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Jasper casually tossed a head towards Alistair as he walked in the door, never stopping his path to Bella. Bella smiled and opened her arms up wide to receive him, even as Esme's delighted squeal rang throughout the room.

"Oh Bella darling! You never told me that your mate liked to give gifts!" Bella craned her head over Jasper's shoulder just in time to see Esme snatch Carlisle's head from Alistair, turning it about in her grasp as if to check that it was real.

Bella smothered her laughter into her mate's shoulder, utterly charmed by the childlike glee on Esme's face.

"You didn't." She admonished Jasper gently, laughter in her voice proving that she wasn't truly upset. She could feel it as Jasper shrugged, his nonchalance evident.

"Figured she would want it." He murmured quietly, tilting Bella's face up to him so he could place a kiss there.

His eyes were still dark, and Bella could feel the aftermath of the fight in the roughness of his kiss. She moaned quietly, unable to help herself, her arms wrapping around his neck to pull him closer.

"Well hello there, Major." She whispered with a grin when he pulled away, the growl he gave her in response making her flush.

"Ya know better than to call me that, kitt'n. Not when I can't drag ya off and have my way with you." Jasper's voice was a rumbling growl, and Bella rubbed her thighs together before she could help it.

"Well," She tilted her chin up imperiously, "What's stopping you?"

Jasper pulled away from her with a barely concealed snarl, gesturing towards the door of the hanger.

"Ya damn temptress," He muttered under his breath before raising his voice just slightly. "I got something for ya."

He pulled her in by her waist, the cold solid press of his side doing surprisingly little to cool Bella down, and lead her out the door and onto the tarmac.

Out there Bella saw the many vampires Jasper had recruited for this endeavor in two circles. One group appeared to be watching a small fire burn purple, and when Bella paid attention she recognized many of the newbies. That must be what had happened to the rest of Carlisle.

It was the second group that made Bella curious however, when she realized that it was composed entirely out of vampires she personally knew; at least in passing.

This group was still in a circle formation, yet they all were looking away from the inside of the circle, and parted when they saw Jasper coming.

Jasper ducked his head next to hers, his voice at her ear nearly a distraction in and of itself.

"I thought you deserved closure, kitt'n. That you deserv'd to see with ya own two eyes that I wasn't gonna let him hurt ya anymore."

It was then that what Bella was looking at clicked in her head.

There in the center of the circle was Edward. Or what was left of him.

Charlotte held up a torso, while Peter had Edward's head in his hands, held just above the empty neck. At Bella's lack of response, Jasper squeezed gently at her hip with his hand.

"We burned his mate, the small one." Jasper continued, his voice quiet and steady. "As well as the doc's body. All that's really left is the head and torso you're lookin' at, kitt'n."

Bella stepped forward then, letting Jasper's hands fall away from her. It was barely a few steps until she was in front of the body parts, and she met Peter's eyes briefly before making a motion with her hand.

He gave her a tight smile and a nod, and then with a disgusting hiss of venom, Edward's head was back on his torso.

It took a few moments, Bella watching in fascination as the skin knit itself together, small flickers of movement in Edward's face more proof that it was working.

A quiet popping noise, and then suddenly Edward was animated again; screams falling from his lips.


Edward fell quiet at the sound of Bella's voice, and after a disturbing roll of his eyeballs, he found her gaze.

"B-B-be-" He couldn't seem to get his mouth to work right, broken syllables of her name falling as raspy whispers from his lips.

Bella watched him try, a quiet sort of detachment about it all that surprised her.

"I tried to tell you Edward," She started, her eyes fixated on his black ones. "That my mate was going to ruin you."

She watched his mouth move again, no words making it through.

"Now your mate is gone," She continued, agony marked across his face at her words. "And your maker, at least in every way that matters. And all the people you manipulated throughout your existence still flourish."

She felt Jasper at her back then, the innate sense of her mate being close enough to touch lighting up her senses. She smiled, and it must have been a truly terrifying smile, for Edward made a jerking flinch at the sight of it.

"You're not going to die here, Edward." She held out her hand to her side and Jasper's slid into it like a puzzle piece. "In fact, if I know my mate at all, you're not going to die for a very long time."

She leaned forward, feeling perfectly and utterly free.

"I hope it was worth it."

She heard him scream as she turned away, her mate right beside her.

Tucked away in a room in the desert, only a few miles from where it all began for them, Jasper and Bella were undulating against the crimson sheets.

"You're beautiful." Jasper gasped against her hot skin, lips blazing a trail as his body moved in between Bella's thighs.

Bella groaned, her hands pulling at Jasper's hair and her hips bucking upwards to meet his.

"Major, Jasper, please, please, pleaseā€¦" She pleaded with her mate, the tell-tale signs of her orgasm starting to blaze through her. "Now, my mate. Love, now."

Jasper growled, barely able to keep it together as he quickened his pace, chasing both of their pleasure. His arms flexed as he tore right through the mattress with his hands, the third one in just as many weeks being destroyed.

Carefully, with more restraint than he thought possible, he dragged his teeth against the hollow of her throat.

"Are you sure, kitt'n? Ain't no comin' back from this."

His words were strangled with emotion, the feel of his mate around him driving him deeper and deeper into animalistic pleasure.

"Yes!" Bella gasped, hardly a word at all. "Now Jasper! Please!"

Jasper snarled and his teeth sank into her, sweet heaven flowing into his mouth as both their climaxes crashed into them at once.

Bella screamed, pleasure and pain mixed together to create euphoria.

Jasper drank from her, heightening his pleasure to a point that he was nearly delirious from it all. A steady purr echoing from his chest he began to pump his venom into the wound, before pulling back completely and sealing it shut with well placed swipes of his tongue. He pulled back to look at Bella's face, and she fluttered her eyes open, her palm sliding to his face to hold him with such tenderness. There were tears in her eyes but she was smiling, her thumb idly wiping away a trail of blood from the corner of his lips.

"I love you." She whispered, brown eyes deep and soulful.

"I love you." He responded, even as her eyes clenched closed and she began to scream.

"Happy Birthday, Bella."

Here we are my lovelies, the end of this story. I know I didn't warn you that it would be so soon, but it's here. I couldn't see ending this fic any other way, though I may come back to this verse just to play with it's characters from time to time. Thank you all for sticking it through with me until the end, even with that horrible hiatus in the middle.

I hope more than anything that this story brought you joy.