Upon the hill across a blue lake,

That's where I had my first heartbreak

I still remember how it all changed

My father said,

"Don't you worry, don't you worry child

See heaven's got a plan for you

Dont' you worry, don't you worry now,"


- Don't You Worry Child, Swedish House Mafia

"Omigod! Tayla, look at this!"

I winced, shifting my feet as I waited for the obnoxiously peppy girl in front of me to move so I could buy my soda and chocolate bar and leave.

Omigod girl pointed to a picture in one of those trashy magazines (that we have all been guilty of reading at one point or another). Tayla, I'm assuming it was her, peered over Omigod girl's shoulder and squealed too.

"I know Bri! I love Chasing Waves too! Oh god, Luke is so hot!"

Now was the point where I thought I was going to vomit.

And it was not because Bri and Tayla were doing good impressions of pigs, although that was contributing.

The main reason was because the boy in the magazine whom they were pointing at? That was my brother.

I know, I know, "WHAT?!"

In all reality, Luke Castellan is my brother. Half-brother really, but who cares? We shared the same mother, but not the same father. His father bailed when he was a kid, and my father actually stuck around. And when both of them died when I was eight and Luke was fourteen, he raised me almost entirely on his own, not even allowing us to be separated in the foster care system. When he turned eighteen, he was legally free, even though I, at twelve, was not. So he got an apartment, a job, and managed to get the state to let him take me.

Now, he was a rockstar, part of a band called Chasing Waves, that he created with his two friends, Percy Jackson and Apollo Montoya.

While the band toured, I went to my school in New York, but always managed to get time away from it to see him when he came through. Luke had worked so hard for me, I was happy to see him living his dream.

Even if all the fans they were gathering was slightly sickening. Seriously, I do not need to hear girls discuss how hot Luke was.

When they finally moved away, I plopped the soda and the chocolate on the counter and looked at the magazine that was to my right.

On the cover was the perky title, Meet the Boys of Chasing Waves! Their take on girls, fame, and staying down to earth.

I rolled my eyes, but didn't even look at the magazines again. I just got my chocolate and drink and walked out the door.


I lived in New York City, in an apartment right off of Times Square. I had fallen in love with my little apartment, until I saw the price. Even though I fought him every step of the way, Luke had surprised me with it as a gift before he went on his first tour.


Luke's face was a little fuzzy on the Skype screen, but his smile was just as bright as ever.

I smiled and waved, "Hey Luke. How's England?"

Luke shrugged. "It was fun, but we're in Ireland right now. Dublin. The concert is at seven here. Are you going to be around? I can have Nico hold up the computer on the side."

I rolled my eyes, but smiled at him to let him know I appreciated the thought.

"You guys are five hours ahead of us. And as much as I appreciate the effort, I have to go back to school for my afternoon classes, it's only because I'm a senior that I can go off campus for lunch, and the free period after. God only knows what would happen to me if I Skyped with you at school. The less people that know about your fame, the fewer gold diggers who will stalk me."

Luke pouted, but I knew he was just playing.

Luke and I looked surprisingly alike. We both had the same thick, honey blond hair and high cheekbones. But whereas I had a somewhat sharp chin, he had a square jaw. His eyes were a bright blue, and mine were a dark gray. He had a little scar under his right eye, a relic from when he saved me from a gang of boys who were harassing me.

My hand drifted up to touch the little streak of gray in my hair, not even a centimeter wide, hidden behind my right ear and by curls. It had happened because even though Luke had stepped in to help me, the gang of thugs managed to get a swipe with a knife in. Apparently, my hair follicles were too damaged to keep the blond color, and I would have that little swath of gray for the rest of my life.

I forced myself to focus back on Luke, and then tried to hide my smile when I saw Apollo come sneaking up behind Luke, who was babbling too much to notice.

Apollo was the jokester of the group, as tall and blond and gorgeous as his name sake.

"Well, I miss you a lot, and you know, after one last stop in Moscow, the tour is done and we can go home, final-ARGH!"

I burst into laughter then, unable to contain myself when Luke was thrown off the chair and into some unseen object. Apollo hunched over, gripping his knees, unable to contain his laughter.

"Apollo, for crying out loud-"

Apollo and Luke had been best friends since high school; I remember coming home and seeing Apollo, with his fingers still wrapped from archery practice, strumming a guitar with Luke. Apollo would throw me in the air and then settle me down, ruffling my hair and ignoring my glare. He was like my second brother.

Percy and Nico trickled into the room then.

Percy and Nico were cousins, but Nico was the unofficial stylist/manager/general do anything that needs to be done. Percy had taken Nico under his wing when Nico's older sister, Bianca, had died in an accident. Poor Nico had been so lost, so when Percy offered him the opportunity to tour with them, Nico took it with both hands.

Nico and Percy shared the same thick black hair, but Nico had dyed parts of his a dark brown. Other than that, the similarities ended.

Nico was tall, but not too muscular. His skin was both pale and olive at the same time, and his eyes were darker than obsidian. He was always wearing jeans and a military jacket he had gotten from his father, who had died in action. His mother had passed away not too soon after.

Percy was tan, with brilliantly white teeth and bright sea green eyes. His shoulders were broad, and his fingers strong and thin, perfect for playing the guitar. He smiled, waving a little.

Luke met Percy the year before he got his record deal, so I never became very close with him. The few conversations here and there, and then the embarrassing moment when he threw me into the pool when I was wearing a white shirt and a black bra.

They three of them had rocketed to fame after the death of their friend, Grover.

Poor Grover. Thinking about him sent a pang through my chest.

I was bought out of memories when Luke pulled himself up, a sour expression on his face.

"I don't like any of you right now."

I laughed again.

"Well, when are you getting home? You know you guys can bunk at my place."

Percy scoffed from where he was, out of view of the camera.

"And share a room with these four when I've spent the better part of year on a tour bus with them? Not a chance. Tell her Luke."

At my questioning look, Luke said, "I found out that our special place was for sale. I was wondering if you and Thalia would want to spend the summer there."

For a second, I didn't know what he was talking about, and then suddenly I was thrown back in time to before our life fell apart, to when Mom and Dad were still alive, to when we would vacation on the beach in the lower part of California, on a stretch of beach that was privately owned.

"You bought Beast?!"

As a joke, we named the cabin 'Beast,' because in the middle of the night or during a storm or even just a strong wind, it would creak like a monster. It took some getting used to, but along with the sounds of the waves, it had been a relaxing way to fall asleep.

Luke smiled, happiness shinning through his blue eyes.

"Yup, I bought Beast and the area surrounding it for about 50 acres in either direction. Even if the paparazzi found out where we were, they wouldn't be able to get on the land without permission, and unless we are right there, they won't be able to get pictures of us."

I was so excited now. I was going to be out of high school this year, so this was the perfect way to spend my summer before I went to college in the fall.

"When are we going!?"

Nico chuckled a little at my enthusiasm, but checked his iPhone.

"We're going to be done with the tour and back in a little more than a week, in time for your graduation. They'll have to be disguised, of course. We'll rest for a day after that and then take the jet to Beast, and stay there until a week before you have to move into your dorm room."

Luke rolled his eyes at that.

"I still don't see why you can't have an apartment off campus like a normal person."

"I'll be a freshman, I have to live on campus."

"That sucks."

"Tell me about it."

I half-laughed, half-sighed, before checking my watch. I would have to leave now if I wanted to get back in school before my next class.

"I have to go guys, but I'll call you later, or email. We need to iron out details and then I got to make sure Thalia can come, cause there is no way in hell I'm staying alone with you four."

"I'm wounded sister!"

"You should be. Love you!"

"Love you too, see yah!"

"Peace out."

"Bye honey!"

"See yah."

The chorus of mismatched goodbyes made me smile, the light feeling carrying me back through the streets and to my high school.

The thought of seeing my beloved brother made me so excited, along with the knowledge that when I was done with school and free for the summer, I was going to spending the summer with my friends in the water by the Beast, just like I did when I was little.

Life was looking good.

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