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Asami picked up his phone on the first ring. "Akihito." He smirked.


"Anything wrong?" Asami asked when he heard the photographer was stalling.

"Uhm, the Mackerel fish that you told me to buy for dinner? It's sold out. The fishmonger told me they were selling like hot cakes today. So, I'll be buying the next best thing."

"No, I specifically told you that I wanted that for dinner."

"And I just told you that it was sold out, you bastard."Akihito replied sarcastically.

Asami sat on his leather chair. He took no notice of his bodyguards and secretary standing in the room and spoke, "Did you try Marukoshi?"

Akihito snorted. "That expensive shop that sells everything double the price? No fucking way! I will not pay for something that I can get cheaper outside!"

"Use my credit card. Didn't I give you one last week?" Asami chuckled. With his unoccupied hand, he released the locks to his safe and retrieved his gun.

"I'm NOT using the credit card!" Akihito shouted. "I can afford to buy a damn fish! I just hate going to that place. Do you know Marukoshi's nick name? It's known as the rich housewives' mart," Akihito sneered.

"You are a rich housewife."

"Bastard! I am not your housewife!" Akihito shouted.

Asami had to distance the phone from his ears. His boy can really yell when he's furious. After a series of bastard, jerk and perverted yakuza, the photographer calmed down. Asami pressed the phone to his ear.

"Just buy everything you need there. Use the card, Akihito," the yakuza ordered as he checked his gun.

This time, his lover sighed. "I don't want to! The salesgirl and cashier are stuck up bitches! The last time I went in to get something, they stared at my torn jeans and laughed at me. They were not discreet about it."

Asami could picture his lover pouting. He must be biting his lip. Akihito does that when he is in a whiny mode.

"Why, those sluts," Asami replied calmly even though he felt his temper rising.

"Yeah," Akihito agreed before continuing, "So can I buy other….?"

"No." Asami looked up at Kirishima who immediately stepped forward to offer a clean cloth for Asami. He took the phone and held it close to the Asami's ear while the drug lord expertly disassembled his gun for cleaning.

"But I can't find it elsewhere, bastard! You are so picky with food! Since I couldn't get the ingredients, can we order sushi tonight?"

Asami smiled. He knew his lover was trying to trick him into agreeing. "I am sick of sushi. We ate them for three dinners already."

"Damn," muttered the photographer when he realized Asami was not giving in.

Asami assembled the gun after cleaning. "Go to Marukoshi now and flash them the Platinum card."

"And tell them what? I want to buy a Mackerel fish with a credit card?" Akihito said sarcastically.

"No, flash it to them and tell them you're buying the whole store." Asami motioned his guards with his finger. Six bullets were presented to him. Asami handed the gun to Kirishima and his ever dutiful secretary passed the phone back to Asami before loading the magazine with bullets.

"WHAT? Are you out of your fucking mind? Can you actually buy a store with a damn plastic card?"

The yakuza chuckled. "I am not sure about other plastic cards but the one that you're holding under my name certainly can."

"Crazy, perverted bastard."

"One more name calling and I'll tie you to the bed the whole night," Asami threatened. Kirishima finished his task and handed the gun back to Asami.

"Arg! Okay, okay whatever! If they ever laughed at me, I'm spending the night at Kou's!" The photographer threatened.

Asami grinned. "Then, I'll just make sure those two bitches shut up for good."


"Be good Akihito. Go get the stuff. I'll be back in two hours." Asami ended the call.

Still holding his favourite gun, the yakuza stood up from his leather chair and walked slowly to the man kneeling in front of him. At his nod, his bodyguards removed the gag the man had on his mouth. The man had the nerve to steal and repackaged all 5kg worth of heroine in small little packets, attempting to sell to street junkies. He was a very unlucky man. His second customer happened to be Asami's undercover agent; who took the liberty to report to his boss.

"Now, where were we?" Asami curved a smile.

"Please, Asami sama. I will never do that again! I swear! I will …" the man's pleas were cut short when Suoh rammed his fist at his jaw.

There was a sickening crack to the man's jaw and the man screamed in pain. With another nod from Asami, Suoh twisted the man's arm until another loud crack was heard in the stilled room.

"Please Asami sama.. Forgive me!" The man cried.

"Kirishima, I am feeling generous today." Asami smiled as he raised his gun to the man's head.

Kirishima pushed his spectacles up, nodding in agreement. "Indeed, Asami sama."

Without even waiting for the main to utter a word, Asami fired two shots and the man collapsed on the floor.

Asami passed his gun to Kirishima before turning his attention to his expensive Italian loafers disapprovingly. That bastard's filthy blood soiled his shoes.

The bodyguards, sensing Asami's dark gaze on his shoes quickly knelt down to wipe the stains. Kirishima pocketed the gun and retrieved Asami's coat from the chair. He helped his boss to slip on his tailor made coat before fixing his cufflinks.

When Kirishima was done, he stared at the lifeless body on the floor. The bastard was really lucky. Asami sama had originally wanted to use his katana to disemboweled the man but Takaba's call put the yakuza in such a good mood that he decided to end his worthless piece of life with two shots.

"Kirishima, call my lawyer and have him escorted to Marukoshi now. Tell him to buy that damn store and put it under Akihito's name." Asami walked out of the room without a backward glance, leaving his trusted bodyguards to deal with the cleaning.

Kirishima immediately took his phone out to make the call. "It's done, Asami sama." Kirishima said after a short moment.

Asami walked into his office. "Good. Send me urgent reports that I need to look at. I have to be home for dinner."

"Hai, Asami sama." Kirishima left his boss's room to carry his duties. When Asami got home an hour later than the intended time, he found his lover sprawled on the couch. The television was switched on but Asami noticed his lover wasn't paying attention to it.

"You're late!" Akihito stood up crossly. He walked to the dining table where the food had been set according to Asami's preference. "Now I have to reheat them."

Asami removed his coat and handed it Akihito. His lover took it without complains.

"Why were you so late? You said you'd be home in two hours."

Asami cupped his lover's face before kissing him roughly. "Business as usual" He replied when he broke the kiss.

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