As soon as we got outside she put a blind over my eyes and bond my hands. I was right back where i started and not happy about it one bit.

"I'm sorry but you can't see where we're going." Said Agent Romanoff leading me into something. I assumed was a aircraft of sorts. The engine was almost too loud to hear her as we walked inside.

"First minute outside since god knows how long and I got blindfolded..." I muttered to myself as she sat me down.

"You'll catch up on your rays as soon as Furys' done with you but until we get there I have a few questions of my own." Agent Romanoff asked me questions like how long have I been there. Who held me captive. Also why hadn't I tried to escape. I knew none of the answers.

She offered me a chocolate bar and I ate it slowly savoring the flavor. It had seemed like forever since I had it. The trip was mainly quiet after that so I fell asleep.

"Abigail...Abigail wake up!" I was shaken awake by a familiar voice. I opened my eyes but only saw darkness. Oh yeah I'm blindfolded. "Abiga-"

I cut her off. "I'm up i'm up.. are we there yet?"

"Yes. You can take off your blindfold and I'll take you to Fury."

I tugged off the blindfold quickly just incase she changed her mind than almost ran to the exit. I never really liked jets. She was fast and quickly was in front of me almost escorting me out. In the first few months of my capturment I'd imagine getting out and as soon as I did I would kiss the ground. But what was standing on it was way more interesting. There stood a huge building that was made from what looked like glass. I'd never seen a building so big.

I let out a low whistle as we walked "Wow."

Natasha snorted at me. "If you're amazed now wait till you see the inside."
She was right, the inside was beautiful. People running around swiftly I could almost say with grace. I walked behind Agent Romanoff quietly trying to not be noticed, but to my dismay I almost walked into three people, one dropping the stack of papers they were holding. So much for not being noticed.

"Um.. I'm sorry" I mumbled bending down to help clean the mess I had mad. The woman shot me a quick glare and swooped up the papers before I could say anything else.

Natasha waited for me patiently as I stood back up. "We've only been hear for what? Five minutes and you've already managed to make enemies. You almost bet the record." I felt my cheeks heat up a bit as I scurried after her and wondered for the first time in a while, what did I even look like? I never really cared about appearance but I was quite curious. We kept walking until agent Romanoff stopped in front of a beige door. "Have 'fun'." She knocked the door twice before turning on her heel and strode off.

The door opened and a tall man stepped out of the room. He was of african american decent and wore an eye patch. I wondered who or what took his eye, and whether they lived to tell the tale. "Who are you and why aren't you working? I'm very busy right now." He looked at me questioningly.

"Um, Abigail Monro who are you?" I spoke quietly. The man looked a little bit more than intimidating, someone who usually wasn't messed with.

"Oh. Oh." He walked back into the room and I followed him, looking back at the door every couple of seconds. If I needed to make a mad dash I probably could. "Nice to finally meet you . I'm guessing you don't know who I am yet." He extended his arm to me for a handshake. "Director Fury."

I kept my hands to my sides and he dropped his arm. "So why am I here?" The vibe of this place was pretty wonky and I had the sudden urge to get the hell out.

"Shield is in need of your help." He replied slowly as he lowered himself into his chair.

"What do you mean by 'help'. And what is shield anyway?" I glanced around the room. It was a pretty simply office except for the few computers and gadgets I saw around. There were three picture frames, but only one had the director in it. Which was the one with a pale man and the other two were of a teenage girl. In the first picture she had wavy brown hair. But in the other she had shoulder length spiky raven hair, the broad smile she had in the previous picture was gone and replaced with a tight lips and angry eyes. I wondered briefly who she was.

"Shield is a organization that basically keeps the world safe. And we understand that you have, special abilities that might help us in an upcoming war that the world might be fighting." He coughed indicating me to answer.

"Maybe. If you know who I am, you probably know where I've been and with that being said, I have a lot to catch up on. I don't really want to be involved in anything that has to do with a war! I'm only..." I stoped talking. How old was I now? "What's todays date?"

"April 7th 2013." He said. "Your fifteen years old. Your birthday is in a couple of months."

"How do you know that?" I asked a bit more worried. How did he know when my birthday was?

"Like I said Sheilds a big agency and you'd be very helpful in this, fight."

"If I could be useful why did you wait this long to find me, and I'm almost positive Romanoff finding me was pure accident so what's the deal? And what makes me so special that you and the people who kidnapped me want my help? And where is my family? Why haven't they tried to rescue me too? Once you answer that then, I might consider what your saying." It all came out in a yell. I was pissed really pissed and all I wanted to do right now was go home get a decent meal. Take a long bath and hug my family. It's been five years. I quickly wiped a huge tear from my face. I was crying. God how I hate crying.

"I think you know as well as I do why we need you Ms. Monro." He said camly like he wasn't fazed by my outburst at all.

"Ok fine but you didn't answer my question. Where. Is. My. Family?"

"I'm sorry Abigail, but soon after they kidnapped you the police found your parents dead in your house." He stayed perfectly still and I punched the wall leaving a huge dent in the wall.

I spoke slowly teeth clenched. "What about my sister?"