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Japan 2020 (Normal pov)

It was night time and outside the city of Kyoto, Japan lies a forest near a lake where near the lake is a large house two stories house. The house was near a large open grassy field, a long road that led to a gate that led to a road, and that road led to a town that was a few minutes away by driving, but half an hour by walking.

In one part of the house lies a room where the lights were still on. In the room there's a man who appeared to be around in his 30's. He had short black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. He was wearing black pajama pants, a white colored shirt with no sleeves, and slippers on his feet.

He was in what looked like to be a study room where there's a cabinet filled with books and videos, a sofa nearby, a coffee table, a desk, and a laptop where the man was working. He was busy typing as he worked on finishing a story he was working on. As he continued working he heard some noises outside his door.

The man turned around and saw two five year old girls running down the hallway giggling and laughing. Both girls are twin sisters. Both have black short hair, blue eyes, white skin, and both are wearing the same pajamas. Pink colored with flowers on the front part of the pajama.

The man in the study room was their father who looked at the time on his watch. It was late and he knew he needed to put the girls to bed. He saved his work and turned off his laptop as he headed out the room. As the girls ran around their father called out to them.

"Girls come to bed its late."

The girls groaned as they went to their room where their mother waited for them, "But daddy we're not tired."

Sorry girls it's bed time and you two need to get some sleep," the girls didn't go to their room as they didn't want to go to sleep, "Do you want me to call in mommy?"

The girls quickly ran to their bedroom not wanting their mommy to get involved. The father laughed a little to himself knowing the girls love their mother, but knew better than to make her mad, especially how she is now.

The father came into the room to put the girls to bed. As he entered the room he smiled seeing the girls put away their toys. He also saw on the bed was a small white fur with purple stripes on the tail and on the tip of the ears. The cat was on the bed sleeping as the girls finished putting their toys away.

The father picked his daughters up and placed them in bed, "Ready to go to sleep?"

Both girls shook their heads and spoke at the same time, "Daddy can we heard a bed time story?"

The father laughed a little knowing his daughters weren't going to fall asleep anytime soon so telling them a story would be good, "All right, what story do you want to hear?"

The girls huddled up as they discussed what they wanted to hear. Once they finished they spoke at the same time, "We want to hear the story on how you and mommy met."

The father sighed and scratched his head, "Again? Girls I have told you that story almost a hundred times. Don't you want to hear another story?"

The girls shook their heads not wanting to hear any other story and spoke at the same time, "We love hearing that story and how you met mommy. And we also like how mommy saved you too. Please daddy, please?"

The father smiled as he saw his daughters giving him the puppy eye look. He couldn't resist the look, "All right I'll tell you, but then after this you two will go to bed okay?"

The girls nodded and raised their right hand, then placed their left hand on their chest, "We promise daddy."

The father grabbed the chair and sat down as the girls got under the covers to hear their father's story, "I'll start first at the beginning. Long ago before your mommy and I got together you mom was living in the city with your uncle and grandparents. Then your mommy and her friends were chosen to help protect another world where they joined forces with strange creatures that helped protect them from bad monsters like the evil vampire man."

The girls huddled together as they remembered the scary stories of their mom and her friends battling the evil vampire man that their daddy has named since it was better than the real name of this guy.

"So your mommy and her friends worked with their new friends. Together they defeated the evil vampire man and all the bad monsters saving their new friend's world and our world," The girls smiled as they loved hearing how their mommy defeated the bad monsters, "After they defeated the bad monsters things went back to normal around their home. But that didn't last very long as they thought it would."

The girls spoke at the same time again, "That's when the evil monsters came back right?"

Their father smiled and nodded, "Yes, it was a day your mother and I will never forget. It's been 15 years, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday."

The girls were on the edge of their bed as they always loved this part. The girls paid attention as their father recount the day he met their mother and how their meeting was only the beginning of the adventure they would embark.

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