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It was easy sometimes, to forget who she had been before.

Jasper likes to tell her; as does Peter, and Emmett, and really...anyone who was a vampire before her.

They like to tell her about how clumsy she was, how brave she was, how she was unlike any other human they ever met.

Too bad Bella doesn't really remember it.

Don't get her wrong, she remembers flashes of her human life. She remembers a man with a thick mustache who used to smile and shake his head at her. She thinks he was a sheriff, or at least a cop, because she remembers the smell of gun-oil and the flash of a badge when she thinks of him.

Rosalie says his name is Charlie, and that he's Bella's dad.

Bella thinks she can see that, maybe.

If she squints.

She remembers that the desert that surrounds their home used to carry a heat that used to beat down on her, used to exhaust her and burn her skin. Now she lays out on the giant red rocks and watches as the sun turns her into a kaleidoscope of sparkle. She lays out there for hours and barely feels the difference between that and the colder shadows of their home.

The rest is just flashes, inconsequential things when put up against the brightest points of her memory.


Her mate takes up her human memories like the sun takes up the sky.

It's a shame really, how much her human memories of him pale in comparison to her new vampire memories, yet she cherishes the beginning of them. Cherishes all the moments of discovery that they had together when she was human and fragile. It shows her now, as she battles with thirst so intensely sometimes, how much he loved her to not rip her throat out in the middle of their make-out sessions.

He tells her that was never an option, that he could have never hurt her for she is his mate; regardless if she's human or vampire.

But still, Bella appreciates how hard Jasper tried for her.

Emmett teases her sometimes, about how she barely remembers any of them other than Jasper but that's not really true. She just remembers Jasper the best.

The others are simply impressions. The feeling of safety, of friendship, of family. They are her coven, and Peter says that's what kept her from fighting them when she first woke up.

Bella remembers waking up.

She had been burning. Burning so intensely that it was only Jasper's cold arms around her body that gave her any sense of sanity amongst the pain. She had screamed in the beginning, but she was quiet now. Quiet so that she could hear Jasper talk to her.

"There's my girl. You're doin' so good, kitt'n. It ain't gonna be much longer til ya wake up." Her fingers twitched at the sound of Jasper's voice in her ear, but Bella couldn't tell if it was her that made them move or the lingering fire in her bones.

There was a burning in her throat that kept Bella from answering him. A burning that was slowly turning into a persistent itch.

"I ain't ever seen a newborn that kept from screamin' durin' the change, kitten. Ya been so quiet the last few hours that if I didn't feel ya I'd be worried." He feels worried about her. She can feel the waves of worry and impatience settling around her in the air, never quite affecting her. She wonders if it's because the emotions can't get past the fire, or if it's something else.

"Pete keeps askin' about ya, my phone won't stop buzzing with messages from 'im. 'When is Sweet Pea wakin' up?' this, 'how's my Sweet Pea doin'?' that. I swear he's annoyin' me on purpose."

Bella wanted to laugh, but her body still felt heavy. The burning was almost gone, just the itching in her throat still driving her mad.

"Aw hell, I feel your amusement, kitt'n. Ya gotta be on my side when you wake up, we've talked about this. Ya can't be pullin' the family card and gangin' up on me. I gotta image I gotta keep up."

"Big scary Major." The words wouldn't come out, but she felt her lips make the motions.

Soon. Soon she'll be able to open her eyes. Why did her eyes feel so heavy?

"I can't wait to see ya look at me again, kitt'n. Can't wait for you to see yourself. Char and Rose are gonna have a field day with ya. Well, if I ever let cha out of my sight. You're fuckin' stunnin' kitten. We're gonna stay up here for days straight after I get ya fed."

Bella didn't know if it was the soft growl of Jasper's voice, or the way his voice wrapped around the word 'fed', but she felt her eyes snap open.

She was moving before she realized it, out of Jasper's arms and in the corner of the room faster than anything.

Her head whipped around, her waist length hair following her sharp movement.

Everything should have been too much, as it was clearer and brighter and simply more than anything she could remember, but her mind moved just as quick as her senses.

Her eyes came to a quick stop.


Jasper hadn't moved from his spot on the bed, and without her in his arms he simply looked like he was lounging.

He was beautiful.

He was everything she recalled and somehow more, somehow better than any of her memories. His blond hair was a riot of curls around his perfect face, the long lean lines of him decadent against the dark silk sheets. He smirked at her when he caught her watching him, slowly putting his arms behind his head.

"Like what ya see, kitt'n?" His voice was sin, it was heaven, it was the anchor she remembered that kept her from losing herself in the fire.

"Jasper." Her voice was deeper than she thought it would be, practically a purr around his name. Bella watched Jasper shiver, sitting up in a motion so quick that she would have missed it with her human eyes.

"Say that again."

It was a demand, it was a plea, it was her Mate asking her for something. Bella would give Jasper everything.

"Jasper. Mate. Mine." The last words were barely past her lips before she was back in his arms, burying her face into the side of his neck.

Jasper laughed; pure and bright and happy.

"Yes Kitt'n, yours. Just like you are mine." His fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her impossibly closer to him. His lips trailed up her neck in a series of kisses so soft and quick that they had Bella instantly aching for more.

She had him pinned to the bed before he could pretend to blink, and he laughed again, this time with a slight edge of disbelief.

"Oh I knew you'd be troubleā€¦"

She wanted to bite him. To claim him. To add her mark upon his alabaster skin amongst all the others that weren't worthy of his brilliance.

It was only a knock on the door that stopped her.

Bella hissed, and it was only Jasper's quick movement that kept her pinned to his chest and not ripping the door off the hinges.

"Hush kitt'n, hush. It's just Pete." Jasper soothed her with soft murmurs. "Open up your senses, you'd be able to smell 'im."

It took her a moment, but eventually Bella calmed down enough to take in a deep breath. Forest and tobacco and something else, something that made her throat flare up in fire that made Bella whimper and clutch to Jasper.

"I hope ya'll are dressed because I'm coming in with dinner!"

The door swung open and there was Peter, something slung over his shoulder.

The scent hit Bella full force and she buried her face into Jasper's neck to keep it from overwhelming her.

Someone. Peter had someone slung over his shoulder, and the scent of their blood made venom pool in Bella's mouth. Idly she wondered if she was drooling on Jasper, even as she tried to focus on his fingers on the back of her neck instead of the slow thump thump thumping of the only heartbeat in the room.

"Captain! Ya know better than to bring a human in without warnin' me!" Jasper's voice was fierce and sharp, the tone cutting enough that Bella whimpered. He soothed her by gently stroking his fingertips back and forth on the back of her neck.

"Sweet Pea is fine, Major. I knew it would be alright. Besides, ya can't hog her up here forever!" Bella didn't have to look to know Peter was rolling his eyes at Jasper. Thirst was clawing up her throat, and she swallowed back venom but it just made the burn worse.

A shift of the bed and the scent was so much closer, close enough that Bella couldn't resist.

With a snarl she tore away from Jasper, and tore into the neck of the unconscious human.

A low whistle came from somewhere above her head, followed by Peter's voice.

"Shit, she's a damn natural."

Bella kept her eyes closed, focusing on the smooth slide of blood down her throat. It soothed the burn like it never existed and Bella pulled back just before she was done, opening her eyes to look quizzically at Jasper.

His eyes were black, but he smiled at her, one questioning eyebrow raised.

She pushed the sluggishly bleeding human at him, licking the remnants of blood off her lips. If anything, his eyebrow raised higher.

Bella frowned, gesturing at the human.

"Your eyes are black." She still wasn't used to the sound of her own voice. "There's some left."

Jasper's eyes widened before he seemed to school his expression.

"Are you sharin' with me, kitt'n?" He asked, slowly reaching towards the human. Bella nodded empathically.

"You need to eat."

Jasper smiled at her, bright and beautiful before he sank his teeth into the human, his mouth fitting perfectly over her previous bite.

It was only a matter of moments really, before Jasper drained the human dry, but when he looked up at her again Bella could see his eyes were now a dark crimson instead of black.

"Holy shit, ya got a newborn to share with ya."

Jasper growled at the sound of Peter's voice, but Bella didn't even bother looking away from her mate's face.

"Get the fuck outta here, Pete."

Bella smiled, leaning forward to meet Jasper's bloody lips with her own.

As the door closed behind Peter, there was only one thought in Bella's head.

This, this is what she had spent her whole life waiting for.

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