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It was a prison. That was all I knew. I tried to follow the faint light that I thought might lead to a window. But it was only a dimming candle left inside of an empty cell. I had no idea how long I've been here. I couldn't keep track. They kept me in the dark as much as possible and no one ever spoke of the time. I imagined maybe a year or two had passed but it could've been much longer. I kept running until my legs hurt. They weren't used to the exercise but I ignored the pain. I needed to find a way out of here now. If I was found the pain in my leg would be nothing compared to my daily "treatments". Finally I found a door and slowly opened it hoping no one heavily armed would be on the other side. If they were caught off guard maybe I could use my powers. I didn't understand them well but when I was in trouble they usually kicked in. I put my ear to the door holding in opened just a crack and heard what sounded like, kicking? Maybe it was a training room If it was I could easily be shot and killed possibly by accident. I knew they wouldn't on purpose because they kept me this long.

"Who's there?" A firm feminine voice called. I wasn't sure what to do. Was she a guard? I knew most of them by sound and her voice was unfamiliar. "Come out now or else." She sounded pissed and I didn't want to anger her any more. I slowly walked into the room my hands held above my head. She had two guns aimed at me and I gulped nervously.

"Um hi?" I asked nervously watching the gun. She was definitely not a guard unless they updated the old navy blue jumpsuits the guards usually wore. The woman was a site too see. Her shoulder length red hair glistened with sweat but still was almost perfect. She wore a skin tight black suit that fit her in all the right places. Her beauty worked to her advantage and she probably knew it.

"Who are you?" The woman moved closer and I stood still eyeing her carefully.

"Abigail Monro. Who are you?" I said calmly trying to not show I was scared.

She lowered her gun as she stood, examining me thoroughly. "Agent Romanoff." She kept silent for a moment then took out her phone? It was fancier than any phone I've ever seen. But then again who was I to talk. "Yes. The building is clear but I have some interesting news for you. I think I found her. Yes her." She talked on her phone for a few more minutes before hanging up.

"I'm taking you to Shield headquarters so you can be evaluated."

"And what if I don't want to." I replied. I met this woman five minutes ago and she already threatened death once. I sure as hell wasn't ready to go anywhere with her.

She started to walk to the door then stopped hearing my answer. "I don't think your opinions really matter here Ms. Monro because last time I checked, I was the one holding the gun."

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