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The Rise Part II

Odaiba, Japan

The Digidestined were able to find where Nicholas' castle is at. Thanks to Chris, they were able to track Kari using her phone. Izzy worked with Gennai and Ken to trace where Kari is at so they can find out where Nicholas is at. Once they were able to track him down they got into battle position.

Tai, Sora, Matt, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, and TK got ready so they can confront Nicholas' forces. Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken will work to protect the city so no damages occur. All while the Royal Knights join the fighting against Nicholas' army. The Royal Knights warned the Digidestined to be careful since they sense the Virus King is bringing his Demon Lords.

They are like the Royal Knights who serve as guardians of the Digital World. But instead, the Demon Lords serve to protect their master, the Virus King. Doing his bidding and even destroying all those who oppose their king. All these Digimon are Mega-level so the Digidestined will need to be careful and not make any mistakes.

Tai, Matt, Izzy, Sora, Joe, Mimi, and TK are seen on top of a tall building overlooking the city. Behind them, their Digimon Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Biyomon, Gomamon, Palmon, and Patamon all ready to fight.

On a nearby building their friends Davis, Ken, Yolei, and Cody are seen ready to fight to save their friend. All while Palidramon, Aquilamon, and Ankylomon are all ready to join their friends to fight.

The Royal Knights are all on a nearby building ready to join the fight. Besides Alphamon, Gallantmon, Jesmon, Kentaurosmon, and Leopardmon a few more arrived to join their friends. Crusadermon, Dynasmon, Gankoomon, Examon, and Craniamon, the Mega-level form of Andromon.

The Royal Knights stood ready to fight as they prepared to go up against the forces of evil and protect this world along with their world. All while on the ground Ogremon, who is leading Centarumon, Andromon, Unimon, Monzaemon, Meramon, and Elecmon on the ground. All while Whamon is in the water with other Digimon allies to join them to fight.

Ken took out some binoculars, which he made with Izzy to help them see where Nicholas' castle is at. Once he spotted it he turns to Tai. "Castle straight ahead over the loading docks."

Tai nods before he lifts his walkie-talkie up and begins contacting the others. "All right, this is it. We need to keep Nicholas and his buddies distracted until the others can save Kari. We also have to keep the castle from reaching its destination. Don't hold anything back, watch each other's back, and make sure we all come back together…okay?"

Everyone nods in response as Alphamon lifts his weapon and turns to Examon. The large Data-type Royal Knight Digimon lifts his weapon and roared loudly. Examon flies up into the exosphere before firing a high-powered laser. The attack is shot towards the castle and manages to cause the castle to appear for everyone to see.

The Digidestined took out their Digivice as they turn to their Digimon. "All right, guys. Go for it," said Tai as all their Digivice begins to glow.

"Agumon…Gabumon…Warp-Digivolve to…" both Digimon begin transforming into their Mega-level forms. "WarGreymon…MetalGarurumon!"

Sora turns to the others and they all nod in response. "All right guys, its your turn!"

Soon the other five Digimon begin to glow as it was their turn to Digivolve. "Biyomon…Tentomo…Palmon…Gomamon…Patamon…Warp-Digivolve to!"

All five Digimon begin to glow as they begin to Warp-Digivolve to their Mega-forms thanks to Azulongmon and his Sovereign allies. They all came together and passed on a bit of their power to allow the other Digimon to reach their Mega-forms.

"Seraphimon!" Patamon reached his Mega-form

Biyomon's Mega-form appeared smaller than her Ultimate-form and appeared like a large Phoenix with gold rings on her ankles. "Hououmon!

Tentomon's Mega-form made him look bigger than his Ultimate-form, with a bright gold form, with long gold wings, and sharper horns. "HerculesKabuterimon!"

Palmon's Mega-form made her appear humanoid with a rose over her head, a purple orb between her chest holding her green cape, and a long green thorn whip. "Rosemon!"

Gomamon's Mega-form made him appear like a large white-fur creature with a long fur coat, Viking armor, helmet, and two large maces on his back. "Vikemon,

Soon all seven Digimon stood in their Mega-forms for the first time ever. Davis, Ken, Yolei, and Cody saw this surprised to see the Mega-forms of the Digimon, but they weren't the only ones who will fight in those forms too.

"Paildramon Mega-Digivolve to... Imperialdramon!" Soon Paildramon reached their Mega-form as they joined the other Mega Digimon into battle.

Meanwhile, Aquilamon and Ankylomon join their allies on the ground to begin making their move.

"Royal Knights!" Alphamon swings his weapon at the castle. "Attack!" The Royal Knights soon charge at the castle.

As the Digimon charge into combat, the castle releases Nicholas' robot forces begin appearing out of the castle as they begin attacking the Digimon. The robots opened fire as they try taking down the Digimon. WarGreymon uses Great Tornado to pierce through the robots, while MetalGarurumon uses Grace Cross Freezer to fire his freezing missiles to hit the robots.

The robots kept on coming as they go after the new Mega Digimon forms. Hououmon flies towards the robots with flames engulfing from the Digimon. She flies passed half of the robots taking them down with her flames before charging back towards the rest. Houomon soon uses Crimson Flare as her flames burn through many of the robots that attacked her.

HerculesKabuterimon flies passed Houomon as the robots opened fire at her. HerculesKabuterimon managed to block the attack keeping the attacks from hitting her. He sliced through some of them as they fly passed him and fly back to fire again at him. HerculesKabuterimon sees them heading towards him and fires his Mega Electro Shocker as it annihilates the robots taking them all out.

Rosemon meanwhile, lands on the ground near the docks as the robots begin surrounding her. Rosemon begins smiling as she took out her whip before she sees the robots charging their attack. Before they did she swings her whip so fast that she managed to slice through the robots in half destroying them. She then sees three flying towards her and uses her Rose Spear attack using her whip as a rapier to slice down the robots before she goes to attack the others.

Some robots fly towards Rosemon to attack her, until Vikemon appeared in the way and protected her. Vikemon uses Artic Blizzard to cause the surrounding atmosphere to absolute zero to freeze the robots around them. Rosemon though stayed safe as she was close to him. Once the robots are frozen, Vikemon fires his Mjollnir morning star attacks on his back to destroy them.

Seraphimon flies passed the group with Imperialdramon as they fly towards the castle when they noticed a group of larger robots appearing to try stopping them. Seraphimon sees this and fires Strikes of the Seven Stars to take down the robots. Those that didn't get destroyed charged at the two Digimon to attack them. Seraphimon dodges and moves out of the way to allow Imperialdramon to fire his Positron Laser to destroy the robots.

Meanwhile, the Digidestined watched from afar as their Digimon took down Nicholas' robots with ease. In their Mega-forms their Digimon were easily taking down the enemy. Yolei and Cody's Digimon also were doing well despite not being in their Mega-forms. They worked together with their allies as they managed to take down the robots.

Whamon and their Digimon allies attacked the robots from below to divide Nicholas' forces. So far, everything seems to be going well.

"All right, keep it up guys!" Yolei shouted from the building she is at.

"Just keep working together and don't let them overwhelm you all," said Cody knowing as long as their Digimon keep working together they'll be okay.

Ken watched everything through his binoculars and looks up at the castle to see WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon arriving to the castle, but they couldn't get through it. "Looks like Beelzemon is right. The force field is too powerful to break through."

Davis looks through his binoculars and sighed. "Maybe if the others can shut down the shields then we can finish this," Davis then begins to radio Tai. "Hey Tai, did the others already get inside yet?"

"They're about to. Beelzemon wanted to wait until he is sure Nicholas' attack is on us," said Tai as he replied back through the radio before turning to Matt. "Although, I don't know how this isn't going to get his attention. We're kicking his army's ass."

"Let's not forget that he still has these Demon Lords, that Alphamon warned us about," said Matt as he sighed softly. "Whoever they are."

Izzy sighed as well as he looks through his laptop. "Too bad Gennai didn't have any information about them. All we know is they are followers of the Virus King and will do whatever it takes to free their master."

"Even if it means hurting innocent people," said Mimi who didn't like how far Nicholas is willing to go to get what he wants. "I just hope when the others save Kari they also teach Nicholas a lesson."

"I feel the same way, but they have to be careful," said Joe knowing the risk their friends are taking. "They have to get Kari out safely before we can go after Nicholas. Maybe once she is safe we can go after him, but for now…for now this is what we need to focus on."

"We also need to keep the castle from moving forward," said TK as he noticed the castle is still moving. "We have to find a way to keep it from moving before they get to their destination."

"Well, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears," said Sora as she noticed something. "Matt, lend me your binoculars," Sora took Matt's binoculars and looks through them. "Is it just me or does it look like something is emerging from the castle."

Tai looks through his binoculars and sighed a little. "Well guys, we can stop trying to guess what the Demon Lords look like, because they've arrived."

Meanwhile, near the force field, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon tried to break through the barrier but found no such luck. Alphamon, Gallantmon, and Jesmon soon arrive to join their allies as they see the barrier is in the way.

"We can't break through," said WarGreymon as he explains the situation.

"Maybe if we combine our attacks we'll break through?" MetalGarurumon asked figuring that could work.

Alphamon though summoned his weapon as his two allies got ready for combat. "No time. It seems our enemies have arrived."

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon look down to see three figures appeared before them. These figures are Barbamon, Leviamon, and Lucemon who has transformed to his Chaos Mode.

Alphamon recognized these Digimon and got ready to fight. "Barbamon, so you and your fellow Demon Lords have arrived to fight us."

"Yes, we have. We are here to liberate our master and return him to power," said Barbamon "I suggest you all stand aside and let us through. Otherwise, you will all die here."

"Not going to happen," said Gallantmon as the three Royal Knights prepared for combat. "We have sworn to protect our world and the humans from the Virus King and all those who follow him. If you want to free your master you will need to go through us first."

Barbamon begins to laugh as he lifts his staff. "That can be arranged…" he brings his staff down and soon a loud roar can be heard echoing from down below.

The Digimon look down to see something emerging from the castle. Soon a large Digimon appeared and flies towards Alphamon. "Gift of Darkness!" the Digimon unleashed a slash attack from its claws, which are clad in flames as it knocks Alphamon towards the ocean.

"Alphamon!" WarGreymon called out before turning to the new Digimon. "What is this thing?"

"Allow us to introduce to you to our friend…Belphemon," said Barbamon as he backs away with Lucemon and Leviamon as Belphemon turns to his opponents.

Belphemon stares at his foes with his eyes glowing red and a marking on his forehead. "I'll take no prisoners! Everything will burn to the ground! For my master…the Virus King!"


As the fighting continues, inside the castle, Beelzemon managed to lead the three Digidestined inside. He revealed the way Nicholas has allowed those who work for him to teleport in and out of the castle whenever they want. So, they can emerge in the Digital or even the Human World. However, they'll need to first distract Nicholas' forces since the moment they use the portal it will alert Nicholas.

But if say the castle is under attack by multiple enemies and he has to get things ready for the ritual then he won't notice. So, this will give them the advantage. Sure enough, it worked. Once they teleported inside the teleportation room they found no security waiting for them or the alarms going off.

The three Digidestined and their Digimon look around to see the room they are in is empty. So, this is a good sign that they haven't been discovered yet. Beelzemon opens the door and looks around to see no guards anywhere. So, they have all been sent to get things ready for the ritual.

"All right. Down below us is the dungeon room," Beelzemon explained as he shows Rachel the map of where the dungeon is at. "If you go down this elevator you should be able to find where they're keeping the girl's Digimon. The rest of us will head to where the girl is being kept and we'll break her out. Assuming all the Demon Lords have left the room unguarded."

Rachel took the map and memorizes it. "If we are spotted then we'll need to work faster to get Kari out. I can only imagine Nicholas will have the place on lockdown if he finds out we're here."

Beelzemon nods in response. "He does and it will make things more difficult if they are inside the chamber room."

"Then let's not waste any time," said Chris as he turns to Rachel. "Just be careful you two."

"Don't worry," said Lopmon as she rests on Rachel's head. "We'll be okay. Just make sure you guys come back too."

"We will," said Renamon as she turns to Beelzemon. "Assuming you can get us to the chamber room without any trouble."

"Who do you take me for?" Beelzemon asked feeling a little insulted that the Rookie-Digimon thinks he can't do something so simple. "Now come on, you brats."

Beelzemon begins leading Chris and Renamon while Yan stays behind to say something to Rachel. "Hey um Rachel. Before you go…good luck and please stay safe."

Rachel smiles at Yan liking how he's worried for her safety. She gives him a small kiss on the cheek causing him to blush. "Don't worry. I can handle myself. Just make sure to come back in one piece."

Rachel soon took off, while Yan stood there a little surprised. BlackAgumon sighed as he grabs his friend's hand and begins leading him to follow the others. "Come on, Yan. You can get another kiss from her later."

Yan snapped out of it and cleared his throat before he begins moving on his own. "So, um…Chris. Once we find Kari do you have a plan to get us out?"

Chris turns to Yan who caught up to them. "I have sort of a plan. I'm hoping once we get Kari out we'll use the teleporters to escape."

"Highly doubtful," said Beelzemon as he explains once Nicholas finds out they are here he'll make sure they can't escape. "The only way we can get out is if we shut down the force field. Unfortunately, Nicholas controls it all by hand so unless we can take the power out not much we can do."

Yan though knew they did have a way to shut down the power as he looks at the flash drive he was given. "Then we better hook this up to the computer systems then," it was then Yan got an idea. "Beelzemon, is there a way to connect to the computer systems without being in the main control room?"

"Probably. That brat Nicholas did say a lot of the computer systems here are all connected to the control room," Beelzemon replied before he stops the kids and their Digimon as he gets them against the wall and peeks around the corner. "Why?"

Chris turns to Yan realizing what he wants to do. "It would make things a whole lot easier than heading to the control room. All right. Let's find a nearby system to upload the virus and then get to Kari."

Meanwhile, Rachel and Lopmon make their way down the elevator as they head to the level where the dungeon room is at. Rachel knew they will need to be careful in order to avoid being seen and alerting security. She also knew once they find Salamon they'll need to get Kari's Digivice. Otherwise they won't be able to help them out in their escape.

As they make it down Rachel looks around the corners to find no one around. She stays close to the walls and carefully sneaks their way around the hallway. All while trying to find out where Salamon is kept. As they make their way down the hallway she hears some noises and sneaks into a nearby room before waiting for whoever she heard passes them.

She kept the door cracked open slightly so she can see who is passing by. She sees its two of Nicholas' robots as they head towards the elevator door. They stopped in front of the door and didn't do anything. It seems they are waiting for something…or someone?

Shit, she needs to move now. She motions for Lopmon to hold on as she opens the door quietly before she runs towards the location where the prisoners are kept. Once they made it, she sees about twenty rooms. And no way of knowing which room Salamon is kept in.

"So many doors and so little time. Do we just go through them all fast?" Lopmon asked.

Rachel shook her head. "Keep a look out and I'll check them all."

She sees each of the doors have a panel to see inside so this will make things easier. "Okay, here we go," Rachel begins running as she quickly checks each room.

She slides the panel to the side, looks inside, and if she sees no one around she moves on. She starts with the left side of the room in hopes she'll get lucky. She opens the panels and looks inside. The first few rooms got her nothing so she kept on looking. She needed to find Salamon soon.

Unfortunately, the ten rooms on the left side got her nothing so she began now on the right side. Luckily for her she got to the middle and found Salamon.

"Bingo," she whispered before Lopmon joined her and leaps on her shoulder. "What's up?"

"I hear the elevator activating. Someone is coming down," said Lopmon as Rachel can hear the elevator noise now too. "What do we do?"

Rachel knew this is bad. If they try to get back to the elevator they'll be spotted. However, if they stay they'll be caught. She looks around and sighed knowing they need to find a way out. She then sees something and begins smiling.

"I think I got it," said Rachel as she opened the door where Salamon is at and closed it behind her just as the elevator doors open.

The robot guards stood aside as Laylamon appears from the elevator. She walks towards the dungeon where she knows exactly where Salamon is kept. She has the guards open the door so she can go inside and retrieve the pet. To her shock though once the door opened she sees Salamon is gone.

"W-what is this?!" Laylamon goes inside to find Salamon is nowhere to be found. She turns to the robots looking pissed. "Where is she?" the robots turned to each other and replied they don't know. "You don't know?"

Laylamon sighed as she brushed her hair back before she destroys the two robots with ease. "That isn't the right answer."

Once they were destroyed she looks around one more time knowing Salamon couldn't have escaped on her own. They had sedated her and it won't wear off for another half hour. She took off and goes to inform Nicholas so they can try finding the little brat's pet. Unaware though that Salamon was closer than she thought.

Earlier, Rachel saw the vent and decided to go inside of it with Lopmon and Salamon. It was a tight fit, but they managed to all fit inside. Rachel will need to wait a few minutes until they can get out of the vents and find the others so they can regroup. All while she hopes the others outside of the castle will be okay.


Outside the castle, the fighting continues. The Digidestined and their allies managed to hold their own against Nicholas' robots. Even took out many of them, but now they are facing a new challenge. The Demon Lords. Alphamon was taken out earlier by Belphemon as he begins fighting against Gallantmon and Jesmon. Meanwhile, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are fighting against Barbamon while his allies are off fighting the others.

Lucemon is seen facing off against Kentaurosmon, Craniamon, and Gankoomon. All while Leviamon is seen fighting against Crusadermon, Dynasmon, and Leopardmon. Despite having the numbers on their side, the Royal Knights were having trouble against the two Demon Lords. Lucemon showed his powers is too much for the three Royal Knights and they are unable to bring him down.

Crusadermon and Dynasmon used their experience to try taking down Leviamon, but their attacks seem to unfazed the large Digimon. Even Leopardmon who is new to the group couldn't harm the Demon Lord Digimon. Leviamon used his large tail to knock away Crusadermon and Dynasmon as he prepares to devour them both. Until, Leopardmon got in his way and fires his Extinction Wave attack by swinging his sword.

Leviamon is knocked away but not enough to destroy him. Leviamon bellows colorful smoke from his snout before he begins charging for an attack.

Leopardmon sighed knowing he won't be able to destroy this Digimon on his own. "Leopardmon," spoke Crusadermon as he slowly begins getting up. "I suggest you take your leave. Go assist the others. Dynasmon and I can handle this."

Leopardmon knew though they won't be able to hold this Digimon off on their own. "No. I will not abandon my comrades."

"Oh please. You are not one of us," said Dynasmon as he slowly got up. "Just because Alphamon had you join us doesn't mean we accept you as our own. We have been doing this longer than you have and know what we are doing. Now, move out of the way."

Leopardmon once more refused to leave. "I don't care if I am one of you or not. You are still my comrades and I will fight to help you no matter what."

Crusadermon turns to Dynasmon who in turn turns to his friend. Both knew Leopardmon is a fool for believing he is a knight like them. However, they could not deny the bravery he has for wanting to fight with them. They then see Leviamon preparing to charge at the three Digimon for its Shell Shock attack, which will have it destroy everything with its gigantic jaws.

Crusadermon and Dynasmon join Leopardmon as they prepared to grab him to move him out of the way. Until, Vikemon appeared with HerculesKabuterimon as they keep the jaws from coming down on the three Royal Knights.

"Don't mind us. Just coming in to help our friends," said HerculesKabuterimon as both Digimon lift Leviamon and toss him over their heads as he crashes into the ground hard.

"What are you two doing? We can handle this fight," said Crusadermon who didn't appreciate the outside help.

"Your right. You didn't, but it doesn't mean we weren't going to stand by and do nothing," said Vikemon as he prepared to fight alongside his friend. "We know you can handle this but let us give you a hand to end this sooner.

Dynasmon also didn't appreciate the outside help, but they knew with the castle still making its way to its destination they'll need to end this soon. "Very well. But do not get in our way."

Leopardmon smiles as he turns to the two Digimon he once fought against and now fighting with. "All right. Let's do this!"

Meanwhile, Lucemon took down Kentaurosmon, Crainamon, and Gankoomon as he knocks them away. He uses his Paradise Lost Punch to punch them down to the buildings. The three Royal Knights attempted to recover from the attack as Lucemon floats down with his arms crossed. All while laughing evilly at his handiwork.

"How disappointing. The Royal Knights are said to be the most powerful and greatest warriors of the Digital World. Yet they can't seem to defeat one single opponent. So sad…" Lucemon soon begins charging up for his Dead or Alive attack.

"Strike of the Seven Stars!" Seraphimon appeared and fired his attack at Lucemon, which didn't seem to faze him.

"Oh how adorable. One of the Digidestine's pets want to fight me. Very well then, lets…" Lucemon is interrupted when Houomon appeared and engulfs him in flames. Lucemon uses his wings to blast the flames away, but his leg is caught by Rosemon's whip.

With the help of Craniamon they launched him towards the ground. Lucemon gets up and recovers from the attack but is hit by both Kentaurosmon's Inferno Frost and Gankoomon's Tekken Seisai attacks. Both attacks knock Lucemon away as the three Digidestined Digimon unleash their attacks with his Shock Ringer using his Duo Solar Spear.

Lucemon is knocked away into a nearby construction site causing the metal beams to come down on the evil Digimon. The six Digimon regroup as they wait for Lucemon to appear. Sure enough he begins to emerge, but appears angered with what just happened.

"That…was a very…big mistake…you little brats," said Lucemon as he prepared to fight off against all six Digimon.

Meanwhile, Gallantmon and Jesmon tried to take down Belphemon as they see he is in his rage mode. His most powerful form, which will make things difficult to take him down. Jesmon uses his Judgement of the Blade to try slicing through the Digimon. However, Belphemon managed to avoid the attacks and used his speed to attack. However, Gallantmon used his shield to block the attacks and allow his opponent to go on offense.

Gallantmon uses his Shield of the Just to fire a beam to try destroying his enemy. However, this seems to only make Belphemon mad as he uses his Dark Sigh attack, which casts black flames from the chains coiled around his body. He uses them and hit Gallantmon's shield knocking him away. Jesmon used this chance to prepared for his Un Pour Tous attack to fire a beam from a triangular shield. However, before he can use the attack Belphemon uses his Gift of Darkness attack slashing at his opponent and sending him towards the ground.

Belphemon then charges in to use his Dark Horn to stab his opponent. However, Imperialdramon in Fighting Mode appeared and saves Jesmon.

"Positron Laser!" Imperialdramon fires his weapon from his cannon wrist and sends Belphemon towards a nearby building. Gallantmon checks on his friend, while Imperialdramon turns to his allies. "Are you both all right?"

Gallantmon nods in response. "We just didn't expect Belphemon to be this strong. It seems we are underestimating our opponents."

"We need to find an opening and finish this," said Jesmon knowing they need to find a way to destroy Belphemon.

"I know," said Imperialdramon as he hears their opponent getting up. "Get ready. Here he comes."

Belphemon roared as he charges at his opponent to use his Gift of Darkness attack. However, Alphamon appeared. "Blade of the Dragon King!" Alphamon swings his Ouryken and managed to wound Belphemon as it roared in pain before backing away.

"Alphamon, are you all right?" Imperialdramon asked surprised to see Alphamon is back after being attacked earlier.

"Belphemon caught me off-guard. But now, I am ready to resume our fight," said Alphamon as he turns to his two friends. "Gallantmon and Jesmon, please assist in finishing off the remaining robot army. Imperialdramon and I will handle this. Are you ready?"

Imperialdramon looks surprised when Alphamon asked to join him in this fight. "Y-yes! Of course, we are ready."

"Then, lets go!" Alphamon replied before the two Digimon charged into battle.

Meanwhile, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are seen attacking Barbamon who despite being outnumbered has shown how powerful he is. Barbamon uses his staff to block their attacks before using his Dark Inferno attack to unleash dark flames at them. WarGreymon uses his shield to protect the two Digimon before MetalGarurumon and fires his Garuru Tomahawk missile from his chest. However, Barbamon dodges the attack before turning to his opponents as he sees them looking tired.

"MetalGarurumon, do you see an opening?" WarGreymon asked wondering if his friend can see a weakness in Barbamon.

"Nothing yet," MetalGarurumon replied unable to scan for any weaknesses or opening in Barbamon.

"What's the matter? Don't tell me you two are already getting exhausted?" Barbamon asked in a mocking tone.

"Not even close," MetalGarurumon replied knowing they won't be able to last long.

"We'll keep on fighting for our friends and we will never give up," said WarGreymon refusing to lose.

"Is that so?" Barbamon looks over to see where the Digidestined are at before he got an idea. "Then…allow me to take care of your friends."

Barbamon soon begins flying towards the Digidestined. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon took off flying as they try to stop him. However, he got close to the Digidestined and prepared to attack. The Digidestined see this and prepare to run out of the way just as Barbamon begin preparing to use his Death Lure from his staff. Luckily, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon arrived in time to protect their friends.

Barbamon fires his staff to now try tempting the Digimon to turn evil. He knew the Digimon would try protecting their humans but that would be their undoing. The power of Barbamon soon begins affecting the two Digimon as they fall on their knees. Barbamon knew he will tempt the Digimon into an inescapable living hell to convert them to his side.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon yell in pain as they tried fighting through what Barbamon is doing to them. But it wasn't working. They couldn't break free and could feel themselves being lost to the darkness. However, Tai and Matt see what is happening as they rush to their Digimon to try helping them.

"WarGreymon! What's going on?" Tai asked as he sees a dark aura forming around his Digimon.

"MetalGarurumon, fight it! Whatever he's doing to you both then you have to fight it," said Matt trying to get their Digimon to fight back.

"Matt…we can't…its too much…" MetalGarurumon replied trying to keep his friend away.

"Tai…please…run…" said WarGreymon who knew he wasn't going to be able to hold himself back.

"It doesn't matter if they run away or not," said Barbamon as he is seen floating nearby. "Very soon they will become servants of evil. It has happened before to all those I have fought and soon it will happen to these two as well."

Tai and Matt looked at each other knowing they can't leave their friends to their fate. They have to do something and they need to do it soon.

Tai placed his hand on WarGreymon's shoulder and closed his eyes. "I'm not leaving you. You're my best friend and I will never leave you," WarGreymon's right eye widens when he hears how Tai won't go.

"WarGreymon…Agumon, you helped me so much throughout my life. You helped me become a great leader, you helped me become a great friend, and you helped me become a better man. I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't meet you and fought alongside you. I don't know what Barbamon is doing, but I know you can fight through it because I believe in you…" Tai then flashes back to when he was afraid to go save Sora when she was taken by Datamon but Agumon believed in him and helped him find his courage. "Just like you believed in me."

Matt smiled when he heard what Tai is saying to his friend and now it's his turn to do the same. "Gabumon, before I met you I didn't make a lot of friends and I looked out for my little brother so much that I never believed he would never need my help. But as we traveled together you helped me grow. I opened up more, began connecting with my friends, and you helped me realize my little brother can take care of himself. If he ever needs me he'll ask and I will be there."

MetalGarurumon turns to his friend as he listens to what he is saying, while Matt placed his hand on his friend's head. "You helped me overcome the darkness within me and made me into the man I am today. Now, its my turn to help you overcome the darkness too. Don't give up, Gabumon. You can do this because I believe in you and because you're my friend."

Tai and Matt held their Digivice tightly in their hands before Tai begins speaking. "So, don't give up! Keep on fighting because you taught us to never give up no matter what. You can beat this guy together and we will be here to fight alongside you guys. Feel our strength, feel our hope, feel our courage, and fight!"

"Enough!" Barbamon replied getting tired of this childish scene. "Its time for you two to die!"

Barbamon prepares to unleash his ultimate attack to finish these brats and their friends off once and for all. Suddenly their Digivice begin to glow as their Digimon begin to glow as well. Tai and Matt stand back as the light got brighter before it erased the darkness around their Digimon. Barbamon saw this and was shocked.

"W-what is this?!" Barbamon asked unaware what is happening.

But Tai and Matt? They knew what is going on. "Go for it guys," said Matt.

"Kick his ass," said Tai as both Digidestined see their Digimon taking it to the next level.

"WarGreymon…MetalGarururmon…DNA-Digivolve tooooooo…" the two Digimon soon begin to fuse together as the bright light took form of their merged form before it begins to die down and they soon emerged. "Omnimon!"

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