyes closed much more, and in its failure he noticed that she was approaching him.
Angry with himself for his weakness, closed tightly and hid.
Heels marked their walking sensual as the distance is minimized. A suspense that irritated him.

-Zoro...- escaped his lips and felt her skin prickle. - Would you want to share a few beers?

He opened one eye and with a grunt accepted his invitation.
He took the bottle trying to avoid getting lost in the cleavage suggesting that offered the tiny dress of his companion, as usual.
She stared into his eyes and could not stand the look. He closed his eyes again and took trying to keep his composure.
She lay there.

-Thanks Robin- He said looking for an end to this situation.
But her long legs held firm to him, hinting that came not only to offer him a usual.

-What?- roared.
-Can I make you a question?-
-Mhm- he agreed with another grunt, altough it sounded doubtful.
-What's wrong with you?
-Nothing, i'm fine.
-You're acting weird... specially with me...
-You're wrong, i'm fine. Is that all? - said annoyed.
- I did something wrong?...
He glanced at her and could tell she was worried.
He felt sorry for his rudeness, but his concern was bothering him.
Inadvertently stared at her for a while.
- Zoro...- his skin bristled again- like me?
-... i mean, do you think i'm pretty?
- No.- said curtly.
-... do you even like to be with me?
- No.- His sharp tone shock her. She doesn't expect this.
-...i see... would you matter if I walk away?
- No.-
-...fine...Excuse me...-
As Zoro's had told, she turned around and started walking back where she came.
Responses echoed and stunned her mind and broke her heart, though that it seems impossible in someone like her.
She had to leave quickly, she could not allow their tears win the race.
Suddenly something stoped her.
He was grabbing her arm.
-... you're not pretty, you're beautiful... I don't like to be with you, I need to be with you... and i don't matter if you walk away, but i'll certainly die without you!... so please.. - he whispered close - ...please... stay with me, Robin.

The end~
or not?
We'll see ;)