Chapter 2

Alex appeared at her home a penthouse in London her pets were in the middle of a party who were muggle and magical and all were addicted to her she Draco tied up to a chair while one of her pets were tied up to the torture rack, as she made her appearance know anyone who was standing went straight to their knees.

Alex went towards the sofa that was clear and sat down and watched as her pets got the whips out and then her eyes on Draco, what to do with him she knew her information about all of the dark lords followers and children since the downfall of dumdeldore and how the wizarding world though her the saviour, she wanted nothing to with them, after growing up abused and used and learning what she needed by the age of thirteen of magic and seduction. She wanted him to spread jealously amount his peers and parents, Draco was the one to do this as the dark lord would be really hers after all their power levels were the same. Until she got bored.

So what to do with Draco after all the dark order were used to be shared she did not want to have sex with him but he could watch and she could get her female lover to do him, catching her eye, Bonnie come over and gave her gentle kissed, Draco was watching eyes wide opened, as she kissed her she whispered to her that Draco need pleasure only and will be watching her with two men and fucking him at the same time.

Getting up she put on her music and started her striptease all the people room started to watch her dance around the room. It was like she was fucking in time with the music, taking her coat of and tearing of her top and taking her kickers of she pointing her figure to her two boys, starting going down on them and kissing and they started to touch her and moaning and groaning and sucking as an orgy. Started and the beats of the music were timed with every orgasm that was heard in the room Draco was been fucked by bonnie while watching Alex be fucked by two different men it was a turn on and he did not last long.

After a little while he fell asleep and a woke the next morning on the sofa naked coved in a blanket and there was bodies all over the place all in different states of undress. He heard someone in the kitchen and followed the noise and met Alex. Getting some juice and eating an apple.

"Hello Darco did you have fun last night" she mused over her apple, a smile played on her lips.

"Yeah it was fun, when do I have to go back "looking like a lost puppy and making sure the blanket was tight

"This afternoon, I'm taking you back to Malfoy mansion, and you're going give your lord a letter for me go and get cleaned up and your clothes, are clean my house elf's cleaned them so you be alright for school. He went into the bathroom and had a shower and watched himself and got dressed and after a little while everyone was washed dressed and changed and music and drugs come out and people were having a great time, he sat there watching them.

And then Alex come out dressed back corset hot pants pvc and boots long her long leather coat, pink lips and beautiful eye makeup, Draco was nearly panting.

As were lots of others and they all went to kiss her and say good morning it took about tem minutes. She told them that they were all meeting up Black mamba club and she was pole dancing tonight and she, looked around after she took Draco home with the black letter for the dark lord and she wanted Nate to come with her, he was black pant and a string vest a black collar around his neck fixed with a chain. And black eye liner on. Long black hair and was very handsome (vin diesel look with long black hair)

Holding out her hand for Draco and her pet she told them she meet them in the club in a few hours. And disappeared, and reappeared at the mansion.

As they pop in she walked with her pet and Draco up to the front door it was opened by a women, Draco looked at the women "hi mum, this is Alex and her pet" she cuddle Draco

"Oh my dear are you okay "

"Year mum fine"

Cissy was looking at the women she was powerful beautiful and lovely like the most beautiful painting not a smudge out of place just breath taking.

"Would you like to come in Mrs?!

"Potter and no I got a dance to do, but please make sure your master gets that letter Draco and walked but up the road. Leaving a shocked lady Malfoy at the door.

Walking into his home he passed the living room and seeing a meeting taking place and saw the dark lord knocked on the door and went in, it was a big meeting and gave up the letter he had been given. The dark lord looked at him with a kind of rage as he took the letter and said stay there.

While he read the letter he saw the usual people Nott, Goyle, Parkinson, Crabbe, Rockwood and many more and his father and god father Snape.

All looking at him, gulping and trying not to feel fear.

After their lord had finished he smiled a cruel smile and started questioning Draco he told him that she was going to Black mamba tonight and would be dancing and that she had a lot of people and that she was good at what she done, and it was a brilliant night his eyes glazed at the though.

"You may go back to school Draco" Draco left

Well my followers we are going to black mamba to night.

That night at black Mamba the dark lord and some of his followers went in and the red lighting the toys and pets and atmosphere was turning them on, but had not seen Alex and then were sitting in a booth which was opened planed and could see the doors, each were drinking, whisky and sprits.

And then after half hour she come in wearing a black corset with short pvc shorts long books and her face was pale with smoky eyes and black lips. And at her side were two pets chained while she was holding them each of her group was wearing sexy clothes, and were all fit, as they walked in the music was changed.

As she was introduce this is lady grey and her pets and she be dancing today and you can see just how bad her pets have been purred, the speaker.

As some dark seductive music come out of the speakers. Everyone turned to watch the show and my what a show it was most of the people in the room were touching there self and that was her turning up and walking to the stage as she went she lap dance some people, picking a fog and blowing smoke in the face of pet that she kissed and then beat got faster and everyone mouth was open and groans were heard, her pets were dancing with her and she was going down up in sexy moves and dirty dancing with them, when she got to the stage she snap her fingers, and then were on her knees, and she walked on their backs towards the pole and started grinding with the music and then she climbed to and swinging in a very suggestive way, and danced with it and then as the music slowed down and she slid down and it was finished clapping she bow and looked straight in the eye of the dark lord and winked and now she purred for your viewing pleasure, pleasured followed by pain as Nate come up, on the stage and stripped down to his pants and was chained to the back of the stage and then she whip him and touched him slapped him and oh my did a right number on him, blood run down his body as she got a knife and lovely run it up and down his body, she then kissed him and got bonnie on the stage who gave him a blow job as she whipped him and kissed him. As he cum she finished and he was gone with bonnie. The dark lord watched Alex was now done she walked over to a table where she sat down her pets on either side or a drink in hand as she watched him.

He wanted her to join him he wanted to fuck her he loved playing with danger and since he had won he had not be able to play for a while not sex that was a bonus, no head games was what he loved and he knew he could play them well and his prize was looking at him.

His followers were looking at Alex in lust and wanting to be petted by her as they watched her stroke they heads form time to time.

After a little while Alex disappear at the back when the lord and Malfoy followed, they found her in a room having an orgy with a few males and females, moans and groans and cries of pressure could be heard as they watch though the window while she was fucked by two males and a licking out a female. Malfoy at this time went to the toilet to wank it was too much and the dark lord just watched as seemed to enjoy herself but he saw her eyes her eyes said a lot they were empty, indeed he thought as he watched why were her eyes empty.

Going back to his followers Malfoy was back and telling them what they saw.

Just then Alex come back and was wearing a see though dress, and was getting her people and left.

That night the dark lord watched as Bellatrix came into his room he tried to horney but could not, not until he thought of Alex and he gave the women a great shag, only because he wanted to have Alex.

After she left he remember the letter to meet up in the next few weeks. He wanted it more than anything as he went into the shower and got out looking in the mirror himself his eyes were always empty, devoid of feeling that was because of his abusive child hood.

And seeing Alex eyes she had been abused to.

He remember what she said at the school if he wanted it he would have to come to her. And he would.

Just then an owl tapped on the window he opened it

Did you enjoy the show met me soon I can bring you to knees

Alex kiss

Alex met the dark lord in a hotel room and they sat down no pets or followers and they chatted and talked a lot, asking questions about the war and their childhoods after a while Alex led him to the bedroom, coz only in the bedroom were there both in charge.

To be continue ….

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