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Rose POV:

To say I am annoyed is an understatement. He left me. No clear cut way of returning. No goodbye. No hug. No kiss. Just leapt to her rescue like a knight. Madam bloody Padompador. Popadom. I don't care! That French whore. Literally. He promised. He said I was different. And he left me. I feel a nudge at the back of my mind, causing more tears to spill over my cheeks. It know it is the Tardis. It's her version of a hug, at least I assume it is. It's a sweet and warm sensation, that fills not just my brain but my entire body.

'Oh girl, what am I doing? Crying? I should be slapping him. The Tyler way.' The Tardis hummed in response to my question.

She was always there for me. Sometimes she spoke to me with words, not just hums and pulses. It took a lot of concentration at first. It started as whispers and broken sentences. Scared the hell out of me! I thought I was going insane, but she soon reassured me it was her presence. Not my mental degradation. But now I can hear my confident and friend with little effort. I haven't let the Doctor know yet. Somehow it never came up in conversation and I didn't feel the need to tell him. I was going to. But he walked through the fireplace.

'You are distressed, child. However, I feel abusing him, all be it amusing, may also knock sense into him. I am always here child.'' I hear her haunting voice perfectly.

A small chuckle rises from my throat. It comes out as a high pitched chocked sob. I can feel a small smile gracing my lips as I place my head against the wall. Raising my hand I begin to smooth her softly.

'I will talk to him. Soon.'


Rose stayed in the comfort of an invisible embrace for a little while longer before pushing herself off gently and walking into the console room. Gold shot through her earth orbs that were surrounded by inflamed pink tissue. Tears threatened to fall, but she bit her tongue. Pushing her shoulders back, she composed herself.

'Doctor, good morning.'

'Rose! Rosie posie! Had your banana this morning? Shouldn't start your day without a banana. You know I don't the last time I didn't have a banana in the morning. No. Wait. I do. Bad day. Terrible day. That reminds m-' The energetic male nattered, flying around the console, flicking and twisting things.

Rose let a small smile grace her lips. Her eyes were dark as they followed his movements. She knew he was avoiding talking about her. The Doctor just wanted to ignore the pain. He never loved her. Just loved the idea of someone similar to him. To lose something so special, a connection, hurt him. Not losing her. Rose was unaware of this, and was convinced it was because the Doctor lost the woman he loved. Miscommunication lead to a beautiful yellow and pink angel to feel rejected, and shy away from him. The Doctor's tale was falling upon deaf ears, as Rose hummed a slow mournful tune that had been plaguing her mind.

'So I said to the octopus-rhino-squishy creature no that is my s-' The Doctor froze and his head snapped towards the golden haired female, at a painful speed. 'Where did you hear that song?!' He muttered, his voice even and low.

His eyes grew dark and cold, all traces of a smile disappearing. His eyes narrowed as he studied her. 'Have you been crying, Rose?'

Rose looked up, her eyes flooding with emotion. Their eyes were locked and neither could pull away. Rose's cheeks began to glow as the seconds ticked by. No one moved, no one breathed. He waited on baited breath for an answer, but a sharp pull in her chest caused Rose to wince and lean against a pillar. Hand pressed against her chest she took in a sharp breath.

'Rose!' The Doctor was now in front of her, hands on her hips, supporting her.

'Its nothing. I'm fine really.' Rose rubbed her chest, pain still written across her face.

'At least let me take you to the med bay, get you checked over.' Questions forgotten, his precious and fragile Rose was at the forefront of his hectic mind.

Panic replaced all other emotions as he prodded her guarded mind with his.

Rose POV:

'What the hell is going on?!' I thought.

I can hear the TARDIS humming in the back of my mind, her concern evident.

'I'm fine, Doctor. Can we just go somewhere calm today. I think It's just stress.'

'Stress is not good. You humans and stress. You should eat more bananas!' He mumbled with a smile and a cheeky wink.

A hearty laugh escapes me and I see his smile grow. My pain dissipates and I lower my hand.

'It's gone now, Doctor. I'm ok.' I say, smiling softly up at him.

I haven't smiled like this at him in a while. His eyes soften and he embraces me tightly. Arms locked around my waist. 'How do I breathe again? Oh yeah.' I wrap my arms around his neck and nuzzle into his neck a little.

'We haven't embraced like this in a long time.'

I relish in this embrace. My mind focusing on how fast his hearts are beating, the blood rushing through my head, how I just wish he'd place his lips on mine. All my anger is gone and replaced with contentment and desire. I'm still gonna slap him, just not now. We stay locked together for several moments, his breaths coming in short ragged bursts against my skin. Sighing softly, I realise this wont last much longer. He pulls away from me slowly, running a hand through his messy chocolate locks.

'Right. Relaxing. Hurm. Nova 13A! Beautiful place. The race has human origins but they're a super race, Rose! Not quite as super as yours truly!' He starts to babble, hands stuffed in his pockets and rocking back and forth on his feet.

His childish demeanour makes me smile widely and my tongue poke out slightly. At this he runs to the console and starts to hit and twist things. I take the necessary precaution of holding onto the rail.

'They have one sun, but three moon's! Green and purple grass. Long beaches with clear blue waters and white sand. They're all very friendly. Well. They were last time I visited. Hold on tight!' He flicked a final switch and we were on our way. Into the unknown.


Upon landing gently, he held his hand out to Rose. A huge smile on his face, his excitement overflowing. Rose pushed herself from the rail, saying a silent thanks to the TARDIS for getting them to their destination. She reaches for his hand, a smile on her face. Their fingers entwine and all three hearts begin to race. The contact sends electricity racing and blushes to appear.

'You ready?'he stuttered. Rose simply nodded in response gripping his hand gently. He opens the door, ready to bound into the sunlight with his companion; but abruptly halted when he faced several different guns aimed at his form.


'Nice, you said.. Friendly and relaxing ,you said.' Rose muttered, feigning annoyance but thoroughly amused.

'Well they would be nice if we hadn't parked in the Royal palace.' The Doctor whispered angrily, shooting a half hearted glare at the TARDIS.

'State your name and purpose.' A guard directed.

'Ah.' The doctor cleared his throat, his signature smile painted across his face. 'My nam-'

'He is the Doctor. A Time Lord. Last of his kind.' A confident female voice cut in, plunging the room into silence and the tension to rise.

'What the..'

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