Meeting the ninjas, Kelly and the big race

A/N Blake works at the thunder academy.

Shane, Tori, Dustin, Hunter, and Blake were at storm chargers, when Cam, Jayden, and Mia walked in.

Dustin: dudes look it's Cam and Oh My God it's….

Tori: Mia!

Shane: No Way She's Back!

Mia: you know I could be visiting.

Then Mia, Jayden, Cam, Tori, Shane, and Dustin burst out laughing.

Blake and Hunter looked at each other confused

Blake: uh guys

Tori: oh right. Mia this is Hunter and Blake, guys this is Mia cam's twin

Hunter and Blake: cam has a twin!

Cam and Mia: yep!

Jayden: I felt the same way when I found out.

Mia: guys this is Jayden, Jayden this is Shane, Tori, Dustin. And these two were just introduced.

Kelly walks in.

Kelly: Mia.

Mia: hey Kel.

Kelly: I was wondering when you would come back. I still have your dirt bike.

Mia: Kelly you ROCK!

Jayden, Hunter, and Blake: you ride a dirt bike.

Dustin: yea! dude she might be better than you!

Dustin points at Blake.

Mia: It's true I do ride!

Blake: wanna race to see who's better.

Mia: your on!

Kelly gets Mia's pink bike.

Kelly: here you go Mia!

Mia: thanks!

They then ride to the track and race.

After Mia wins the race.

Blake: nice job!

Mia: thanks!

then they all head to the academy.