A young Igglybuff laid on the soft misty grass in the middle of a forest unknown to her. Slowly regaining conscious, she opened her eyes to meet the moonlight that shined over her and the surrounding area not protected by the shadow of the trees. She rubbed her eyes and put her hand on her head. It didn't hurt, but everything was fuzzy within her mind. It almost felt like static. She sat up and looked around her, left and right, as if to see if anything gave her a bit of memory from before, something she would recognize or help her understand where she was, but... nothing.

'How... How did I get here?' she wondered. Her memory was blurry and all she could remember was waking up in the mornings, then nothing else. She stood up and looked around her, taking a good look at the trees and leaves, recognizing the flora but not the area, as if she had arrived in a new world. She thought she was alone, until she heard rustling in a nearby bush. "Hello?" Igglybuff called out loud. Slowly and carefully, a small Pichu peaked from its hiding spot nervously.

"Who are you?" Igglybuff asked.

The baby electric type was hesitant, but looked at Igglybuff's worrying eyes and soften. "... P-Pichu," he said softly. "...You?"

"I'm Igglybuff," she replied, realizing she was only able to remember due to being the only thing that came from her memories. Igglybuff looked at the small Pichu. He didn't look to be older than a few months. What was he doing out this late out? Then again she could ask herself the same question. Except only he may have an answer to his. Still, seeing a little Pokemon out in the open was slowly making her worry. "Are you alone?" She managed to ask.

"Yes," Pichu answered softly. He crawled up to Igglybuff on all fours, still below her level. He was very small compared to her height. He looked up at her curiously, wondering. "You remind me of sister, before she left."

"'Left?'" Igglybuff said surprised. "To where?"

"I don't know. I woke up and she was gone. Everyone was. So I ran." Pichu looked down with closed eyes. The sad emotion on his face easy to distinguish. Igglybuff felt a familiar feeling hit her chest. She didn't know what it was or why, but she felt empathy for the little mouse, almost as if she had gone through the same. It felt connected, as to why, she didn't want to wander on. Igglybuff took Pichu's paw and he looked up to her.

"It's cold out here" she said softly. "Let's go find a shelter." Pichu smiled faintly and the two Pokemon walked into the forest. They found a tree with a small cave-like hole on the bottom and huddled themselves inside it. It was warmer than outside where the breeze hit, but comforting nevertheless. They stay huddled for a moment before Pichu yawned and curled himself next to Igglybuff. She looked at him, resting peacefully then almost instinctively caressed his back. She had never seen anything so innocent.

'How sad...' she thought, 'his family.. left? What excuse could they possibly have? But he's still so young. They didn't abandon him, did they? Oh... poor thing..' Igglybuff looked outside within her thoughts. 'I can't leave this small creature alone. But... I can't remember anything.. I don't even know how I got here. Come to think of it, I can't remember where I came from, I can't...'

Off her thoughts for a moment, she looked at Pichu, who was sound asleep. "I guess we're both lost," she finally thought out loud. "Maybe tomorrow we can see around this area. We'll have to know where this is. Maybe I can help him, too. After all, he's going to need someone to look after him." Pichu was breathing softly, resting as if there wasn't a care in the world. Igglybuff's touch must've relaxed him, as young as he was, it was second nature having another one to comfort him. Igglybuff herself may not have know where she was, but she still knew what was right. She couldn't leave him alone, but she also had to focus on figuring her situation out too. She could provide him company.

Igglybuff smiled. Everything from before was a blur, she needed a purpose. It was then she looked down at the toddler. 'I'll stay with Pichu, only until he finds a home of his own. Until then, I'll have to look after him. I want to. I can't leave him, not now. Yes.. that's what I'll do.' Igglybuff settled in her mind. It was her current new-found goal, it felt right. She huddled against the younger one, closing her eyes, preparing for her new purpose ahead.