My first fanfic. It's a sonfic!

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He left for the academy four years ago. But now he's back.

I don't really know what to say. I mean we've been talking a lot over the internet but we haven't seen each other since the day we exchanged letters. What to do...

Cheerful chatter filled the aged dojo one Wednesday morning into the second week of summer vacation. Bone-crushing hugs were exchanged frequently before catching-up conversations began. Soon their attention was diverted to the entrance of the changing rooms. It wasn't much of a stage but it worked for me.

I started to strum the tune on my acoustic as everyone quietened down.

"I'm Not Who I Was" by Brandon Heath

I wish you could see me now
I wish I could show you how
I'm not who I was
I used to be mad at you
A little on the hurt side too
But I'm not who I was

I found my way around
To forgiving you some time ago
But I never got to tell you so...

I found us in a photograph
I saw me and I had to laugh
You know I'm not who I was
You were there, you were right above me
And I wondered if you ever loved me
Just for who I was

When the pain came back again
Like a bitter friend
It was all that I could do
To keep myself from blaming you

Thinkin' it's a funny thing
Figured out I could sing
Now I'm not who I was
Write about love and such
Maybe cause I want it so much
I'm not who I was

I was thinkin' maybe I
Should let you know
That I am not the same
That I never did forget your name

Oooo Nah nah nah nah nah

And the thing I find most amazing
In amazing grace
Is the chance to give it out
Maybe that's what love is all about

I wish you could see me now
I wish I could show you how
I'm not who I was...

Everyone clapped and cheered.

But that's not the reason I smiled.

I smiled because he smiled.

I guess Joan was right. The heart really does sing.

Hope you liked it. If you didn't, please tell me why.