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The trio enter the hall in quick procession to where the TARDIS is located.

Rose feels the presence in her mind grow with every step she takes. A warm embrace envelopes her mid and there is a sweet whisper; 'I missed you'.

She smiles physically at this message and sensation, sending a silent message of love back to her. Resistance to not run up and hug the blue box is weak, yet still prevailing.

They all notice a couple and a small child huddled in a corner of the hall, guards surrounding them.

No one moves to Allura causing Dex to grumble and roll his eyes.

'Celestial beings have spoken to the child your highness.' Dex growls.

Rose leaps away from the beast with such force she nearly falls over.

'You talk?!' Rose snapped, hitting the beast's ear.

Dex only grunts in response causing Allura to laugh heartily.

'He is a man of action. Normally he speaks through our special telepathic link but he trusts you.'

Rose glares at the pair as they continue approaching the family, slowly moving behind Dex as they come to a stop.
Allura slips off Dex's back and lands gracefully on her paws. The child spies the vision in white and breaks away from the mother.
'Sweet heart! No! Oh Goddess!' The mother cries, the father restraining her from chasing.

A blur of golden locks and orange frills launches itself into Allura's awaiting arms.

'My dear sweet Casca.' Allura coos, running her claws through the child's hair.

'I dreamed today princess.'

Dex lies on the floor beside Rose as Allura picks up the small child.

'Of what dear child?' Allura asks, pushing her tiara back into place with one paw.

'Of Gold. It swirls and consumes a wolf. But the wolf hurts. Then I saw a place. It has blue skies and green grass. The wolf is fond of this place. But the things hurt it. They destroy! They hate the place!' The child starts to cry and Allura rocks the infant in her embrace, humming.

Rose moves to the pair and waves a little at the child and the child waves back sweetly.

'This is my friend, Rose. She wants to listen too, okay?' Allura speaks melodically.

Casca nods, sniffing slightly.

'Maybe, this place needs a Doctor, Casca.' Rose states softly.

The child's head snaps up; 'It does. A woman. She's in trouble. She needs him. She's lost, not meant to be there. Gloria. She misses him. He needs to save her! Tell him!'

Rose takes a step back from the erratic child, reaching out to Dex in her panic ridden state.

Rose POV:

Another woman he has to save. Another. No doubt she's in a goddamn fire place. Pushing my negativity aside I look up to see the child chanting.

'Dark hearts are coming. They possess. Infect! Take arms and smash.' The child started thrashing and screaming, tears rolling down its cheeks.

It's traumatising. The kid is losing its rag. I watch as Allura kisses the child's head and chants softly; slowly Casca begins to glow and a content sigh passes the child's lips.

'She will be fine now. The memories will vanish, she will remember me, but not her dream.' Allura states looking to the parents.
She glides over and places the child in the mothers eager embrace.

'Escort them home, and alert their establishments that they will not be participating in paid labour tomorrow. They deserve rest.' Allura nods to them before turning and padding back to me.

'We are in big trouble. We have a new threat. From what I saw they are very, how do you put it, crafty.' Allura growled.

'Saw?' I ponder.

Allura simply tapped her head before wrapping her arms around Dex's muzzle.

'I wonder what they meant by the wolf?' I think aloud.

I watch as Allura visibly winces and hugs Dex a little tighter.

Allura sighs, 'We must alert the Doctor'

I swear a growl rises in my throat. Just as I start to move him into MY comfort zone, another woman needs his attention. But that's what he does. He saves people. He's a hero. I can spend the rest of my life with him, but he can't spend his with me. No. He'd get too bloody bored!
My inner beast is whipped into its hiding place when his voice joins the room.

'No need, I'm here. Hope you don't mind but I've been listening. The guards in my corridor mentioned an arrival and well... Too much of a temptation.' He babbles, tugging his ear.

He's so cute when he does that.

Moving my gaze to study him, I smile. He stands feet apart in his usual apparel; his suit never fails to make my heart skip a beat.
I can see his eyes drinking in my appearance and I consciously thank Allura through our link. His gaze his dark and hungry; his knuckles white as he clenches his fists. Giggling, Allura nods to me before she shifts her focus to the Doctor.

'So you heard about 'Gloria' 'en?' I mumble under his intense gaze.

It is as if I hit a switch. He gaze sparks and his body tenses in anticipation of a threat.

'Yes. And I'm sorry but we need to cut this trip short.' He states flatly, all prior affection and warmth vacating him and the room.

'What?!' I burst, anger swelling in me. 'But you promised!'

'I know. But we need to leave now.' He grinds out.

'Why? We have a time machine, Remember?! T-A-R-D-I-S.' I laugh bitterly.

Allura and Dex move to the door, sensing the tension that is starting to build and not willing to get caught in the crossfire.

'Good. I don't want them to get caught up in this.'

'It's important, Rose.' He sighs tiredly, brushing me off.

'It is not important. SHE is important.' I state slowly.

'She could be hurt.'

'Oh and I'm not?'

'Oh don't start this! You silly humans and your feelings. Just for once try and put others first!' He barks, fire raging in his eyes.

The room falls so quiet I swear they we hear the last fiber holding my heart together snap. I watch as his eyes widen, the reality of what he said settling in. My face scrunched in pain as I drop my head, my gold hair flowing forward; hiding my face from view.
'Rose, I-'

'Don't.' I snap, glaring at the floor.

He's not going to see me cry.

'Please jus-'

'No. For once i am putting myself first. For ONCE! Remember what you said to me? 'I could save the world but lose you'? No. You wouldn't. Cause you aren't him. You just proved that.'

'Rose, please! I am him! We are one! Just ple-'

'My Doctor is dead."

I look up through my hair, a dangerous look on my features.

Flinching his mouth falls open and his eyes fall to the floor; colour draining from his face.

"You just proved that, you, you IMPOSTOR!" I snarl, my tone teary and full of venom. "I need rest. You go save another woman. Kiss her. Fall in love with her. You always do. But me? You can barely hold me anymore without locking me out.' I state calmly, my body shaking with pain and anger.

My heart feels like it's on fire, beating erratically. Tears flood my eyes but I refuse to let them fall.

'Pick me up when you're done with this fireplace. I'll be waiting here. As usual. Waiting for you to wake up and realise!' I scream, becoming erratic.

Allura sprints across the room, wrapping her arms around me, cooing softly in attempts to sooth me.

'I thought after tonight we got somewhere..' I mutter, my sinister energy leaving me suddenly; leaving drained, slumped against my comrade.

Succumbing to my grief I allow the tears to fall. I can barely see but I know he isn't in front of me anymore, as I hear him open the door to the TARDIS.

'You sure you won't come, Rose? We can talk about everything on the way there.'

Through blurred vision I see him hold out his hand. The hand I always take. Through thick and thin; nothing would stop me. I turn away and hold back my sobs.
Today is different.

'No. We wont. You will ignore it. Pretend it never happened and I will go along with it. Pick me up when you're done, Doctor. Maybe then you will keep your promise.'

Then I hear a sound that stops my heart from beating. It's the sound of the TARDIS door slamming echoes through the hall.

I can hear my friend screaming through our connection, shouting obscenities at the Doctor and imploring me not to leave her.

'I'm not leaving you. He's taking you from me.' I cry to the TARDIS, holding my hand out to her.

I let the tears fall as she fades from sight. Her cries ringing through my head, fading slowly along with her hums.

My legs give out and slowly I meet the cold marble floor, Allura's arms securely around me as I lose my last shred of restraint. The pain in my heart flares as the TARDIS' presence fades to a faint hum in my mind and I realize he has left me. My mind is hollow without her presence.
He left me.
Consumed by pain and grief I allow myself to succumb to the numb oblivion that has been lurking. As I slip from consciousness I hear Allura scream for Dex.
She is my guardian angel.


Dex sprints over to the pair, worry gracing his muzzle; Allura puts an arm under her knees and lifts her up with ease.

'I may be small but I'm blessed by our Goddess!' Allura growls.

Guards flock to the princess and Rose. 'One of you noble men please take her from me and carry her to my chambers. I will alert my physician immediately! I thank you all for your efforts this lunar cycle."

As soon as Rose was lifted into a guards arms Allura shoots up and vaults herself onto Dex's back.

A deep voice stops her from riding off. 'Let us get your physician, Princess.'

Allura looks to Rose. Her skin is pale and clammy, her hidden eyes shifting restlessly.

'It is personal this time, Dears. I will bring him. But thank you once again.' She watches as Rose is hurriedly carried from the room, determination in her eyes.
Allura buries her paws into Dex's fur, and snarls before letting a cry out; a mix of a yowl and a deep howl. Dex rears up snarling before smashing his paws against the marble and sprinting off; Allura's train flying behind them.

'What have you done to your Wolf, Oncoming Storm?'

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